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PRESALE question.

I’m evaluating this theme for my photography web site but there’s something not clear to me. I’m talking about this example: http://themes.webcreations907.com/ninezeroseven/option-two/

I want something like this to be my home page, scrolling down I could have different sections like: weddings, services, studio, etc.

I also want to point other pages from these sections like:

http://mydomain/wedding http://mydomain/portrait http://mydomain/fashion http://mydomain/contacts

and every of this page will be another parallax page with different contents, images, text, specific of the area. From the example it looks like all the web site is within one page.

Can I achive what I want with your theme? Hope I explained myself.

Best regards



Sub pages are limited to 1 parallax and 1 page section which you can attach to the bottom of the page content.

So you create a page like normal with whatever content you want on that page, then there is options to attach the parallax and page section for that page. Here is a example standard page

So you can’t really create sub pages like the main one page feature with multiple parallax and page sections.

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I would love to buy and use your theme for my new website.

Before I buy I would like to know something about the video header. We’re making aerial footage in full HD. Since the video header will be streamed from youtube or vimeo, is it possible to stream a 1080p version or can I stream a file from my own server?

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Vimeo would be the better option if you have the plus accounts so you can have the video default to play HD.


How do i disable the top MENU header bar.. I want to hide it completely and there’s no option for that.. I bought the theme on a different account a while ago not sure which one but i am a customer… Let me know..



You can use .topbar{display:none;} to hide that, course you probably want to add a page id before so that it’s not hidden on whole site.

If you have any further questions/issues, please post on the Theme’s Support Forum

Thanks :)

Is your latest update compatible with WP 4.0?



Shouldn’t have any issues on WP 4.0 :)

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I am considering purchasing your theme for a landing page website. I would like to stream an aerial video for the fullscreen background and have a boxed landing page with an embedded video autoplaying at the top of the site. Will you theme support both videos?

Thanks for the information! Phoebe

I need a good creative person to help populate this template with our content and some compelling graphics. I really need someone with the technical skills and a good eye for style.

Thank You

Hi Chief,

how can I as a single page as invest in your example? (top left image, right listing and button down three text blocks)

best regards…

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hello i bought your template its great but i have a problem how do i achive the look of “Corporate Crisp” Example is it built in template ? how can i achive that