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Seems to work fine with TwentyTen. I will continue to explore. Thanks.


did you edit anything in the theme files? can you post here the error?

Asta este linkul http://www.maispaz.com.br/ciclistas/#compartilhe nu resusesc sa fac like boxul sa mearga intr-o coloana secunda generata de short tag. Ar trebui sa fie in drapta, dar in schimb imi apare un ce ar trebui sa fie pe ultimul rand.


Ok atunci :) Daca mai ai vreo problema, lasa mesaj aici.


Imi poti da un nr de tel sa vb in particular? As dori sa te intreb despre themeforest. Vreau sa investesc intr-o tema si sa o public aici, dar am inteles ca sunt anumite standarde. Poate ma ajuti tu cu niste raspunsuri. Daca e ok, trimite pe FB nr tau.



Adauga-ma pe messenger: finaldestiny16…E mai usor asa..Si daca e pe mai tarziu, iti dau si nr de tel.

How do I update to the latest version? I downloaded the new file and zipped the Viewpoint folder. When I try to upload the new zip file, it fails because there is a folder with that name already. I changed the named to Viewpoint 1 4.zip but it still says the folder already exists. Help!


If you didn’t edit the main php files, you can replace all the theme files manually via FTP


Is there an easier way to do it? Seems a bit excessive to FTP every time the theme has an update.


You could remove the entire theme and install the latest zip as a new theme.

Can you please look at our site in Safari and perhaps tell us why the text is so sketchy?



Can you please attach a screenshot?


Great theme. Overall really happy with it.

I don’t plan on using the blog, but would like the TS and Cs/privacy to be on a separate page so I wanted to rename the heading ‘blog to ‘Privacy & Cookies” and site it as a post. How do I rename it please?


Connect to your website via FTP , create a new file with the name page.php, copy the content from single.php to it and then just create a new page with the default page template and choose it as the blog page.

For the “Blog” text, go to teoPanel/custom-functions.php and edit the name there:

echo '
  • ‘blog_page’) . ’”>Blog
  • ’;

    Thanks for the reply.

    I can’t see the line you are referring to, to edit the name in custom-functions.php. Can you narrow it down for me please?


    sorry, it’s this line:

    echo '<li><a href="' . get_permalink($viewpoint['blog_page'][0]) . '">Blog</a></li>';

    Is it possible to have a different background for each page?


    By default no, however the theme adds a unique selector to each area so you can later stylize each area individually in style.css based on the post slug..like:

    #unique-slug { background-image: url("link to bg image"); }

    If you’re interested in doing that and you’re not familiar with coding, drop me an e-mail and I’ll provide you with the code.

    Hi there, I have two questions:

    1. Is there a way to remove the yellow (#F9D89B) top border? I can’t seem to find the css to do it :)

    2. There seems to be a problem with Safari 6.0, but ONLY on mac os x 10.8.1 Mountain Lion; the viewport doesn’t scroll to the correct page when a menu item is clicked, it just stays where it is. It works on Chrome and Firefox on Mountain Lion though. It also works on Safari 6.0 on os x 10.7. Very strange.

    I know your a busy man, so thanks for your time :)

    1) Here it is on my site: www.documentairefabriek.nl, and here it is on your demo page: http://teothemes.com/wp/viewpoint/ It’s visible in every browser I’ve tested (chrome, safari 6.0 and firefox on mac os x, and ie8 on windows 7). In case you don’t see it, here is a screenshot: http://s8.postimage.org/88vc79311/Screen_Shot_2012_08_27_at_18_49_46.png

    The line disappears when scrolling to the point the div .nav2.is-sticky kicks in.

    2) That’s good news :)

    thanks for your time


    add this to the custom css option in the theme options panel:

    .top-bar { background: transparent !important; } 

    That did it. Awesome :D

    Hey, so I’m using the shortcode for the icons. It looked great when I had four icons but when I switched from “one_fourth” to “one_third”, it dropped the icons from the page. The text is still there, but the icons aren’t showing. Any idea what’s causing this. Here’s the code I’m using:

    [one_third icon="link to icon"] <h4>Hotels</h4> TEXT HERE [/one_third] [one_third icon="link to icon"] <h4>Houses</h4> TEXT HERE [/one_third] [one_third icon="link to icon"] <h4>B&B's</h4> TEXT HERE[/one_third]

    Go to includes/shortcodes.php and find this piece of code:


    replace it with this one:


    The icons were added just for one_fourth, I’ll add them for one_third as well in the next update


    was this ever done?


    Yes, it’s already on the theme from themeforest now.

    I’m also having trouble with the background image not being responsive. It’s not resizing properly and it’s making my image look terrible. I saw your previous where you said to enter the below code, but that’s not fixing it. It just slightly shifts the photo, but it doesn’t actually make it responsive. Help!

    background-position: center !important; }


    So that works but I also noticed that you cut the menu down from 4 or 5 options to two. Is it going to start acting funny when there are more than 2?

    Also, “Sample Page” looks pretty terrible how it’s being pushed onto two lines. You should really decrease the font size on the iPhone.


    That’s just a sample website and not the official demo


    I still have to fix one issue with iPad, in the meanwhile replace your js/smooth-scroll.js with this one: http://pastebin.com/UXY50uNV

    until I’ll submit an update to TF

    Is it possible to not show the heading for certain pages?

    What html text do I edit for this? (or does it make them all disappear? even if it does can you explain it to me)



    answered via email

    I am not able to change the order of the navigation. There is no “MENU” in appearances, I cannot rearrange pages in Viewpoint “navigation” section and “page order” does not work. Please help.


    Make sure you selected in the theme options panel the pages(by default it shows the latest 4 pages if you dont select them in the options panel).

    as for external links, wp nav menus are planned for the next theme update, in the meanwhile find this piece of code in includes/custom-functions.php:

    echo '</ul>';

    Add BEFORE IT :

    <li><a href="EXTERNAL URL">TITLE HERE</a></li>

    Thanks!! Nav worked.

    Custom link in main nav: I got this error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in /home/content/76/5635376/html/whatworksstudio/wp-content/themes/ViewPoint/teoPanel/custom-functions.php on line 37


    Sorry, forgot it’s php there, use:

    echo '<li><a href="EXTERNAL URL">TITLE HERE</a></li>';

    Also can additonal sections (like the about section) be added?


    Since it’s wordpress, you can fully add any sections you want, the pages on the demo are just for demo purposes.

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    Hi FinalDestiny:

    Great theme. We’re thrilled about this new site. We’re having two issues that we’d like to nail down.

    a. IE 7 and 8 Trouble IE7 – https://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/4622f23e-2ffe-439e-8adc-a00e17a55788/c2637ec7a82119a8582495c9822921db

    IE8 – https://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/f25e501c-3252-4e4f-9277-9e8443cebac0/db5010572a1684559a2582248a843035

    In IE 7 the page loads on the left and in IE 8 the title is layered behind part of the image.

    b. We still get the “bounce” from when clicking from section. It probably has something to do with the scroll calculation for the parallax effect. How could we tweak this?

    Thanks again. Great support!


    Hello, will check the bugs and fix them.

    Thanks for the theme! Very easy to use and well documented.

    I have a few questions though:

    1 – Is there a way to have the contact form clear after submission? Despite the confirmation message, we’ve had some confusion with our users who are submitting forms 12+ times. Because their message doesn’t clear, they assume it wasn’t sent.

    2 – The jquery scrolling doesn’t appear to be working for Mountain Lion/Safari

    3 – I used my own image via CSS at the bottom of the page behind the contact form, but it vertically repeats itself in the middle of the form. I can’t seem to get the CSS working to fix that. Any suggestions?

    The site is: http://www.providencechurchonline.org


    1) Go to js/contact-form.js and find:



    Add after:

    jQuery(’.contact-form form’).hide(400);

    2) We’re working on it

    3) Use this code in style.css

    contact .bg2 {

    background-image: center !important; }


    Added the line to the js file so it now reads:

    jQuery.post("../wp-content/themes/ViewPoint/index.php", { name : name.val(), email : email.val(), comment : comment.val(), submit : "yes" }, function() {
    jQuery(’.contact-form form’).hide(400);

    However, now when a form is submitted, it appears to try to refresh the page, but doesn’t load anything. It also doesn’t appear to send the email either.

    Regarding the CSS fix, it did work to avoid the vertical repeat, but it has lost the parallax scrolling effect.


    send me a wordpress + a ftp account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll take a look.

    Sorry i mean for the main home page which contains portfolio, about etc, am I able to edit these via the backend of WP or add or remove these sections without touching the code?


    Yes, those pages you see there are wordpress pages fully editable in the dashboard

    Hi! Great theme indeed! We are using it for a client and we are more then happy with it. However, we do experience few minor problems:

    1. We would like to delete the auto-added contact link from the main menu. 2. The slideshow is not working properly in terms of responsiveness. It does change the width, however the height stays the same. 3. The whole contact page seems to not work properly. Sometimes it is impossible to fill the contact form and send it. Upon window resize it is possible (we are using a custom contact page with the contact form 7 plugin. The original contact was having the same bugs and thats why we switched to custom).

    Thank you in advance!



    Please post your URL


    sure. here it is redtapedesign.com/reubentruck


    Try adding this to style.css:

    .bg { z-index: 1000 !important; }
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    Hey is there an easy way to stop the portfolio items linking to a lightbox?


    go to shortcodes.php and find:

    $output .= '<a class="single_image" href="' . esc_attr($image) . '"><img alt="' . esc_attr($alt) . '" class="scale-with-grid" src="' . esc_attr($thumbnail) . '" /></a>';

    replace it with:

    $output .= '<img alt="' . esc_attr($alt) . '" class="scale-with-grid" src="' . esc_attr($thumbnail) . '" />';
    l_b_ Purchased

    Also, the theme breaks horribly in IE 7 and upwards and has problems on iPad. Unhappy.


    Hello, will check the theme and fix the issue, thanks for reporting it!