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Hi. I need support form your support forum, but it’s telling me my licence is already in use. Please can you look at this for me please?

What code add the classes hidden-xs hidden-sm to the cart-dropdown?
I removed those classes from the cart.php on the theme templates, but they “reappear” after reloading the page.
Thank you


Hello themesout,

The theme has Ajax shopping cart please also use ../functions/woocommrce.php file for customization


Thank you


1) I bought the theme but not unable to make desired page for example i am trying to make a page with multislider and i am unable to select the categories which i want in multislider.

2)If the license of visual editor is not included then whats the use of it in your theme?


3) also i could not find any documentation on media sizes which are used, or where to set those, and the media images used in theme are not optimized sizes like you used large images for small product thums also which will simply increase the load time.

if you answer please answer numbered like questions.


My woocommerce checkout page suddenly doesn’t work. It only keeps loading with the spinner, and could not proceed with placing order. KIndly assist.

And my site load time is taking way too long. Is there any solution to it?Thank you.



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Hi guys! My discount price are not working! Im loosing a lot of money because that. That start to happen after WP and WooCommerce update.



I’m very interested by your template. Is he compatible with wordpress 4.1 and WooCommerce 2.3.5?




Is your theme compatible with wordpress 4.1 and WooCommerce 2.3.5?



I like your 123shop theme and might bought it, but knowing that the last update was done on 16 October 2014 makes me worried. Also, customer’s questions were answered 2 months ago for the last time!

And your theme is not compatible with the latest versions of WP and WooCommerce!

When your theme will be compatible with wordpress 4.1 and WooCommerce 2.3.5?

Thank you.

Hi. When i use SHOP II, i can’t show filter by price… Can you help me! Thank so much.

Please tell me if i buy this theme and add a plugin of customization of products it will work or not perfectly.

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I’m having an issue with the Woocommerce as the “Checkout” suddenly doesn’t work anymore for a month now. Do you have an updated template version for this?

Please help us on this!