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Looks pretty amazing, congratulations for the job. Though, pricing tables are missing and I believe it would be really cool to see some of them too. Maybe in further updates.

Anyways, the theme went straight to my favorite WP themes Bookmark.

Thank you, Ferdilicios! We wanted to build a high-impact theme geared more to portfolios and blog content than ecommerce, so we didn’t include a pricing grid in this build. Though if you’d like to add one, may we recommend:

- Griddler Pricing Grid I

- Griddler Pricing Grid II

- Griddler Pricing Grid 3

Best regards,

Theme Team

Cool theme…

Just a couple things:

  • Can’t click on second level drop downs
  • Are you still working on integrating the color-picker for the demo? It’s all messed up right now

Looks really nice & clean though. Good luck with sales!

Hey WPExplorer,

Thanks for letting us know about the color picker. This is fixed.

As for the second level navigation can I ask what browser you are using?


Beautiful… feedback… make the little arrow on the menu only appear when there is a submenu item below it.

Thank you, openpotion! That’s a good suggestion and we’ll consider it in our next release.

Best regards,

Theme Team

Hi, i’ve got a problem with the images in the slider, they never appear, i’ve got a error image logo, means that the image doen’t exist and when i look for the url of the image the src of the image in above_the_fold/function_includes/timthumb.php?src= is correct

but it’s not working :(

Hi blondsummer,

We can help you with the slider in our support forums. You’ll need your Item Purchase Code to register. For help finding your Purchase Code, follow our tutorial.

See you there!

Best regards,

Theme Team

Easy Slider (Images/Video & Text)

Is there an example somewhere of what this looks like? I’m particularly interested in the text—I’d like to either overlay or have text next to my image in the slider but I can’t find any examples of what this looks like with Easy Slider.

Hey there… Really nice and clean. How difficult is it to edit to meet my needs? I have been working with templates in activden, and this seems to be a whole new ball of wax to me. Als, on the blog, flikr, etc is that all edited by html? or is there something I would need to add to code to, for example, go to my blog site and it show up; or am I missing something here? Thank you in advance,


Hi troxter,

We provide a very good documentation on how to set up the theme. For example, we explain how to add Flick widget, and how to set up Blog page, you can do all of these things in WP admin. But if you plan to modify design or any functions of the theme you should be familiar with WP templates, CSS , and/or PHP /JS (that depends on what you’re trying to accomplish).

Best regards,

Theme Team

Thank you, I would just be adding pictures, descriptions, and other webpage stuff I guess. I don’t think I would attempt messing with the code.

I guess what I’m asking then is, this is just a website right???

Hi troxter!

Yes, you can add pictures, descriptions and other webpage stuff. If you don’t plan to customize design or any functions of the theme, this should be a very simple process.

Best regards,

Theme Team

Hello goThemeTeam!

Love the look of Above the Fold. Quick question: How do I use just simple text for my logo. It appears that the default logo overwrites the default text.


Hi jyounger!

We can help you in our support forums. You’ll need your Item Purchase Code to register. For help finding your Purchase Code, follow our tutorial.

See you there!

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Theme Team

I have purchased this theme and have applied for membership on the support forum but haven’t heard back yet. I am having issues uploading the theme onto a wordpress v 3.1. I have tried multiple ways (on the dashboard and in a cpanel). I’m not great with computers so I am sure I must be doing something wrong but would really like help getting the theme uploaded.

We have not received your membership request. Please make sure you look at the tutorial on finding the appropriate item purchase code.


We can help you in our support forums. You’ll need your Item Purchase Code to register. For help finding your Purchase Code, follow our tutorial. See you there! Best regards,

Is the Theme ready for translation?

Hi ChristophTaschler,

Currently this theme does not include the .mo/.po files. We are looking at adding this in a future release.


Ok I need help, it will not install. I try to go to the forum. and have to wait for approval. to find my answer which needless to say does not make me happy. I get a error when uploading the zip file it says unable to upload would you like to try again. No luck try after try. I have a updated version of wordpress.

Hi Tgunn,

We have received your request to the forums, you did not provide a valid purchase code. Please find that code and resubmit your application.


I have been approved for membership to post on the Support Forum and have been able to sign in until now. Now, I get this message:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, [no address given] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

I’m not sure what the problem is. I’m just trying to learn where in the FTP client exactly I can edit the size of the logo and the size and spacing of the pages listed on the top of the page.

Where do I find a listing of what icon shortcodes are included in this theme? -not in doc.pdf -tried signing up to your helpdesk – the tutorial does not say where you need to enter the purchase code you require. As a password???


You can use our helpdesk at for support questions. If for some reason it is not possible to register just mail us at

Thanks, GoThemeTeam