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Hi, I bought the theme and I’m trying to figure out how to change the headlines for each page. I’ve searched high and low and can’t find them in the HTML or settings.

Also, can I add pages that are not in the “single page” site framework?

You can put the number to like .. 20.. to that About page.

As for pages that are not in the menu, just go to the Navigation tab of ViewPoint options and select which pages you want in the menu and which not.

There is no functionality in the navigation tab to indicate properties of particular pages. PLEASE look at this screen image to tell me what I am missing.

What I see is simply a listbox, with no way to set any properties for each page.

The way they are now, no page is selected so it manually takes the latest 4 pages. Use your mouse and CTRL to select just the pages you want to show on the homepage. Leave the other ones unselected.

Hi there,

Hope all is well with you.

Can you tell me how to eliminate the top portion with three header of and replace that with the about. I would put the social logos right above or in the about me section.

Thanks & Sat Nam,

- Joshua

Hello Joshua! Can you please elaborate on what you’d like to put instead of that text? You can go to header.php and replace this code with your text:

<h1><?php echo $viewpoint['topheader_text'];?></h1>
            <h1 class="smallh1"><?php echo $viewpoint['topheader_smalltext'];?></h1>
            <h1 class="smallerh1"><?php echo $viewpoint['topheader_smallertext'];?></h1>

but you can’t really put a whole page there as it wasn’t optimized to have that much text.

Essentially what I’m trying to do is get rid of the top portion of the page. “Welcome

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to checkout my page and drop me a message below Be well~!”

All that. Or at least get rid of the headers, and push the social icons up below the menu, and tighten up the vertical space

Well, by removing the above code, you should achieve that.

Hi, now I will try to post my comment in here… How could I put the parallax effect to the bg-intro? I couln’t find it. And the colors: I change the yellow color to a blue, but it doesn’t work… I do the service code but in one_third. Everything looks fine, but the text and the icon is not center… How can I change it?

Thanx, JAZZ

and how can I insert a video?

ok, color and video are fixed now, but the parallax effect still not working…

Add this to style.css:

#intro .bg1 {
background-attachment: fixed !important;

How do you edit the headliners? Here’s an example:

Also showing there, how do you include/exclude pages from the menu? I don’t see any options, per the image.

Hello. I already answered your previous question, no need to ask the same qs multiple times

Can you tell me where I can place a logo on this theme? I’m a bit confused..thanks..

Hello. Go to teoPanel/custom-functions.php and also remove:

echo '<li><a href="' . get_home_url() . '/#contact">Contact</a></li>' . PHP_EOL;

is it possible that I can make a page on this theme my home page on this site (instead of home page with diamond)? I’ve tried to change this in the settings but it didn’t take..if not can you tell me how to eliminate the front page…

Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. You want to remvoe the homepage and use a static homepage? That will break the single page functionality. If that’s what you want, you can do that in Settings > Reading

Another question is it possible to link the portfolio images to a specific page or url? Right now it only shows the image bigger (prettyphoto, right?!)

I would like the link to be in the text attribute or directly on the portfolio image if possible.


Nevermind just adding url attribute in the shortcode did the trick

Ok! Great!

Hi. I’m not sure what I have done, but the content that follows the first screen (the welcome section) is no longer centred. The URL is

It would be much appreciated if you could advise how to fix it so it is centred again (the text should remain left aligned).

Many thanks.

That’s great. Fixed it. One more question – how easy is it to change the contact form for CF7 or add captcha to the existing contact form?

Thanks again.

Also… (and sorry for being a pain) Can I add an email subscription service to the site (so users can subscribe for updates)?

Hello. For CF7 please send your request + a WordPress admin account and I’ll fix it for you.

For the other request, you’ll need a 3rd party plugin as it’s not really related to the theme

How would you suggest creating a childtheme for ViewPoint ? The way the css files are structured makes it not possible in the “standard” way..

Hello. Ok. Do you need further assistance with it?

Nope – thanks :)

Hi there! Hey, I just purchased yout there – great work. Like it a lot.

Just 2 questions: 1.) I’d like to replace the “Letter” plus it’s surrounding lines in the headline with a png. I’ve seen that on some pages of your customers – how do I achieve that?

2.) I have the same problem as BHruska on the top of this page: I cannot change the menu. Actually “contact” appears, although I have left all the respective fields empty. And I cannot get rid of the “blog” menu item. How can I “uncheck” the the blog page in the respective field? Looks like a bug to me. And another weird thing: In the settings, it sais that the theme navigation settings only are used, if under the “appearences – menu” settings, nothing is setup. Wenn, actually there is no “menu” under “appearences”, like it would normally be. Just “Themes”, “customize” (in German translation, might be different word) and “Editor”. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help, Tom

Hello. Go to teoPanel/custom-functions.php and find:

if($i == $count-1 && isset($viewpoint['blog_page']) && $viewpoint['blog_page'] != '')

replace it with

if($i == $count-1 && isset($viewpoint['blog_page']) && 1 == 2 && $viewpoint['blog_page'] != '')

Perfect, thanks.

You’re welcome! :) If you can, please rate the theme in the Downloads section, thanks a lot!

Hey FinalDestiny,

I’d like to have less space above each page heading listed on the homepage. Because I would like to have the first h2 heading to be very close to the background picture. Is there a CSS code to achieve that?

Thanks, Tom

1) Add this to style.css:

.bg {
padding-top: 10px !important;

you can adjust the value

2) You can go to index.php and remove:

<?php if(isset($viewpoint['email']) && $viewpoint['email'] != '') { ?>  
                        <p><img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri();?>/images/icn-email.png" alt="" />
                            echo encEmail(esc_attr($viewpoint['email'])); ?>
                        <?php } ?>

5) Hmm, unfortunately not by default

6) You can alter the menu in teoPamel/custom-functions.php in show_top_menu() function.

7) Add this to style.css:

nav {
top: 0 !important;
span.logo {
top: 56px !important;

Perfect, thanks, works.

You’re welcome! :) If you can, please rate the theme in the Downloads section, thanks a lot!

Where can i locate the function: show_top_menu() ?

I’ve replaced the main menu done by the show_top_menu with the wp_nav_menu, but it has 2 sideeffects.

1. the #anchor part i missing so the page reloads instead of scrolling

2. Smoothe scroll js isn’t loaded.

I’m looking into n.1 right now, but can’t seem to figure out no.2

yea – that was a sacrifice, and had to put in a logo under that part instead – the client had a huge logo ;)

Got the JS to load as well so I’m good :)

I’m having trouble with the order of my navigation and the functionality of my blog page. I have 4 pages in my nav bar in the following order: About Us, Services, Blog, Contact. I want the third menu item to be ‘Contact’ and show up at the bottom of the page as it does now. I want the fourth menu item to be ‘Blog’ and go to the separate blog page, different from the single scroll page. What do I need to do to make it a separate blog page and come last on my menu?

Hello. For the blog page, go to ViewPoint Options > General and select the blog page there. And, in the Navigation tab, don’t select the blog page, select the other pages normally

Ah, gotcha. Thanks so much, that’s exactly what I needed.

You’re welcome! Please rate the theme in the Downloads section if you can! Thanks! :)

Hi Christie,

Can use a hand with centering the text on the site, along with social icons, and picture. – didn’t work per your recommendation. The code just shows up regularly on the page.

Please see here –

Sat Nam,

- Joshua

Nope, still no luck. ;/

Would it save you time if you took a peek yourself? Strange that none of these codes respond. Is the style.css overriding? Is there any way I can just eliminate the top portion of the page, black background, and have the about me take its place?

Trying to think of the easiest thing so we can get this resolved!

Thanks again for all the help Christie, know support isn’t your main job, however you go above and beyond. Will be sure to check out your other works in the near future.

Sat Nam,

- Joshua

Hello Joshua. Please send me the request and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile, that’d be way easier if I just had access to tweak the code myself. :)

Hi Christie, I’m trying to adjust the line-height (make smaller) for the h1 text on the intro page: h1.smallh1 and h1.smallerh1

Nothing happens when I specify the line-height in css. Is there something I’m missing? I am using a br/ between lines but I thought that br/ would inherit the line-height spacing when I specified it.

I just figured out 3). But still can’t figure out 1) and 2)

Please send me your problems and the url + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile, I need access to the files to fix them, the issues are caused by the child theme

Hi, I recently bought ViewPoint and I don’t understand how to put several pictures in one lightbox. I can only display one. What are the links towards the pictures ? I don’t understand the “images attribute” thing. Thanks for your help, and sorry for my english.

Hello. You can separate the pictures by using commas … in the images attribute

Pre-sale question: Is it possible to have pages that can open in a new window via text link instead of anchored in the homepage scroll? I’d like to have on one of the pages in the scroll a list with links to pages that open in a new window.

Well…Ok. As soon as I get an e-mail, I can check it, if you’ll still need help.

Never heard back from my client, but I was able to make a custom page template that does exactly what I want. Thanks for following up.

Hi -

I purchased the Viewpoint theme awhile ago but was never able to use it because my needs changed. I was wondering if you could issue me a refund. You have my word that I will delete all files that I have on my computer from this theme. I’m working on a tight budget and anything you could do would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Laura Baareman

Hello Laura. I trust you to delete the theme, but unfortunately it’s not me that handles the payments, it’s Envato. You can try contacting them directly here, but if you managed to download the theme, the chances of getting a refund are quite low, from my experience. :(

I am having trouble having subscribers or authors post comments, when they click on the submit button after writing a comment on a blog post, nothing happens…can you please help.

You’re welcome! Please rate the theme in the Downloads section, thks!

Thanks, I did that already, 5 stars :)

Thank you! :)

Hey there, quick question.

I replaced logo.png with my own logo (which is 130×130), and I want to leave the Logo Letter blank, but when I do it pushes the navigation bar down so that it no longer lines up with my logo.


Hello. You can send a temporary admin account via the contact form on my profile :)

(Previous issue resolved via email)

One last question: How can I adjust the height of a page?

For example: the content on my landing page runs the risk of getting cut out depending on the size of the browser window, and I want to make it taller so it will all fit.

Or in another instance, the content on one of my pages is relatively short, and it makes the page look too small. I’d like to make the page taller in both instances.

Hello. I answered you via e-mail

Hey, great theme, thanks btw. However, I just replaced the “square letter” logo.png with my personal logo and re-uploaded the theme, now the logo is floating above the nav bar, and I would like it centered like the old logo was.. how do I achieve this? Here is a link to the site:

Thanks, -Chase

worked! thanks!

One or two more questions actually:

1) How do I move the menu up, it has dropped significantly

2) Is there a way to get rid of the yellow line at the top of the screen?

Hello. You’re using another theme on that domain