Abana - Responsive Joomla Template - Business Corporate
abana is an elegant business and professional Joomla 2.5/3.x Template design that has been built on warp framework that uses the latest techniques in HTML5 and CSS3

The warp framework gives the theme an immeasurable weight of flexibility and agility, fast loading site using built in compression of files, data URIs and gzip minification and we’ve topped it up with a splash of beautiful colors ranging from bright to laid back colors.

features for arrowthemes templates

  • Supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.x
  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Color Styles
  • 60+ Admin options
  • 50+ module positions
  • Widgetkit Image slider
  • Flexible columns and template widths
  • Portfolio/Gallery up to 5 Columns
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • 5 Preset pages
  • Multiple Page Layout Combination
  • Custom module variations
  • Accordions and Tabs
  • Module Popup Widget
  • Instant ajax Search
  • Block Title color spans
  • Custom 404 Error page and offline page
  • Easy shortcodes plugin
  • Extensive and robust typography
  • Joomla template overrides
  • Built on Warp framework

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The demo images have been replaced with placeholder images.

credits for arrowthemes templates

changelog for arrowthemes templates
1.2.1 – 28-05-2014
+ Added absolute module position
+ Added strict mode to template.js
+ Added translation support for tag line using the language constant JTAG_LINE
^ Updated Widgetkit to v 1.4.8
^ Updated Joomla 3 to v 3.3.0 and Joomla 2.5 to v 2.5.20
# Minor css/js improvements
! Changed files
1.2.0 – 10-04-2014
+ Added support for UIkit
+ Added two new fonts: Equip and Lato
+ Added native bootstrap support (J3)
+ Added support for K2
+ Added pricing tables
+ Added back two colors - green and rose
+ Added mosaic module position
+ Added styling roksprocket mosaic filterable portfolio
+ Added icon support in menu items
^ Updated Joomla to v 2.5.19 (J 2.5) and 3.2.3 (J3)
^ Updated Warp Framework to v 6.4.4
^ Updated Widgetkit to v 1.4.7
^ Updated roksprocket to v 2.1.1
^ Updated rokcandy to v 2.0.1
^ Updated Jomsocial template to the latest v 3.1.1
# Fixed missing body classes in pages
# Changed social icons to use font-icons
# Improved font readability
# Fixed css issue of acymailing module integration in newsletter module
# Improved css styling of mailto window
# Fixed missing two-fifths/three-fifths column blocks
# Fixed issue with colored vertical menu - level 3/4
# Replaced most images with css
# Replaced most icons with font icons
# Improved styling menu login form
# Numerous css/js improvements and optimizations
- dropped support for IE8
- deprecated call-us module position
- deprecated social tab from template settings
- deprecated title span color and other redundant config settings items
- deprecated zoo from the quickstart. The styling though still remains
- deprecated mootools library from index.php
- deprecated style.css
! Changed folders/files
1.1.1 – 03-07-2013
^ Improved responsive behaviour for image slider widgetkit style
^ Improved Jomsocial integration
^ Updated roksprocket to v 2.0.1
1.1.0 – 02-07-2013
+ Added support for Joomla 3.0
+ Added responsiveness
+ Added checksum verification for template files
+ Added three new fonts: Abel, Source Sans Pro, Open sans
+ Added Lycose admin template 1.0.2
+ Added support for K2
^ Updated Warp Framework to v 6.4.2
^ Updated Joomla to v 2.5.11 (J 2.5) and 3.1.1 (J 3.1)
^ Updated Widgetkit to v 1.4.5
^ Updated rokcandy to v 2.0.0
^ Updated ZOO Component to v 3.0.13
^ Improved color picker in Warp admin panel
^ Updated the background textures
^ Updated reveal plugin to v 1.1
^ Updated Google map plugin to v 2.18
^ Merged script.js and template.js to optimize load time
^ Seperated jomsocial styling from the template; created independent jomsocial template v 1.0.0
^ Updated the rokcandy shortcodes
^ swapped many images with CSS3 styling
^ Improved CSS3 tags. now you can choose color in template settings
^ Improved performance of bootstrap overrides
^ Improved font readability
^ Changed the way config.xml reads color fields. Now uses the native warp text field rather than color field
^ Improved vertical side menu; show current active sub menu on page load
^ Improved widgetkit audio/video player skin
# Fixed issue with deviantart social icon
# Fixed issue with background image custom html module
# Fixed issue with FAQ toggles in IE8 -> Updated FAQ macro shortcode
# Fixed issue with Category dropdown filter
# Numerous css/js fixes and improvements
- deprecated image preloader due to relative path issue in IE9 when using SEO friendly URLs
- Deprecated tooltip.js in template.js
- Removed color admin field [warp config]
- Removed acymailing from quickstart; the styling though still remains
- Deprecated the HTML version of vertical menu
- Dropped support for GK tabs in favor of roksprocket tabs
- Deprecated ie.css
- Deprecated ie7.css and ie7 support
1.0.7 – 24-08-2012
^ Updated widgetkit to v 1.2.2
^ Updated ZOO component to v 2.6.4
+ Added custom css/js parameters in template admin options
# Fixed issue with abana_j25_update.zip
1.0.6 – 22-08-2012
^ Updated Warp to v 6.2.5
^ Updated sequence_js module to v
    # Fixed issue with sequence slide images overlapping
    # Fixed issue with keyboard navigation
^ Updated ZOO Component to version 2.6.3
^ Updated Widgetkit to version 1.2.1
+ Added vertical menu settings to template admin options
# Minor CSS improvements
1.0.5 – 02-08-2012
+ Added jomsocial styling
1.0.4 – 22-06-2012
^ Updated Joomla quickinstall package to the latest Joomla version 2.5.6
1.0.3 – 18-06-2012
^ Updated Joomla quickstart package to the latest Joomla version 2.5.5
^ Updated Zoo Component to version 2.5.20
1.0.2 – 13-06-2012
+ Added linkedin social icon.
- deprecated input/select skinning due to conflict with third party extension.
# Fixed issue with toggles in mobile version. 
# Fixed issue with datepicker plugin.
1.01 – 23-05-2012
# Support for mysql 5.0 - Users who were running on mysql 5.0 experience a bug on the sql installation. Updated file - <em>installation/sql/mysql/joomla.sql</em>
1.0.0 – 02-05-2012
+ Initial Release