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And another incredible work, amazing :). Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much Iulian, I am happy that you like it!

Nice design, more more sales for this 8)

Thank you very much Louie! Glad you like it :)

Congrats on getting accepted! I saw this on forrst ;) Hey do you have a skype? If so add me? ;) mike.moloney8

Thank you very much Mike!

Congrats dude, really nice work good luck with sales!!.

Thank you very much Nicol├ís! I’m happy that you like it!

Exceptional Quality that is!

Thank you

Thank you very much, I’m happy you like it and thanks for buying it. ;)

Crossing my fingers that someone will create a WP theme with this one! :)

Lieve Tom!

We’re considering it, depends how people will like this first. :)

Amazing design, I love it! Oh! Thank you for the thank you too! :)

I am glad you like it.

You’re very welcome :)

Beautiful template, and very professionally presented. You’ve done a really wonderful job with this. Can’t wait to start using it :)

Thank you very much, I am also in love with it. The sales show that my other design doing a better job here on ThemeForest but still I feel that this is way above that in overall quality and aesthetics.

Absolutely, and thank you for your inclusion of the shortcodes page. Gave me a good idea while coding the site :) About 80% through the static site, then onto the Wordpress theme :D