75 PF–Classic Website Template For Collectors

75 PF–Classic Website Template For Collectors - Portfolio Creative

“75 pf” is a traditional website template, elegant and simple in use, without too many “loud” and “fancy” features. Fits to websites showcasing collection of items in fair and attractive way. Making this template I had in mind potential users–collectors are usually people in advanced age…–they need something less complicated in use:)))


  • 11 page templates (various blocks can be combined and rearranged)
  • Light parallax effect for background image
  • Fancybox for images and text boxes
  • Sliding panel for extended navigation menu
  • CSS3 transitions and rotations

Things to note:

  • Designed and coded for desktops (min. screen resolution is 1024px)
  • Tested on Mac, Windows, Galaxy tablet (landscape view-please view screenshots)
  • Tested in next browsers: Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, IE9, IE8
  • Downloadable folder includes html | css | js | image placeholders + elements (type icons) | help file in html format
  • Contact forms are in html. If you need php page with client–and server-side validations contact me via profile. Sample php page (not included) can be previewed here.
  • Mobile version (from 1000px to minimum) is available here
  • If you need instructions how to “tie” two versions for one website please ask me

Thank you for viewing!