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Is WordPress 3.8.1 supported? Looks like there are a couple comments on the support forum, but I’m not able to see the reply whether it is. Since the theme hasn’t been updated in a few months I could understand if this wasn’t the case.

Thanks! Brian

Hi Brian,

We’re using 3.8.1 on the demo, and it’s working 100% :)

- Ed

I have exactly the same issue as simplestorydesign from a year ago. I had all my settings set-up, I did save all changes and it came back saying “Options Reset”. I realise you have already answered the query, however, can you walk it through with me step by step please since I’m slightly confused about where to get the update functions.php and where exactly to insert /js/jquery-ui-1.9.2.custom.min.js

Please help!!

I have tried to install the theme update, but it just uploads another version 1.5… Could you please walk me through the steps in order for my theme to update without losing any data..

I’d really appreciate it!


scratch that, i hadn’t activated it… sorry! thanks for you help!

No worries, glad you sorted it :)

- Ed

Hi there! Can you tell me if woo-commerce is compatible with this theme?

Hi there,

Yes, it’s compatible :)

- Ed

Hi there,

Yes, it’s compatible :)

- Ed


On the single page of the a blog post the Featured Image has a ’ ”> ’ on top of the image and the title is “

If there any change I could remove the ’ ” />’ and have the title be the alt of the image?

Here is an example: http://www.crawfordcommunications.com.au/seven-times-brisbane-wasnt-the-worlds-ugliest-city/


Hi there,

Please can you ensure that you have the latest theme version and try disabling any plugins you have active, as it looks like something is corrupted on your install. Tested here and working fine – http://ability.swiftideas.net/?p=154

- Ed

Hi guys,

I saw that in mobile view, the regular menu pops up in between ‘pages’. Is that supposed to happen?


Hi Rob,

Yes that is, just as a way for you to easily navigate on a long page. You can hide that with:

nav.section-nav {
display: none!important;

- Ed


The homepage slider on my client’s website stopped working well after it worked fine for a couple of years. The slideshow moves all the way to the right side of the screen when viewing the site on tablets or mobile devices (or when shrinking the screen to those sizes). I’ve updated the website to to the latest version of WP and PHP to make sure that wasn’t the problem but it doesn’t seem to help.

Here’s the website: http://www.sozni.com.

Can you recommend any way to fix this?


Hi there,

Add this custom css to the box within theme options, that will sort it!

.home-slider-wrap {
clear: both;

Hope that helps!

- Ed

I’m sure this is something simple, but I can’t get this static home page to show up. I created a new page titled bio, published it, and deleted the sample page. I then went to Settings -> Reading, set Front Page Displays to Static and used the drop-down to choose the bio page I had created. I then went to Appearance -> Customize, entered a site title and tagline and made sure a static front page was set here; it was, and it is indeed pointed to the bio page. But no matter what I still see the top of my page as “Ability is an incredibly powerful theme, built upon a slick framework with a super clean & responsive design” and I don’t see any of the text I entered. What to try here?

Hi there,

Do you have the page template set to Default, or Home?

If you have it set to used the Home template, then the page sections are set in the Theme Options.

- Ed

Oh, that’s what it was. Still . . . if I use the Home template all I ever see for the top portion is the large text promoting the Ability theme. I created a page, typed what I wanted to show up, set the Template to Home, and set that as the static front page, but I still never see what I type. The only way I can make it show up is to change the page type to Default Template, but then the type is unreadable dark on black.

Check Theme Options > Home Options > Tagline Text. That is how you set the text that appears there.

- Ed

Hi, When i click on one video on portfolio it works perfect, but then when i try to click the other one it wont show. Please help… Thanks

Hi there,

What version of the theme are you using?

- Ed

i am currently at 1.9.1, I tried to update but the following error pop out

“An error occurred while updating Ability: Could not remove the old theme.”

Send me an email via: http://themeforest.net/user/swiftideas with a link/login, and some details to replicate and I’ll take a look.

I sent, still waiting for your reply there, thanks

Received it yesterday, apologies I haven’t got round to replying yet – it’s next on my list.

is the twitter widget not working with the latest wordpress update? i had it working before, and now it has gone kaput… i get the error message “Error while loading Twitter feed.” this is with every other plugin in my theme turned off now. widget is in the footer, if that makes a difference…

Hi there,

Unfortunately Twitter changed their API to require users to set up an application in order to pull tweets. Until we update that in Ability, I’d recommend you check out using their embedded timelines – https://dev.twitter.com/web/embedded-timelines

- Ed

I want to use the Portfolio template for an artist’s website. First off I’m a little confused because there are two different menu items in the WP sidebar both labeled Portfolio. I went to the second one, created an item and added some images to it. it looks great, just how I wanted! However, I can’t figure out how to get that to show up on the homepage. I have the Front Page set to display a static page, Home. If I go to Appearance -> Options -> One Page Options I see that Home, About, Portfolio, Blog, and Contact (in that order) are enabled. But no matter what I do, the type I’ve entered on the page called Home does not show up and the images I’ve inserted onto the Portfolio page don’t show up on the actual homepage. I’m tearing my hair out and I don’t have much left!

Your home page, do you have the template set to “Home” ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/tletnazpruh65a9/Screenshot%202014-10-02%2015.50.07.png?dl=0

Drop me a link to your site I’ll be happy to check.

Huh, so I had a different problem from what I thought! It definitely wasn’t working for me last night but when I went to the site this morning from a different computer it showed up. Must have been a browser cache issue. http://dansdarkart.com/

next question: I wanted to do several different portfolios with different kinds of art. The way that made sense to ME to do this was to create different pages with the Portfolio template. The pages themselves are fine, just trying to figure out how to get both to show up on the Home page.



Ok, so within each portfolio item, you have different images? You could add these images within the content editor of the portfolio item – however it’s really designed for a single portfolio set, rather than groups.

- Ed

Hmm, I think I could use a single portfolio set rather than groups. But isn’t there some way to categorize or tag different types of images in a portfolio, so that a user could see, say, all work OR all of Category A, all of Category B, etc.?

Yes – that is how the filter works. You tag each item with a category, and then users can filter between them, like you see on the demo.

- Ed

OK, but how do I tag an IMAGE with a category? If I have to dump all the items into a single portfolio page I don’t understand where I’m supposed to tag the items with categories.

What I mean is, you have one Portfolio as a whole. Each item is an individual item, for which you can tag categories – the images are within those items – you can’t tag those.

- Ed

At this point I’m wondering if I have an issue with the page settings. I’m on WP 3.9.2; could that be the problem? I love the way the Portfolio looks on the demo page. Is there a way to see what the page settings are for that demo?

Should be no problem at all with WP 3.9.2

Sure. Here is the portfolio admin screen – https://www.dropbox.com/s/iy62hkb2sv7olzi/Screenshot%202014-10-03%2021.45.15.png?dl=0

One of the items – https://www.dropbox.com/s/7k318ywkjq9u031/Screenshot%202014-10-03%2021.45.52.png?dl=0

Let me know what else you need.

- Ed

Good day,

I like your theme. Please let me know if it possible to have this theme in different languages(I’m interested in English, Polish and Russian)?.

Many thanks in advance

Hi there,

Multi-language support unfortunately isn’t built in as standard, it’s not something we ever got around to adding in.

- Ed

hi ed – one more quick question for you. i really like this theme and i hate to think about swapping it out at this point, but are you aware of an issue where the flexslider on the single portfolio page doesn’t resize itself correctly when you page from one item to the next using the left/right arrows? i’m using this for my portfolio site right now, and it’s cutting off the bottoms of some of the entries – eeeep. they’re fine if they’re not accessed via slider from the previous entry. i’d attach a screenshot if i could. thanks for any assistance!!

Can you provide a link? Will be happy to check this out for you :)

- Ed

Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 4.0?

All the best, Marc

Yes it is :)

- Ed


How do I adjust the main menu font size?

http://flatfoot56.com/toil/ is the site.


Add this to the custom css box within theme options:

nav .menu li {
font-size: 17px;

- Ed

Hi there.

I’ve somehow caused posts to stop appearing on my default “blog” page. They have always been there until recently. I’m sure it’s something simple but can anyone help?



Check that you haven’t set that page as the posts page in Settings > Reading, and that you have the page template set as “Blog”.

- Swift Ideas

That solved it. It was set as the posts page. Many thanks!

Great – happy to help.

- Swift Ideas

Hi. I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of the header and footer on just one page. I have tried messing around with customizing a template, but I can’t seem to get rid of them.

Basically, the goal of getting rid of the header and footer is so that I can have one page that is a full video. I’m using the mb.YTPlayer background video plug in to get the full video.

Is this possible? Is there a better way to do this?


You can hide the header/footer with the following custom css:

#header-section, #footer {
display: none;
#content {
padding-top: 0;

You’d need to look into the Vimeo embed options, not sure how much you can hide!

Hope that helps.

- Swift Ideas

The Code works, but it is applying that format to all of the sites. I tried using. When I tried specifying a specific page it didn’t work. I used the code below to specify page. I’m putting everything into the CSS Stylesheet Editor

.page-id-1199 #map { /* custom styles */ }

That will only target that page ID – it shouldn’t target any others, or are you trying to target specific sections? Are you adding to the custom css box within theme options?

- Swift Ideas

Hi ! I would like to buy this theme, but I have some question before :

  • Is it possible to create several different portfolios ?
  • If it’s possible, is it working to have them on the same page ?
  • Is it possible to change the slide animation to fading between projects ?

Thanks in advance for your response !

Hi there,

1/2) Unfortunately not, only a single portfolio. 3) This would be possible, but you’d need to make all the code changes yourself – this isn’t covered by support.


- Ed