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bongoz81 Purchased

Hi, is this theme compatible with wordpress 4.0 and WC 2.2.4?


Hello bongoz81,

Yes it’s fully compatible with wordpress 4.0 and woocommrce 2.2.6 plugin.

Thank you

Hi you write that is fully compatible with woocommerce 2.2.6 (even 2.2.7?) but a few days ago i upgrade woocommrerce by mistake to 2.2.6 and i see that is not translated to my language (italian) the woocommerce 2.1.8 that come with theme is translated, there is a easy way to upgrade woocommerce and have it translated or i must wait you update your theme for it? (in changelog there is no update since i buy it with theme version 1.2.1)

p.s. i downgrade woocommerce to 2.1.8 for this for now


Hello julianlucchetti,

Theme update was on previous week, latest theme version v1.2.2, change log http://lpd-themes.d.pr/6ADj

Is woocommerce plugin (latest version) not translated in Italian?

Thank you


Ok, i only check the main page and he don’t say there is the update, by the way i don’t want test again to upgrade woocommerce for see if is translated, i just fix the problem i have with it and for now i stay with the 2.1.8

Hello! I have encountered a problem while importnig dummy data. Importer showed errors:
  • Failed to import shop_order_status cancelled
  • Failed to import shop_order_status completed
  • Failed to import shop_order_status failed
  • Failed to import shop_order_status on-hold
  • Failed to import shop_order_status pending
  • Failed to import shop_order_status processing
  • Failed to import shop_order_status refunded
Now I can’t finish placing order, checkout always show:
  • First Name is a required field.
  • Last Name is a required field.
  • Address is a required field.
  • Town / City is a required field.
  • Postcode is a required field.
Of course, all fields are filled properly. Can you advise?

I’ve corrected shipping options as you suggested and everything works. Thanks for your help :)

xdldydwn Purchased

This question is difficult because foreigners.

Logo can be changed?

Multilingual support plugins by default?

Top left to right bottom widget support, etc.?


Hello xdldydwn

1.) Yes it can be changed

2.) The theme is compatible with WPML plugin.

3.) “Top left” is powered by theme options http://lpd-themes.d.pr/1bYFD and “right bottom” is powered by “Wordpress Menus” and also by theme options http://lpd-themes.d.pr/1aBEF

Thank you