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I just bought your product and had a few questions. Hopefully you can help!

1. I am trying to create menu bottoms to filter via categories (ie print, web, video) for portfolio post but can’t get it to work. Is this possible or does portfolios only work with tags?…. It seems to work fine for blog post though.

2. How can I add a right side bar widget into a portfolio post?

3. Is there a way for a ” featured image / thumbnail” for a blog video post to not show up within the expanded view… just like a portfolio video post.


My site is not live yet. Is there any way to help me? Most important is answer for #2. That will tell which way to build my portfolio (through blog post or portfolio post).


Please open a ticket

done ticket #5379

I love the simplicity and the elegance of this theme. I want this theme for my portfolio and I have one question.

I see there is a filtering option in the grid portfolio but is there a way that I can change the size of the box that surrounds the filter options? Currently its too big and I want it to be just a small bar on the top.

Also, can I change the size of the grid pictures? I like the tiles to be big and bold and the home screen with just a small bar on the top with the filter options will be perfect.

Definitely everything is customizable via some CSS changes.


Can I display a gallery or more images in a post with out them displaying on the top of the post

Can you please help

Thanks so much

No probs, thanks for your purchase!

You are welcome

Thank you for this beautiful Theme. I would like to have a full width page for my articles and i can’t disable the right column. Can you help me ?

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

can you please tell me why icons on my portfolio page show so small ? thanks

Not quite sure what you’re referring to, but if its the size of the portfolio item itself its displaying at the correct size.

Yes, but it would require some modifications. If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

Ah I see what you’re doing you need to link to the portfolio grid properly, using this link:
hi, one more thing. is there a way to display single portfolio like post? when you click on portfolio item its too big. want it like is on post signle item

All tickets are answered in the order received we usually have a 24 hour turn around. However that could change due to volume, thanks for your patience.

Hi looking to buy this theme but it looks like on the actual portfolio page (by clicking from the home page not the actual portfolio page), on the right, the image is cropped and it covers the text up below it. If I resize my browser, it sometimes shows the text, but the portfolio image is def clipped on the right. I am concerned for smaller browsers.

thanks! Gina

Thanks, lemme know if you have any other questions. I actually don’t do any outside work, sorry.

Oh, you may want to change that in your profile: (sidebar)

That pertains to theme customizations which I have a company that I refer all my buyers to.


11/8/13 — View complete changelog here

hi. i’m purchased your theme. but, nothing style.css file. So now I can not install the theme.

please, send to me style.css file. my e-mail : my site :

hello , no body reply to my on your support forum. Can you please tell me- Is there a way to display items on Portfolio widget just from one category ?

Currently there isn’t an option to define a category on the portfolio widget, maybe in a future update.

HI, I bought your product and had a few questions. Please Help Me! In firefox i can scroll the main menu, and then i can´t see all the item in menu.

Thanks!! juan

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

This theme looks great. How many posts can I fit on the grid-view homepage? Is it possible to have more than the 15 currently showing on the demo?

Yes, you can have as many as you like.

Just submitted two tickets pertaining to page builder video embedding and portfolio/blog post slider/carousel.

Looking forward to connecting with your CS department :smitten:

Thanks, all tickets are answered in the order received we get quite a few, thanks for your patience and purchase!


I bought your theme yesterday and I met some problem to configure it. 1. I don’t understand to display the portfolio page with all the items portfolio (my template page build with page builder block portfolio doesn’t work). 2. I don’t understand how works the system of Page Builder for the templating page (see “1.”). 3. I’m sad because of the conflicts about the permalinks don’t work with the system of postname (however better for SEO). 4. Items of my sub-menu aren’t not well displaying, maybe that’s a JS/jQuery problem or plugins conflicts ?

I work on my site on local, I can’t show you in details.

I post 2 tickets on your support. #5994 and #5995

I’m waiting your feedback :)

Thanks for your purchase, all tickets are answered in the order received, as you can imagine we get quite a few. Thanks for your patience.

hi, its possible to add more images into post? i want to add multiple images in one post, so people can see more .

you have there option

Display Lead Image or Slider (if multiple images are uploaded)?.

what does it mean multiple images uploaded ? thank you

Its unlimited the more you attach to that post it will just be automatically inserted in to the slider.

Please see:

thanks. easy !

No probs, thanks for your purchase!


I really like your theme, but before i have 3 questions

1) about the builder page. Can i create my own homepage like yours, but i want to integrate this before all the boxes : ,

2 Can i put the link i want on the homepage boxes, if i want to make a link to a page or a post not only to a portfolio page?

3) There is no fancybox ?

Thanks by advance for your answer.

Best regards

  1. Definitely you can create any type of layout you’d like.
  2. Yes, there’s a plain text block you can use that accepts any HTML or CSS you’d like
  3. You can use the plugin for that

Thanks for this fast answer

No probs, lemme know if ya have any other questions.

hi, is there a way to show just 9 archive portfolio items and when you click on category it shows more . because whey i show more then 20 archive portfolio items there is big loading time . can you help me . hope you understand what i mean

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

hi, can i put images in the text area below the header image? i want to make a step by step instruction with an image and text belongs to.

can i do this with normal shortcodes to insert a image, or can i do this with this “about us” slideshow?

thanks for your answer

done :-)

Thanks, one of my support staff will be getting back to you. As you can imagine we receive quite a few tickets, thanks for your patience.


Strongly considering this theme but there’s a bug with the footer on mobile (portfolio sitting on top of recent posts):

I was looking at it on Chrome on my desktop….but I just had a gander on my iPhone and unfortunately there are issues there too:

I’ll take a look into it, and get an update released.

Thank you. :) It’s a very lovely theme, by the way.


I went ahead and bought this theme a couple of days ago, submitted a couple of support tickets on the same day – just wondering what your average turnaround is for support?

I receive quite a lot of support tickets all are answered in the order received Alfredo should be getting back to you shortly. Thanks for your patience.