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The live preview should be up now :)

I like this theme. It is nice and clean. But it still needs some tweaking because the layout jumps a few pixels from left to right when moving between HOME and ABOUT .

Nonetheless. It got my vote:-)

Ignore my last remark!!!

Obviously it jumps, because the scrollbar is gone when one goes to the ABOUT page sigh my bad sorry about that!

It’s okay ;)

I’m going to buy this one :)

Hello, is possible to change the backgraund?


Yes. Just open style.css

body {
background: #dcd8cc url(images/bg.png) repeat-x fixed;
some other css

#dcd8cc is the color and images/bg.png is the link to the image.

Nice theme. I just bought this.

I need some help in spacing at the bottom of the blog post.

Please see my blog http://contentconcepts.in/blog/

At the end of the article, the author name and tags overlap with the “continue reading” box. How do I fix this?

JayJ, could you help me?


I don’t see it overlaps anywhere, but it might be if you had to many categories to the post.

hi. i’m interested in buying this theme. how easy is it to install a plugin with a basic image gallery?

is there a good calendar plugin as well? somethign I can use update events and post them in a calendar?

Any help would be appreciated.


I haven’t tried anyone, but plugins like NextGen Gallery should work just fine.

You can find plugins on WordPress.org http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/

Najoh Purchased

I have bought the theme (was my by email for the background), i will keep you up to date about my website ;)


I have added Adsense. But there is a lot of white space between the post title, adsense and the post. How to reduce the spacing?


You’ll have to change your Adsense CSS style. There’s a section about CSS in the plugins FAQ


How do I change the font of the post. Wordpress does not give me an option. It does not display the font toolbar in the Edit Post area.


Open style.css – Find .post and type your font css. If you want to change the font all over the site, find this:

body {
font: 12px/24px Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
some other css

And change it to what ever you want.

Hope it helped you :)

Najoh Purchased

I have installed the theme on my new website :


Looks nice, thanks you !

Najoh Purchased

Can you list all the special class like

please ?

I don’t know where i can see all of them :)



Just sent you an email! ;)

Thanks, Jayjdk. Appreciate your prompt responses.

The “Continue reading” box is pushed below the author and category details. I want this before the category/tag details in the post. How do i do it?


Open _post.php

find something there looks like this
<div class="post-meta">
      <p class="alignleft">Bla bla</p>

      <a href="the_permalink();" class="more-link btn alignright">Bla</a>

Change alignleft to alignright, and alignright (on the morelink) to alignleft. If it doesn’t work try also to put the morelink before the category stuff.

I don’t understand your last question – The date details is after the post?

Or, how do I place the date and category details box after the post?

Must say I’m enjoying your theme – really smart – it’s live at http://www.socialcommercetoday.com

One small query – when visitors click RSS in Safari they now see two options for post feeds – the correct Feedburner one (added in options) and a legacy built in WP one. How do I get rid of the WP option? Thanks!



Open header.php on line 21 is it saying <?php automatic_feed_links(); // Feed links ?>

Just delete or comment that out. It should work


Thanks, this worked fine, great support!

tono Purchased

Hello Jayjdk,

I really like your theme! I’m in the process of customizing it to match the look of my main site (which has been a breeze due to your detailed notes in the CSS style sheet). However, I’m a having one issue: I’m trying to implement the WP-Facebook Connect plug-in, but I’m unable to get it to work.

My main question is should I be having a problem using the comment.php file of your theme with the WP-Facebook Connect plug-in or not?



Do you mean this plugin? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-facebookconnect/

If so, can it be because it’s only compatible up to 2.6

tdc Purchased

Really great theme mate, nice job, I’ve just bought it. ;)


Thanks! Appreciate it very much

Hey what’s going on? I like the theme. I just bought it, but i have a quick question. I was going to just change the background color, but i think that I want to put an image in the background..

This is what i typed in instead of background: #FFFFFF (example)


but for some reason it’s not working. do you have any idea of what i could do differently?

here is the site: landonsrockstarmarketing.com


If the image is in the images folder do you need to write background-image:url(‘images/3Under-construction-logo.jpg’)

If it doesn’t work please send me an email on kontakt@jayj.dk :)