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I’m having alignment issues with the newsletter button. It doesn’t align right of the form field. It drops below. Any suggestions?


hi, could you tell me what browser are you use? Which one color template and if you can send me a screenshot I do not see any problem with it. Regards


I’ve checked Firefox, Chrome, IE 6 & 8. It doesn’t align right in any of those browsers. Here’s the link to it live: http://www.ashleylaurensalonandspa.com/index1.html


Please compare styles from orginal template with your custom template. Looks like you wae change or missed somthing becouse in orginal design aligment is right. Regards

Hi, the theme is great.

But i´ve been having a problem. In the gallery if an image is too big and gets to the header section of the page the menu is still visible and you can see it over your image. This makes it impossible to click the close button.

Is there any way to fix this? thanks again for the great theme. :)


Hi, I’m out of computer right now. I will look on that bug after weekend. Thanks for notice that. Regards

Hi, it very easy to fix that small bug. In style.css file you have to find:
    margin:0px auto;
    background: no-repeat url('../images/menu_bg.png') 249px 30px;
and replace z-index:99; to z-index:20;

And next in superfish.css file please replace z-index:99; to z-index:20; everywhere where occur.

That’s it. I will update template anyway but that could take few days. Thanks again for notice that. Kind Regards

msandiej Purchased

Fabulous work…

One question. On the first portfolio page, I only want to display items of a certain class. I can get it to HALF work.

I have chaned the #all to #one, and modified the list classes accordingly. Mine is set as pages: Page One, Page Two, etc.

When the main portfolio page loads, it still shows EVERYTHING , however, if I click Page 2, only the list classes for two show up…so, basically, I get get it to work for every list class except the main one.

I assume its something with the JS settings?

Thanks! (And once again…FABULOUS WORK ! I have two of your templates!) :)

msandiej Purchased

Oh! Nevermind! I figured it out! :)


NP. Thanks for bought templates. Enjoy!

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Need to have the slider images be linkable to different url’s. Is this possible?


Hi, Sorry for delay. Yes you can add link to each banner. For JavaScript Banner just put image inside link tags . For 3D banner you have to add links in XML file – you can find more in banner documentation here: http://www.progressivered.com/cu3er/docs/


jcrump Purchased

Yep that works. just need to add to the slider xml to add links. Might want to add that to your package.


Portfolio page…on the nav bar the sub-menu links do work/filter . I notice they do not work with your preview example either (at least in Firefox). Is there a fix for this?



Hi, the main navigation menu works fine. It is not designed for filter actual gallery. It is for other similar galleries if you want to display more. The filter navigation menu have to be only above the thumbnails. Regards.

drelor Purchased

How soon will WP theme be ready?


Hi, thanks for bought my html template. I expect that WP will be ready latest the end of month. Regards

Also highly interested in the WP conversion!

Will purchase day one.

Just a quick question regarding cu3er, is there a way to have a link on one of the slides, so that (when clicked) it will open / expand a flash video overlay / small windowed video within the website frame?

Thanks for your help and stunning work!



Hi, thanks for bought my html template and sorry for delay. I’m working on WP template right now but it is going really slow because I’m very busy. I expect that WP will be ready latest the end of month. I can’t advice you regarding the cu3er. You have to check in documentation that is possible to do that kind of thing. GL!. Regards

spippy Purchased

I want to make a radio button in the contact form. If I do that I get a button that’s very wide. How can I adjust the width? Do I have to change the css?



HI, sorry for delay. Yes exactly you have to add additional style for your radio button. Cheers!

Hi again,

Just looking for an ETA for the wordpress version of 93visions.

Thanks for your time and help!



Hi, thanks for interesting but from some private reasons I cant release 93Vision right now. Sorry for that. Regards.

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Hello! This is a awesome theme and I have been very happy with it. Great work!

I am wondering if you have noticed a problem with IE8 and CU3ER . I am experiencing an alignment issue only with IE8 and I am trying to figure out how to fix it.

I will appreciate your input!


Hi zaiasis, I’m sorry for delay I just bck from holiday:D I don’t have access to IE right now but I will look on it after the weekend and I will geve you the message if I find any issue there. Thanks for bought my template. Regards

franklin Purchased

I love the template, but im having problems with the contact form. I followed the direction on the contact_confirm php file by switching the email address in line 82

what am i doing wrong


Hi franklin. Thanks for appreciate my work. Replaced a mail is enough to activate a contact form. It is possible that your hosting accunt have turn off PHP “mail” function. Please check it first. Regards

HI! Love this template but the lightbox effect doesn’t work in IE:( Can u fix this please. Then i will buy it for sure:)

A reply on the issue would be nice.


Hi angelshark, sorry for delay I’m outside the office right now. I will ckeck our issue urgently after weekend. Just tell me please what version of IE are you use ? thanks


Hi the IE version i tested on was 8


HI, I tested template in IE6 , IE7 and IE8 no problem with lightbox / fancybox. I’m not sure what kind of probelm you have on your PC but I don’t see any issues with template. Regards

Your theme looks nice, however is there a page that shows the Typography options? I would like to know if you have Block Quotes, UL,OL and all the other options built into the theme.


Hi there! Love your work. I’m trying to re-size the height of the Cu3er slides to from 500px to 300px on the homepage. When i resized the images and tested the slider, theres a red masking that appears on the extra 200px that i need to remove. How do i accomplish this? Thanks!

Im in work whenever ? will purchase it

Nice template. Do you have/plan to create Wordpress version?

Will buy if WP version is available. :)

robs Purchased

Love the template – great job.

I need to increase the size of the menu bar background. Not sure where to find in the css file. please can you



Hi robs, thanks for bought my template. You have to edit css/superfish.css file and find section:

/* MENU SKIN */ .sf-menu{ ... .sf-menu li a{ ...

there you can edit menu size and position Regrds!

I need a WordPress version of this template. If you update it for WP, I’ll buy it.