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try a thousand ways to translate Spanish theme but did not get it, please help!

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Great Theme. How do I customize the sidebar widget NextWP PRC tabs from “Popular Recent Comments” to whatever we want?

Can dates be removed from all post entirely?


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A added a new category, but now I cannot add it to the main menu. Can you help?


Use Custom Menu!

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Thanks!!! I figured it out.

gua1234 Purchased

Can you suggest a way to eliminate the date/author/comments from all posts? I was able to do it on single posts, but not on the homepage. Thanks.

Albania Theme?

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hi, is possible to fit the main menu elements on the bar? i mean, i got 8 elements but they don’t fill 100%bar (960px) i got 29px square as 9th elements. thanks

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Hi, how can I get the latest tweets section in the footer work? I have added the [NextWP Latest Tweets] in the footer widget and filled the details, but I can’t see any tweets on the page. Like in the Live Preview it shows “about x days ago”. Let me know!

if I buy this can you help give it a blackjack theme? casino game blackjack… I am willing to pay of course!

Hi, after transfer site to another domain there is no my default style. Can you help to me?



Im improved with export/inport on theme option :) thanks

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Frontpage page drag and drop menu does not work. Site Home sled just going active.

http://prntscr.com/6kclon http://www.sonbolumizleson.com/

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I use in my home http://www.sonbolumizleson.com/ WP theme from Options section of Next Magazine Frontpage module settings , where the error does not work I can give to my home page I would like immediate assistance , please …