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Great Work. Good luck dude!!

Just letting you know that there are issues when viewing it on an ipad.(scroll issues)

I’ve tested it thoroughly on the iPad and I’m not seeing any issues, can you explain further?

In landscape mode the content is cut off at the bottom….(both sidebars)

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up!

Congratulations Wow, Awesome work, Good Luck bro :)

Thanks, cheers!

Good luck friend!

Thank ya sir!

Awesome work!

Wow very good work! Good luck :)

Thank ya sir!

Hi, contempoinc, I like this theme so much, but I want to ask two questions before I purchase it. 1.I don’t know how to paginate so many posts in this theme, is there have this function in this theme? 2.There is a little bug when I see theme in my iphone of “about us” page, will you fixed this next version? Thank for your answer:)


  1. Pagination can easily be added, I can shoot you an update archive.php when ya purchase.
  2. Just noticed that, thanks for the heads up — bug has been fixed!


9/13/13 — View complete changelog here

I am so excited to use this for my blog. Didn’t start using yet but I noticed when I view it on 13” Macbook on Safari & Chrome the view button covers the title on main page.

Once again, great work, great concept and made me fall in love with flat design all over again. Inspired me to graphically personalize all my blog entries. Thank you =)

Just a pre sales question. How do you see an integration with buddypress, will it work?



Haven’t personally tried it with this theme but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use it.

Pre-buy question.

Does the theme support different post type? I don’t see you demo the post type.

It has one custom post type for the portfolio, and includes the default regular posts and pages as well.

Hi. I just bought this great looking theme. How can I change the size of the font I want to use? Can’t find it.

BTW this is my other site for storing things etc.

Its coming from the Envato Toolkit plugin, replace your admin > plugins > register.php with then go into your admin > plugins > deactivate it and you’ll be good to go.

Yeeeeeh…it’s gone!!

Hello! I just bought the theme and it seemes it has crashed our whole server. - Everything is extreme slowly. The site is not loading in 10 minutes and so on. - The navigation looks different from your demo content. Bye far not so stylisch as in your demo page. - The content on the right is split into two pages. - It seems the theme is not compatible to the new version of wordpress.

Can you fix all that? Or help me to fix it? Thanks a lot! Michaela

Please open a ticket on the support site with your login details/URL and I’ll take a look.

HI, I love this theme so much, but I don’t know how to add paginate in Portfolio page, can you help me ? Thanks a lot :)

Glad you’re enjoying the theme, thanks for your purchase!

It wasn’t designed for a paginated style, its meant to display all your items. However with some modifications you could add pagination, unfortunately something like this is outside the scope of my support, hope you understand as it requires editing multiple files and creating some custom CSS.

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

Hi, I got a message that there was an update available so I updated the theme. But the message won’t dissapear. Is this because I have removed the Envato toolkit plugin (the one that gave all the error codes?)

It is still on the Dashboard??

Open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and I’ll take a look.

When I upload xml file i’m getting failed to load like everything? does anyone know why?

Make sure you have all the required plugins installed and activated before importing.


First, great theme!

now I have one question. What to do if our screens don’t have enough height and there are content on the left sidebar? As it is not scrollable I was wondering what could be done so that content is not lost on small screens?


You could add some CSS for the overflow-y that would bring in a scroll bar.