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The proposed template is compatible Joomla 2.5.x?

Thanking you in advance for your response. Regards,


No, it is compatible with 3.x.x versions

Hi, I am ready to purchase…just need to understand about the Portfolio ‘tabs’ of Links, Images, Video…

Are those the only three I can use?

I am in marketing, so I was hoping to show some work of my copy writing on my portfolio under a tab called “Copy writing”, and show a PDF or jpg of a word doc that shows services I offer, and put this under a tab called “Creative Services” and so on.Can this be done?

If not, do you have any suggestions for how I can accomplish this using your theme?

Oh one last thing…under Portfolio, is there anywhere for some brief text to explain what they are looking at?

Thanks so much!!!

You can create max. 3 filter. You don’t have to use the same names (links,images,iframes etc.). You can change these texts.

There isn’t any text field in portfolio section. You can only add titles to the portfolio items.

Hello, i can’t hide the subNav menu, could you help me? I’ve read the Help Documentation :D

How can i upgrade the template?

Hi, yes I fixed that issue on the latest update. You should update your template;

Hello, It’s very good themes. But I view demo in Chrome browser, it just show the menu and background (it’s very good in Firefox and Opera). What wrong with it?

There isn’t any problem on chrome, please try it on another computer…

Ok. It’s good. Very nice!

I have uploaded a site with my hoster, but can not send messages.

Can you help me? The settings are correct:

public $mailer = 'smtp';
public $mailfrom = '';
public $fromname = 'aboutBaris';
public $sendmail = '/usr/sbin/sendmail';
public $smtpauth = '1';
public $smtpuser = 'web868p1';
public $smtppass = 'myPW';
public $smtphost = '';
    public $smtpport = '25';
    public $smtpsecure = 'TLS';

Thank you very much

Just go to Extentions->Template Manager->AboutMe->Template Options->Contact and add your email to Contact Form E-Mail field. Try with different email addresses. If it still doesn’t work, you should contact your hosting provider. Contact form php file is in your template folder (processform.php).

thank you

When changing from one text box to another using the tab key, it changes to the next page. Can I Unignore that for the contact?

Thank you very much.

Marry Christmas.

Sorry but I don’t have any other solution


The Code 9 I had deleted, and then works. But now it’s not merh. When I tap the tab button changes the page.

If the template does not fit, etc. smartphone?

I made an update at 18 November 13. If you bought the template before update your template;

Overrides the update my settings?

your settings will not be changed…

Where can I find the code for seo? The. Htaccess file then refers to the setting in the app I want to remove the diamond in the URL.

Thank you.

Your question is about Joomla. I can only help you about my theme… and if you still have another question, please use the contact form on my profile page…

How do I get the hash from the URL out?

The URL looks like this: # / home

How do I get it out without the diamond?

It should look like this:

Thank you.

This is impossible. This is a single page website. That diamond is required for navigation and added by the script.

I can not hide it?

No you can’t hide it.

Which file are stored the metadata?

All of the data stored in the database like all other Joomla templates…

And as I said you before if you still have questions PLEASE USE THE CONTACT FORM on my profile page. Comment field is for comments not for support requests ok? You bought this template 3 months ago and my comment page is full of your questions. Also most of your questions are about customization and customization is not included in template price in Themeforest. If you need help for customization, you should hire a web developer;


I bought this template but face the following: I cannot get the right menu active on the frontend. It keeps only showing the home-link, main menu and search button. Kind of what it shows under ‘blog’ on the demo site. Am a missing a certain menu setting maybe?



You should activate frontpage feature at theme options. Please read the help documentation first..

Please Can you rename the name of the theme “aboutme” in “aytmanagement”?

Sorry but customization is not included in theme price… You should edit templateDetails.xml file which is in the theme folder. (If you don’t know coding, I recommend you to not change anything)

Hi egemenerd,

It’s possible to integrate a video on the site? On the “About” page for example? With a Joomla extension ?


Ok, perfect ! Thanks Egemenerd :)

Hi Egemenerd,

After my purchase and installation of Template (Joomla 3.2.0) I can not insert a video on my « About” page. It’’s impossible (with your tutorial), or other étideur as JCE, or with extensions.

Have you an idea of the problem?

Please send me your Joomla admin panel info via contact form on my profile page. I can’t say anything without seeing it..


Firstly great work =) . I have a question. i guess it is a problem Blog side not work:( Can you help me?


Hi, thank you

There isn’t any problem like that in the template :) Please send me your admin username and password via contact form on my profile page. I will help you :)

I sent you PM, Thank you


Firstly, this is a great theme. I want to purchase the HTML version (regular licence).

However, as I want to build my own website with my own code, can I purchase the html version (with a regular license) and convert it into a wordpress one or any other CMS based website for myself only (but for commercial use).

It’s mentioned that I can over here:

(You can buy an HTML site template, convert it to WordPress, and use it as your website (but not as a stock template for sale).)

But I would like to confirm this with you. Please do let me know so I can go ahead with the purchase. Thanks.


Hi, please ask all your questions about licensing to Envato support;

Thank you

ola bom dia sou do brasil e adquiri seu produto mais não consigo configura-lo como faço para colocar slides e efeitos


1- Please speak English…

2- I don’t see any “purchased” tag. If you bought the theme, you should send me your purchase code first;

3-There is a help documentation in the download. Please read it.

good Night

I paid by credit card was not more international over the payment was made and received the email already downloaded the theme but i can not configure it more in Wordpress already installed and I also have the code would like to learn how to enter and be able to obtain complete the same theme that I noticed in the demo site with the effects and 7 buttons right side of the screen. if successful will buy more because I have several clients

Did you buy wordpress version? You are writing under Joomla version, so I don’t see any purchased tag…

Wordpress version is this;

There is a help documentation in the download (documentation folder)... Please read it…You can find all necessary information about setup in it…

good day

That was not even bought esrtou getting configures it and not working the effects seen in the presentation also not working so right sidebar me of an option that is research. And I wonder where I put the code also because I already have, I need this information to be able to start my work.

good day I purchase the correct product but like you I’m not as I noted in this presentation because as already mentioned several times came with your product failures. So I beg to return my money because I did not want to get to that point, I buy all themes provide 100% support and have no time to wait 24 hours for their nonsensical answers below is the code and the date you bought

Item Purchase Code: da4f068a-6035-4187-904th-46561b76b456

Purchase Date: 10/04/2014 23:30:26 UTC

If you can not answer can block my account not want your product more possession case provide me all my doubts will buy more of your products

Your Item Purchase Code is Invalid.

If you have any question, use contact form on my profile page ok???

If you really bought any product from me I can see your purchase data in this way…

If you continue to spamming, I will contact Envato support…

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