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great design ! good luck with sales !

Thanks bro!

Wow great start on TF:) best of luck bro

Thanks bro and Congrats to you

Very nice theme. Good luck dude! And welcome to themeforest :):)

Thanks vikystudio :)

Beautiful work. Welcome to forest and best of luck :)

Thanks pixel-industry :D

Nice work and Welcome to Forest :)

Thanks metrothemes ;)

Really nice theme but do you have any plans on adding a pricing table and a regular portfolio option that offers a pop-up image display?

Yes of course, pricing tables and regular portfolio will be added in coming updates

Pricing tables have been added ;)

Nice theme! Best of luck with sales :)

Thanks codeex ;)

Superb Theme, Really Fell in Love :inlove: with your Design, Best of Luck :)

Thanks for such a kind words bro :)

I bought this theme for a personal project and I’m really glad with it’s design. It’s really awesome and it works well. Unfortunatelly the coding quality isn’t that good as the design quality: too many typos in names, weird html coding.

And some naming issues. For instance you call the link “Showcase” and at the same time the corresponding section is called “portfolio”, I understand that the meaning is similar but that’s not how it should be done.

I apologize if I was rude. English isn’t my native language so I can’t find the appropriate expression sometimes.

Thanks for your feedback And you were not rude at all ;) We have fixed all of these issues and have resubmitted the files, Once ThemeForest approve, you will be able to download updated files.

Very cool! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thanks AirTheme :)

This is awesome! Good luck!

Thanks Rypepixel :)

24th Nov,2013

Updated to 1.1
-Some Bug Fixes
-Added Pricing Tables
-Add Dark Style Of google maps for Dark layout

22 Nov,2013
-Initial release

Awesome Work! check out my work!

Nice Work boys. :D

Thanks buddy ;)

Beautiful work. Welcome to forest and best of luck!

Thanks mustachethemes ;)

Is this a single plate theme or multipage theme?

Sorry for late response. Yes this is single Page Template with a blog section. But we are working on next version which will also have Team, FAQ and services pages.

Very nice theme.

Well documented and the code is very clear and easy to modify.

Very, very well done. It has been incredibly easy to use and modify as needed.

Thanks for your kind Words ;) , And please do not forget to rate it, It will help us alot :)

The responsive menù is not working correctly; after open it and click on any link remain opened covering the page content, it can be closed only clicking on the icon.

Kindly email me and I will guide you. thanks

Can I add a video in the header section?

Which parts require php?

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