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good theme GLWS

Thank you!

Creative work. Like ;)

Thank you :)

Nice work Egemen! Congrats , looks great as always. Wish you luck with it :

Kind Regards,

Thank you very much Bedros :)

Is this SEO friendly?

Yes, it is not built on ajax and it supports standard joomla seo features like meta tags, link structure etc.

Good work sir, this will be good for my site! Finally some eyecandy to joomla!

Thank’s for info, i’m just reading it while typing this! :)

If you have any issue after installation, please send me an email via contact form on my profile page, I try to help you as soon as possible ;)

Thanks alot, lots of options in this. gonna have a good evening configure this to fit me :)

And again good work :D

This is a really cool theme!

Thank you very much :)

Hey im new to joomla (2.5) web design and wanted this for my personal. Im a bit intimidated about joomla 3.0 since i never used it. is it a big learning curve?

Using Joomla 3.0 is easier than using Joomla 2.5. You should use it to understand what I mean :)

Hi This format is the Quick Start? Thanks

No, but there isn’t any complex feature in the template and a detailed help documentation file is included in the download…

creative work. It’s really awesome.

Thank you very much :)

Cool theme! I love it :)

1)Can I add or remove some boxes? 2) Is your theme compatible with RTL languages?


Hi thanks,

1)You can hide boxes but you can’t add new ones


great work! quite unique!

Will it work with a billingual site? (english and something else?) thanks

Thank you :)

There isn’t a built in feature like that. You can use multiple joomla installations on sub domains. Just an idea :)

How can I change Blog content?

How can i change menu position?

Did you read the help documentation? Unzip the download, you will see a documentation folder. Open it and click on index.html file…

I’ve buyed this theme ‘cause I don’t have much time to work on a new personal site. This template is not bad, but the translation is not easy because there’s not present a file with the text. Now I had to spent a lot of time searching and working to a complete translation.

I used standard Joomla texts on the template which can be edited with language manager. You can download the language packs here;

If you want to translate administration part you should edit templatedetails.xml file which is in your template’s folder.

If you have any other problem please contact me via contact form on my profile page. Thank you.

How can i change menu background???

Hi, You can change all colors at theme options->colors. If you want to change only menu colors, you can copy paste the following code to the Theme Options->General->Custom Scripts field;

ul#navigation li a {
    background-color: #b72228 !important;
    border-left-color: #000 !important;
ul#navigation li a:hover {
    background-color: #000 !important;
    border-left-color: #b72228 !important;
ul#navigation li span {
    color:#fff !important;

These are default html color codes of the menu ((#000 (black) , #b72228 (red) , #fff (white)). You can change them with your color codes;

Be careful and don’t change any other thing except color codes…

Great work!!!

which portfolio extension do you use?

Thank you :)

It is in the download package. Unzip the file which you downloaded from Themeforest. You will see the extension; com_aboutmegallery-1.0.0

There is also a help documentation folder. Don’t forget to read it :)

I cant’t find php file for skills, Contact etc. I want change content in php file.

Please Help. thx.

Hi, they are all in frontpage.php file.

thank you, but I am looking for the php page in which the current web page is stored.

About me, resume, skills, contact etc. all they are in the same page (frontpage.php). All other additional pages like featured articles, search pages, article pages etc. are generated by index.php file like all other Joomla templates…

Hello, i downloaded and installed this template but i can;t change the background and can;t turn off the subnav menu? Please help me with this ? (yes, read the manual…)


1)Subnav: Yes you found a bug here :) I updated the template but I’m waiting for review. If you send me your ftp info via contact form on my profile page, I can fix your problem now.

2)You can change background pattern from theme options->Background Pattern. Just upload a new pattern. You can find repeat patterns on Google. For example;

I like the nice places to hang out, but I wanted to say hello … egemenerd theme, the theme does not support Turkish, but here I think with your help pick them .. Stuff About Halledemed?im skills resume contact pages etc. .. I tried to implement it by myself but I could not .. but I fixed it from style.css If not .. I’d appreciate any help … Best regards a Stuff

You should change Font type at Theme Options->Fonts. Use a latin-extended font for turkish support. Please look at the help documentation file for more information.

The installation of the theme (as an extension) went all good. But I can’t see it on the theme panel? Any idea about it? I’m running on Joomla 3.1.6

Hi, Please send me your joomla admin panel link,username and password via email. I will install the template for you

I solved the issue thank you. It works now and congrats! great template! :) ... I was wondering if there’s any method to change/increase the skills number. Where I should look for (in the code i mean)

Open frontpage.php file and find the following code;
<!-- SKILLS  -->
<div id="skills" ...="">
If you have enough php,html,css knowledge, you can add new skills here :)