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Looks awesome, Good luck with sales


Thanks TheTonka :)

So cool. Is it possible to add some descriptions to the portfolio items? Or is it possible to add single portfolio item page? Thank you!


Hi kriszta,

Yes,you can add some descriptions to lightbox or you can add single item portfolio pages if you have enough html knowledge


OK, thanks for response.

Cool! The navigation on my iPad isn’t working properly though. When I tap on a portfolio item, the next page slides in… I also can’t fill in the contact form because of that.


Hi markomar,

Thanks for the feedback, I fixed the problem ;)

wow. that’s cool!


Thanks michellemc :D

nice theme ! good luck with sales ! :D


Thanks bibiangel199 :)

Great idea :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!


Thanks JFthemes :D

When a user wants to enter a message in the contact form, the spacebar functions as navigation (in Firefox for instance), making it impossibble to enter a message in the field. Is there an easy way to fix this?


Hi, Sierawiersma,

I tested contact form in Firefox and I don’t see any problem. It is working properly…

markomar Purchased


I have the same problem as Sierawiersma… When hitting the spacebar, I get the “Thank you for visiting my page” thing, in Firefox as well as in Safari. Perhaps it’s a Mac-PC issue. I’m on a Mac… Can you fix this? Otherwise I can’t use this template which I already bought.


Hi Markomar,

If you want to cancel the keyboard navigation, open up the impress.js file and delete all the codes between 680-762 lines.



// touch handler to detect taps on the left and right side of the screen

If you want to cancel only spacebar navigation delete only the following code (line 713);

case 32: // space

markomar Purchased

When I delete only line 713, the spacebar has no function anymore, not even as a space…

Deleting the whole bunch damages the site and the yellow box (Your browser doesn’t support tehe features….) pops up.


Please send me an email via contact box on my profile page. I will send you edited js file.


I am tempted to purchase this template but I have a few questions first.

I am experiencing the space bar issue as noted above. Will you be creating a fix for this outside of disabling the feature completely?

Also, what will happen if I remove two pages? Will it affect the animation or layout adversely?



Hi portcitynerds,

I fixed the space bar issue. You can check the demo site.

Also, you can add or remove as many pages as you want. All animation and layout settings are explained in help document.


Hi Egemenerd,

Thanks for the quick reply! The spacebar issue is still an issue for Safari / OS X.



What kind of issue do you see? Space bar isn’t have any function on navigation anymore. Please clear your browser’s cache and try again…

Why did you write that is compatible with IE7, IE8, IE9? It is not.


It’s working with IE9,IE8 and IE7 please read the item description; “Automatically detect older browsers and shows a simplified version of the website”

I’m having trouble with the style.css file. Wordpress says it’s missing header info. i tried to unzip and upload, but that doesn’t seem to work either.


Sorry but this is not a wordpress theme, this is only a html template…

One of the best themes I’ve seen to date. Purchase incoming as soon as I arrive home.


Thanks DarthDesigns, may the force be with you :D

Excellent Work !!


Thanks Hz-designer :D

rom-mdm Purchased

Excellent Work ! But I have a problem with the form and the placeholder’s attribute. When I confirm the form and when all the fields are not filled, the message displays wherever ! This tooltip is automatically generated by the placeholder’s attribute.


Hi rom-mdm,

Thanks for purchasing my template. If you want to disable required fields messages, you should do some changes in js,php and html files. Please send me an email via contact box on my profile page. I will send you edited files :)

Not sure how one would go about adding extra pages, but this is sick. I love the full view and twist when clicking on a page.


It is easy to add new pages for intermediate users. I changed the design. I think it is a lot better now ;)

xsaintzx Purchased

Lovely design. However in the contact form, whenever the visitor press “Tab” on the keyboard to go to next field like most people do, it will slide to the last page instead of jumping to the next form field.

Any fix for this?

By the way, is there any way to lower the resource use by this? It consumes quite a lot of CPU and the site loads slow with a weaker computer.


Main issue was spacebar, and I’ve already fixed it. Navigation with “Tab” is active, but if you want to cancel it, I can send you an edited file…

Well I haven’t got much to say about weaker computers :) but use proper resolution for portfolio images and delete javascripts which are not used by you. For example you may not using skills section, so delete raphael js… like this

Theme very nice but you have to solve the compatibility with Internet Explorer!


I can’t do that because explorer doesn’t support most of css3 features. Simplified version of the template for older browsers is nice enough until explorer will support these css3 features ;)

Wow, amazing template! Will definitely consider buying!


Thanks Livonias ;)