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Hi egemenerd. how can I make the page to be semi transparent as shown in the screenshot link?

I want the main body holding the vcard to be semi-transparent and not totally white, how can you help me solve this?


Sorry but there isn’t any option like that. You can change white with any other solid color from Appearance->Theme Settings->Styles->Fourth Color.


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I added a home page, made the template to be “Home Page”, At Settings -> Reading , I picked Static Page -> Front page: “Home”, which is the only page I made. When I preview the site it shows that the page is blank, which it clearly is not, I have put text there, I can’t find any documentation about this. Anyone any ideas ?

Btw I have disabled comments and trackbacks and pingbacks on the home page.

Here is the url:


Help documentation is on the theme settings page;

You can also edit homepage sections from theme settings


sa6k0o0 Purchased

Yes, I red already everything there, but I still don’t know how to resolve my issue

As I said you should edit homepage sections directly from theme settings. Add some information to vcard, about etc. sections. You can also add profile pictures from “slides” menu on the left.

Selam, Portfolio sayfasinda herhangi bir ogenin uzerine tikladigimda altinda bir iki satir bilgi cikmasi mumkun mu? Ya da boyle bir update planlamasi var mi?

Cok guzel bir tema. Bu ozellik olsa hic dusunmeden alacagim. Portfolioda ogenin altina iki satir bilgi eklemek cok onemli.


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HI if i want to create two page like protfolio how i can do this or how i can two page the same in two diffrent link

Sorry but there isn’t any feature like that. You can create only one portfolio page. If you need customization;

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Do you plan to do an udpate with a mobile friendly for smartphone ? :) because the theme is currently “responsive” but it’s not a friendly mobile when i’m using the google webmaster tools (the problem with “hover” for example).

Thank you :)


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Is there any way the theme can be edited so that you can use Wordpress’s built in page functionality for the content on the Resume page?

No, content on the resume page can be edited only from theme settings. If you need a customization;

Hi, I noticed after the update that the fourth Skill circle % wasn’t showing up. How can you aid me solve this? Site:



You have entered “72%”. It should be “72”. Only numbers between 1-100 are allowed.

Whoops, apologies! Thank you very much.

Warm Regards

Hi egemenerd, please how can I add a background to the “thank you for visiting my site” a shown here:



Go to Appearance->Theme Settings->General and copy paste the following code to the custom header script field (#FFFFFF is white);
#credits {

Trust you’re good egemenerd. Please how can I protect the contact us form? A lot of spam and fraud emails being sent to my webmail through it. I need this solution like yesterday.

Best Regards

There is nothing to do about that. If you have a problem with the contact form, you can remove it from your website;


Hello Good Afternoon Would you like to learn how to enter new buttons to the right and where is located the support area For more than one year that I am unable to results

Nice update but when viewed in Microsoft edge browser, some of the pages text where blurred.