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I have the same issues like @graphicgoose in addition, I also noticed the header text in each project looks displaced. I really wanted to buy this theme but I would like to have fixed these bugs first..

I got these errors with the mobile version of chrome on Android as well as with firefox. On Desktop it looks fine.

These are known bugs and are on the list for the next update to be released shortly.

hi, Thanks for your great theme, i would like to know how do you do to choose the grid portfolio?i can’t find th solution!!! and i can’t ask you at the support cause i havent receveid the purchase code! thanks again g.

ok but my question is how to have a grid portfolio cause the porfolio is on single version?


I submitted a support ticket to ask this, but you guys take too long to answer on there. :p

Can you recommend a WP developer who knows this theme well who could make changes for me?

Apologize, I just recently lost both of my support staff so I’m flying solo doing everything.

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Elto I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

Brilliant, thank you. And sorry to hear that!

No probs, yeah its going to be a struggle until I find a replacement.

how do i remove by admin under the image?

email me at


Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

Hello, can you help me to fix the twitter button for sharing the post?


Thanks for your purchase. Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

my website is loading very slow on gtmetrix i have grade F. how to solve this: “serve scaled images”. i am using one image size and its scaling for icons and for bigger image. how to achieve to load faster . thanks

I already have W3 Total Cache and setup correctly with Minify and all this. There is a big issue with Optimize images.

this solution is not working any of them. your demo site portfolio page has on gtmetrix very slow Grade as well. E. there must be some other workaround to server scaled images in different way. cheers

Hi, i serius problem to show posts in one pages:

1. i change the numbers of post in page builder, to show the quantity of post to see, but now crash the page! i can´t see the posts, just show me 2 2. in page builder, i can´t choose which post category to show on . Just see a list of category in page builder, but when i want to choose, one of all i can´t do it. 3. I see a large white frame above the site, how can i do it to remove it? 4. in menu i load a category post, to the menu, and when i click in this button, show me all post, and inmediatly, get the pages all white, with no post. thanks!!!

Thanks for your answer. I tried to do that before you write and I can not make it work. i go into Appearance > Menus > Add post categories call “prensa”. and when i clik this item menu, just show me a blank page with a large scroll. same with any category. If you can, see my site: 2. I see a large white frame above the site, how can i do it to remove it?


The posts are being loaded but something is conflicting with isotope, please disable any non-required plugins and test.

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and a reference to your issue.

Your menu doesn’t work – for – about us and – contact us

Also when your theme is mobilised the header has no branding…. you might want to fix that

Hello, I am very interrested by this theme. Is it possible to have a grid instead of 3 small ?

Not quite sure I’m following it already uses a grid for portfolio items, are you referring to something else?

Helleo. I bought the theme. The doc is very light. Some functions don’t appear 1. FOOTER MENU. I have one menu for this location. Nothing appear 2. FORM Options > Footer Text. Doesn’t appear nowhere 3; Custom Shortcodes. Shortcode Generator (green plus icon) doesn’t appear in Post Editor Thx

I apologize those options were supposed to be removed, the theme doesn’t have a conventional footer. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll get an update released. Thanks for your purchase!

Can blog page be filterable by Categories (or tags) as the Portfolios are?

You can view any category or tag by using its URL. If you’re referring to restructuring the blog posts to look like the portfolio while using Isotope to filter them that’s also possible but would require a lot of modifications which are outside the scope of my normal support hope you understand.

I’ve purchased your theme and tried to created a support ticket but I can’t get in. The support sign-up area reads”Sign-up error That is not a valid item purchase code.” I know I’ve entered the correct Item Purchase Code (from License Certificate) but keep receiving the same message. Not sure how else to reach you to resolve the sign-up issue and/or my site issue. Please help.

Ok, so I’ve contacted envato support twice now and they assure me that this is an issue that has to be resolved on your end. Again, I’m positive that I’ve entered the correct credentials. Would it be possible to send you my license .txt file so that you can test on your end?

Ok, scratch that. Somehow I got it.

Glad you got it sorted, thanks for your purchase!

Replicating the dual “Blog” and “Portfolio” full-screen pages of the demo:

Hi there. Great theme, and good customizable options. I’m hoping to set the full-screen “Portfolio” tile page as my homescreen, but I would also like the full-screen “Blog” tiles page to be a menu option. Basically, flipping what is currently on the live demo. Can’t figure out how to do this using Templates, or the Page Builder. Any ideas?

You can choose what you’d like displayed on the homepage via the admin options posts or portfolio. For the blog just add links to your blog categories and you’ll be good to go.

Ah, perfect. Thanks so much!

Hi, great theme! Just one question: i’m checking the live preview and I’ve notice the mobile version has no logo. Is there an option to keep it? thanks!

You could modify it however you’d like by having the logo always displayed anything is possible.

ok, thanks for your help! Just bought it :)

Thanks for your purchase!