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Hello Jay, lots of folk commenting on how nice your design is – http://www.socialcommercetoday.com

A question – the footer widget area appears to do strange things; if you add two widgets (e.g. recent posts, calendar) – it’s fine, appearing left and centre. But add a third widget (e.g. archive) and the third one does not appear on the right but on the left underneath the first widget – i.e. a second row of footer widgets. How do I remedy this? Thanks!


Thanks! :)

It should work if you open js/script.js, find $('.related-posts-thumbs li:last').css('margin-right', '0')

and change it to $('.related-posts-thumbs li:last, .footer-col:last').css('margin-right', '0')

If not, please send me an email on kontakt@jayj.dk

Najoh Purchased

Nice theme.

To fix the IE7 bug where the word “Search” is over the icon, put padding-left: 9999px; on #search input.ssubmit in css/ie.css

It will be fixed in the next version.

Thanks, so just to check should the ie.css read like this?

/* CSS for IE */

#search input.ssubmit { margin-bottom: 5px; padding-left: 9999px } div.reply { padding: 3px 0; }

Yes ;)

There’s now an update available. Just go to your download page and download again to get the update.

  • IE7 fix: Added padding-left: 9999px; to #search input.ssubmit in css/ie.css
  • Layout fix: The list item bullet behaved strange if it had children – Fix: Changed background: url(images/list_item.png) no-repeat left center; to background: url(images/list_item.png) no-repeat left 12px; on .widget ul li in style.css
  • Bugfix: When entering " or ' in the Theme Options Panel it will be outputted as /" or /' in the theme – Fix: Added stripslashes. Changed files: 404.php, footer.php, index.php

And the demo is now moved to http://wpthemes.jayj.dk/abandu

This is a terrific and clean theme… really want to download it.

Is there a “recent posts” “popular posts” or any other side bar options? Archives? Anything?

That would make this theme like… perfect!



Yes, the sidebar is widget-ready, so it’s super easy. Just go to the widget page and drag widgets into it.

Thanks :)

Super lækkert.

Haps haps haps haps.


Tak :)

Which features would you like in a new version?

Version 1.1 is now out. Just go to your download page and download again to get the update! Old users: Please read the Before upgrading to 1.1 file before upgrading.

I’m working on updating the demo, but there’s no big difference

Happy New Year! :)

Just bought the theme, having some problems with the excerpt though. When I add the <!- more -> tag it doesnt seem to do anything, the post continues past the tag on the first page.

my site is at www.aliensix.com


Have you fixed it? I don’t see the full post on the front page

Yeah I already fixed it, thanks though. But I have something I would like to do but cant figure it out.

On the front page how can I move the date, author, and continue reading bars up maybe 10 – 15 px

Thanks great theme!


find this line (about 240)

.post-meta {
    margin: 50px 0 30px;
    overflow: hidden; 

Change 50px to whatever you want

Hope that will help you :)


Got it! Thanks a lot!


No problem – Glad I could help

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I have a cross-broser issue in IE 7 with the search button. I see a portion of the type “Search” displayed over the magnifying glass. The live preview doesn’t have this problem. Stumped…



Open css/ie.css and put padding-left: 9999px; into #search input.ssubmit

Thanks for the report

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How do I display only excerpts on the homepage instead of the full content of the post?

Very nice theme.



You can use <!--more-->

Here’s a codex page about it; http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/the_content

rneville Purchased

In contrast, can the “read more” button be removed if the post is short and fits within the size of a normal excerpt on the homepage?


I’ve created a small function there’ll remove it if the post doesnt have <!--more-->

Just send me an email through my contactform and I’ll sent the files to you.

To everybody else, if you want it to just drop me an email if you don’t want to wait to next update.

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Is there a way to automatically display only excerpts on the homepage without using <!-more->? Thanks.



You can change the_content(); in index.php to the_excerpt();

Hope that’s want you mean :-)

hirerob Purchased

Thanks. Another question: How can I leave the thumbnail off the single posts?


Open _post.php

Find if ( function_exists('has_post_thumbnail') && has_post_thumbnail() ) {

Change that to

if ( function_exists('has_post_thumbnail') && !is_single() && has_post_thumbnail() ) {


hirerob Purchased

Great! Thanks for the quick reply. Lovin’ the theme.


Thanks! :)

How difficult wd it be to add the category above the post title like it is here: http://net.tutsplus.com/ ?


You can use the the_category(); function.

I’m on a small holiday right now, so I can’t help you more monday.


what do you mean by “Custom Writing Panel”

is that mean users have Custom Write Post Panel? not like the normal one? because I am looking for wp theme which have Custom Write Post Panel for users a simple one where they can add

title content upload image add tag

without going to the control panel



The Custom Write Panel is showed at the screenshots (can’t link to it because of a bug)

If you want to let the users post without going to the controlpanel, you might wanna take a look at the P2 theme by Automattic http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/p2

Hope that’ll help you :)

None of my content displays in IE. Everything looks good in firefox until I tested it in IE 8 and 7. What gives? The header shows up but everything after the content div is completely gone. I went back and installed your theme straight out of the box just to be sure it wasn’t due to any of the changes I had made and still the same result.