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Hey man,

Forget about my previous 2 messages. I discovered how to fix it by reading your previous answers about the contact page and the form. I edited the contact-form.js and fixed the path. Now it´s working. I also noticed that I am logged on the WP admin control panel and I try to send a message, I receive a note that the message has been sent but I don´t receive anything. Then I just need to logout from the WP admin and boom, fill out the form and it works perfectly.

Maybe a tip for you, for future folks who got a similar problem.

Be Well and thanks for doing this Killer Theme!



Great! This was fixed in the latest update that was submitted on themeforest last week or so.

I understand the issue with the WP 3.0 Menu system is “needed to show half of the menu items on the left and the other half on the right + the contact page automatically”...

We considering to add this ability to your theme. Our idea is to create three menu areas (Main Menu Left, Main Menu Right and Footer Menu). Then create a nav_walker that adds the Contact item to the end of the right menu.

Is this anything you would be interested in seeing, or are we on our own with this?

Hey, thanks for the THeme! I just bought it but having an issue:

I ftp’ed it to my server but gettign an error mesage when it goes to ‘Customize options’ in wordpress. It is looking for the files on my comp.

Here is what it says:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /home/content/y/a/r/yarodigital/html/designspaces/wp-content/themes/ViewPoint/teoPanel/options/fields/upload/field_upload.php on line 127

Any Ideas on how to fix this? Thanks a lot!

Hello. Please update to WordPress 3.5 at least!

Hey, thank you for the theme – i cant find any option to change the font of the “logotext” (the big Letters) – can you tell me how i can change the font?

Thank you very much

Add this to style.css:

span.logotext {
font-family: your-font-family !important;

thank you :)

You’re welcome. :) Please rate the theme

What needs to change to make contact page in different style example

unfortunately that requires quite some css customization.

Hi there! Super happy with your theme. I’m using it as a info page to our upcoming wedding here in northern Sweden.

One question, is there any way I can remove the contact-form totally? Both as a page and in the menus?

Cheers! /Simon

Send me your request + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix it. :)


I need your help to arrange different backgrounds for each page. I read a previous suggestion:

Each page uses a unique id containing the slug of that page, so you can use something like this in style.css:

page-slug {

background-image: url(“LINK TO THE BG IMAGE FOR THE PAGE WITH THE SLUG page-slug”) !important; }

Let’s say the page-id is 125 and the image-url is What should the css be like?

Cheers /Pelle

Add this to style.css:

#about-us {
background-image: url("link to your image") !important;

Sweet! Thank you!

You’re welcome. :) Please rate the theme


Love this theme, but wondering if there is a way to integrate a Wufoo contact form instead of the default one? Thanks, Heli

Not by default, it requires some customization, you can put the code instead of the default one in index.php, at the bottom

ok, I’ve been having some issues and just not sure what to do at this point.

Our website wasn’t working on iphones so i updated the theme and now the logo and menu bar all shifted. I’ve tried multiple different codes that you’ve told other people to use in Custom CSS and none of them are working. So 1. do you have a code that will work for our site? 2. iphone still looks terrible. Help! We need to make this site live this weekend…

Made it worse…

This definitely made it worse…

remove the code and send me your url + your issue + a FTP account via the contact form on my profile.

Is there a way to change the Contact form title to “Register” and then add the registration form instead of contact info?

Need reply asap!

answered below

Is there a way to change the Contact form title to “Register” and then add the registration form instead of contact info?

Need reply asap!

you can edit the form and the text at the bottom of index.php

Hi, I’d like the theme, but before purchase, i need to know if it’s posible to use translate plugins like WPML or qTranslate, for me it’s vital to use translate plugins and I need to know if everything works fine with this plugins. Thanks

qTranslate should work fine

Hi, This theme is awesome! Is there any way to add a title (image description) to each image that pops out in the “portfolio” lightbox? Thank you! Jono

please check the documentation, I documented there the shortcode, including examples. Or import the sample .xml file from the sampledata folder in Tools > Import to see how I created the demo content

Sorry – I can’t see any examples in the demo where there are title attributes for each image in the slideshow… maybe I’ve misunderstood what’s possible?

use the title attribute or the alt attribute, like [portfolio_item title=”your title” alt=”your alt for the image” blabla]

Hi again!

I would like to have ‘home’ in the menu. How do I add an #intro -link to the logo-letter or a menu item? ( /Regards Pelle

Go to TeoPanel/custom-functions.php and find:

        if($option == 1) echo '<li style="border: 0"><span class="logo"><span class="logotext">' . $viewpoint['logo_text'] . '</span></span></li>' . PHP_EOL;

and replace it with:

        if($option == 1) echo '<li style="border: 0"><a href="' . get_site_url() . '#intro"><span class="logo"><span class="logotext">' . $viewpoint['logo_text'] . '</span></span></a></li>' . PHP_EOL;


I love Viewpoint, but can’t change my menus, as there is no ‘menu’ option under the ‘appearance’ setting – see screen grab here –

I don’t have ny other plugins activated, and the appearance and menu settings both reappear when I switch the theme back to Twentytwelve

Can you help?



Hello. The menu is handled via the ViewPoint theme options > Navigation

I’m using the template as an event page and would like to get rid of the Contact and Blog link in the navigation. Any suggestions on how to do so?

Unfortunately i really need to see the website live in order to check and fix the issue

We will be making the site live in the next day or so, however, the client decided he would just like to remove “blog” from the navigation. Once it is up I will contact you with log in information. Thanks for helping.

Ok, contact me via the contact form on my profile

Hi, thanks for your great theme. Have a few questions:

there’s a yellow line that stays on top and it’s the same for the color of the social icons, how can I change that as well as the button I placed in the home page and at the end of the contact form? (I swear I haven’t done anything wrong other than change the color where it’s suppose to in the menu) In the theme I had before I added a customized menu item to change the language, since we cannot access the menu, how can I change the language or can I add a language switcher (using qtranslate)?

I’m not sure about your questions, you want to change the gray-orange color or hide the top bar altogether?

As for qTranslate, put the php code in header.php somewhere

change the gray-orange color.

your theme looks broken

Also, is it possible to have the home page titles in the right language or does it stays the same.



echo '<ul>';

add after:

<li><?php the php code for qTranslate ?></li>

made the site crashed.

Hm, instead of:

<li><?php the php code for qTranslate ?></li>


<li><?php the php code for qTranslate ?></li>


Great theme! I can’t seem to get the blog to work correctly, though. I made a new page and called it Blog and selected the blog page template for it and below added a new category called “test” and added a test blog post. When I click on the blog page on the nav bar it is a blank screen. When I go back, however, and deselect the blog page template from that page, it works (I can see the blog and comments, etc.) but it isn’t pulling the test post. The site is Thanks!

Please send me your issue and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile.

Okay, I will, thanks

Will answer you there.


Love the theme, but have noticed that when I click the menu to go to a page it seems to flash the page I want to navigate to very quickly before scrolling down. It doesn’t look very smooth. I’ve adding some margin to Nav2 so that it floats slightly above everything and also added some padding above the page headings to make more room for the lower positioned Nav2. Not sure if this would cause it? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

The site is


Does it happen on the demo too?

No, the demo is fine. I removed all the css I added and it still seems to flash breifly. On another computer, it didn’t show the scroll at all. Just seemed like a normal static site. Very confusing! :S

Can you send me a WordPress admin account + your URL via the contact form on my profile? And I’ll answer you there