75 PF–Collector's HTML Template. Mobile Version.

75 PF–Collector's HTML Template. Mobile Version. - Mobile Site Templates

“75 pf” is a traditional website template, elegant and simple in use, without too many “loud” and “fancy” features. Fits to websites showcasing collection of items in fair and attractive way.

This is Mobile Version of previously released Desktop Version.


  • For viewports 1000px and smaller
  • 10 page templates (various blocks can be combined and rearranged)
  • “Swipe” gesture behavior
  • Sliding panel for extended navigation menu
  • Simplified, with minimum js scripts

Things to note:

  • Designed and coded for mobiles (from 1000px to 320px or smaller)
  • Tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad 2 (Chrome, Safari), Samsung Galaxy S III (Chrome, stock browser), iPhone 4 S (Safari)
  • Downloadable folder includes html | css | js | image placeholders + elements (type icons) | help file in html format
  • Contact forms are in html. If you need php page with client–and server-side validations and fitting mobiles, contact me via profile. Sample php page (not included, for desktops) can be previewed here
  • Desktop version (from 1920px to 1024px) is available here
  • If you need instructions how to “tie” two versions for one website please ask me

Thank you for viewing!