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This is a really great theme. It has so many awesome features and admin options.



Glad you like it… :)

You paid $990 for the cu3er license??!


no, I did not, my initial submission was before February 1st…, they count the initial date you submitted it…

Hello ,

I really like your theme but dont know how to install cu3er !!

I bought this theme but dont i know how to install it !


If I bought your theme do you mind to install me on my wp blog I would give you all the details ( filezilla and blog account)

Is it possible to change grey header and only get white background ?

All the best


Once you purchase the theme you’ll find instructions in the Documentation if you then have any difficulties, let me know and I’ll give you a hand. The CU3ER works right away as soon as you activate the theme, you just have to create your own images for the slider and replace the ones that come with the theme…

Man what about cu3er license? We cant use it in our work.


I believe this new license applies to theme authors who are selling their templates: http://www.progressivered.com/blog/cu3er/using-cu3er-in-templates.htm

Great theme! Considering purchasing for a client, but need to know if it can support video.



Yes it does, since I’ve implemented prettyPhoto with the theme, you could use the prettyPhoto syntax to images and video or flash, here’s some examples from the prettyPhoto website as to how to use it in your site: prettyPhoto examples. In your case you’ll just have to add rel=”prettyPhoto” in your video link.

Here’s a quick example of video usage in this theme: Video Demo

In this theme’s case, if you’d like to add video to the Portfolio section and link it to a thumb, point the link to your video instead of the large image to enlarge.

great work! nice style ;)

Thank you for the quick reply and the demo link!! Will definitely be using this theme for a new client!!


Awesome, let me know if you have any more questions

Perfect theme! Nice coding! Thanks for sharing. Good Luck msn!

Really well done! Often a theme will have several options or elements I like but not others I really want or even need.

You have done such a great job of including every single item I’d want or need and then including some touches I didn’t even know I wanted (like expandable buttons!).

Terrific job! Hope you have lots of sales and more projects coming soon!


Thank you! I designed the theme as if I did it for myself, so I thought of implementing all the features I would like to see in a theme…

Can you disable the Cu3er deal? Not a huge fan of it myself. But I think the site would look good with just a static banner.

Also, any instructions in the docs, about the pretty photo install and directions, when trying to use video? Couldn’t find it.


You don’t need to install prettyPhoto, it’s already installed with the theme. Anywhere in your content (articles, pages, etc…), if you would like to display an image or video with prettyPhoto, you just have to include rel=”prettyPhoto” inside the link to the image or video, e.g.:

<a href="http://vimeo.com/8245346" rel="prettyPhoto" title="..."><img src="your_thumb_image.jpg" alt="Vimeo" width="60" /></a>

For the Portfolio section, you just have to assign the url to your video the same way you do it with images for the Custom Field: largeImageURL, and give it a small thumbnail image as well (see documentation on how it works for images, it’s the same thing) that’s all, pretty simple stuff…

You could see other format examples from the prettyPhoto demo page: here

Follow up to my last comment. Just trying to make the videos pop out of the portfolio section (I’m using viddler pro or Vimeo). Any shortcuts, or hints you can give me on how to accomplish this, I would appreciate it.

In addition need to disable cu3er for the client. Thanks in advance.


You have a couple of options to do disable the slider. First, you could remove the auto rotation, in which case the first slider image will load and stay paused, the arrows for manual rotation will still be there, only if you hover over the slider. At least that way they can have a choice to look at other slides or not…

The second option, which will not display the slider at all, but just an image in it’s place. For that, open the header.php (in the ‘business-success’ directory) and around line # 100 (towards the bottom of page), replace ‘slider_img’ with ‘no_slider’ inside the double quotes.

Hope that helps. If you need more detailed help, please email me here (bottom right), I’ll be happy to help.

prettyPhoto Help

For instruction on how to use prettyPhoto with the theme, please go to the demo/preview site and from the top menu choose FEATURES -> HELP WITH PRETTYPHOTO


Thanks for the quick response. I think you answered everything. Seems to be a quick fix.

tonyrla Purchased

Great theme, and great help from Internq7. I had a question about how I could do a customization and he sent me everything I needed. GREAT !

Hi Just bot! Will SE how it gos If I need any help hope that I can call on you! Thanks for creating this its exactly what i was looking for !Great Job !!!


Thank you for choosing my theme!

I LOVE this theme, but I’m having a lot of difficulties with the Cu3er. I want to get it to work, as apposed to just having a static banner. I have worked with many themes before that had the Cu3er, so I am very familiar with the feature. I have tried everything that I know on my end to troubleshoot it, but I can’t seem to figure out what is going wrong. I can’t even get a static image to show up. I event tried to uninstall the theme completely and reinstall it, but that did not work. Is there a way you would email me, so that we can troubleshoot this together? My email address is (scott 41074 @ yahoo . com) “no spaces”.

Currently, I had to disable the theme, and use a different theme, however, your theme is much better, so I would like to resolve this.



Sure, I’ll email you, I’m sure it’s a small thing…

One word: amazing! The design is incredible. I love the three-dimensionality.

Hey man, sorry to bother you again, but still having issues with embedding video into the portfolio.

Can you send me an email at sam@nextwebexpress.com and I can reply and show you what I am doing. Might just be putting the rel”prettyPhoto” wrong??

But right now, the video is there, but not resizing, so it’s essentially showing the top left corner of sample video.

I was curious too about video resizing with prettyPhoto, well the author of prettyPhoto suggests that you define the size in the video url like so: <a href="http://movies.apple.com/movies/wb/terminatorsalvation/terminatorsalvation-tlr3_h.480.mov?width=480&height=204" rel="prettyPhoto[movies]" title="Terminator!"><img src="images/thumbnails/quicktime-logo.png" width="60" alt="Terminator Salvation" /></a>

Basically, just add the suffix ”?width=480&height=204” to the end of the movei url. Well, the width and height might be different in your case

Also, whenever I set the home page through the widgets. If I try to go back and make any changes, everything from “Special Home Section” and Down are empty and I have to start all over every time I need to make minor change.

The top three widgets, or sidebar information is saved and remains. But not the rest


I just sent you an email


This could be a wordpress related issue, not necessarily the template’s. If you have invalid html, WP might strip it all together, I suggest, always keep a copy of your code in notepad or another text editor on the side as you test stuff in WP, that way if something goes wrong, you won’t loose all your work, just copy and paste it and try something else

I just want to throw my 2 cents in the mix. This theme is incredible. I’m a couple days from a relaunch of a church website. It has been everything that I’ve wanted for a long time. Looking forward to getting it live.