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I upgraded WooCommerce to 1.4.3 and I am getting 404 errors for all the products and categories??? Help of you can, thanks.


Hey! Are you using the latest version of the theme? If not please update and check if it works again. If not please let us know your sites url so we can work on the solution together.

Hi Kriesi,

Does Abundance have also a portfolio section like Propulsion?

Kind regards, Meg.


Hey Meg!

No, Abundance is a more traditional shop theme that does’nt offer a portfolio section.


1) for a german webshop we need to show the following informations on every product:

1. the gross price 2. the tax (inkl. 19 % Mwst.) 3. and a link to a special webpage dedicated with informations about the shipping charges (zzgl. Versandkosten)


15,00 €

(inkl. 19 % Mwst. und zzgl. <a href="http://www.webshop.de/versandkosten">Versandkosten</a>)

Would this be possible to automate this task with your theme or do we have to manually edit point 2 and 3 of every single product we want to sell?

2) On the Checkout page we need a field which must be check marked by the customer that indicates that he accepts the “terms of payment and delivery” (AGB) before pressing on the button “Confirm This Order”.

Would this be possible?




1.) To display that information on each product you would probably need to customize the plugin and theme output in the template files. that would be a one time effort but would require someone with knowledge of html and php.

I would recommend to get the plugin first (since its free) and see if you can adapt it to your needs, if so get the theme ;)

2.) again a woocommerce plugin customization, pretty much same procedure as #1

Hey Kriesi,

Just bought the theme and when I upgraded to the new version of woocommerce, my product attributes broke…I can no longer add product attributes (created attributes with slugs), and since I can’t add attributes, I can’t add variables…...in the previous version of woocommerce, I could add attributes, but as soon as I would publish, they were no longer added….I tried re-installing both woo and the theme, but the only thing that worked was reverting to woocommerce, but then other issues arose…..trying to figure this out but am having no luck on my own….any help would be appreciated…..thanks



would you mind sending me your sites url and login data via my contact form here: http://www.kriesi.at/contact/ so I can take a look myself?

Please update the plugin to the latest version before you do that so I can reproduce the error ;)

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Hi there, I have problems with my frontpage. It shows the “heading” on the top of the page like in any other page. But i would like to modify my homepage without the name of the page and i cant find the option to hide the name of my frontpage. Anyone else got this problem or know the solution ? Thanks a lot! Jozef


Hey Joszef!

not sure what exactly you want to accomplish. If you send me a link to your homepage I am sure I can help in a better way ;)

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Running woocommerce 1.4.4 and latest version of this theme and things are breaking again. No products on home page again… :(


Hey! Not sure why this happens, we well update the theme once we found the problem. This however seems to only be a problem for existing products. If you open an existing product and resave it then the problem for that product is gone. If you have a limited amount of products on your frontpage I would recommend to simply do that, otherwise you might want to revert to the last working version until we have rolled out a bugfix ;)

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Tried that already, doesn’t fix it for me. I’ll open a support ticket on your site. Thanks.

Support Requests

Please use our support forum for any support requests you have: http://www.kriesi.at/support/

If you got any presales question feel free to post them here or send me a message via my profiles contact form ;)

This is a nice looking theme. I am trying to decide on whether or not to go with an e-commerce plug-in of Woo-commerce, Jigoshop, or WP e-commerce. Any thoughts? Have you experienced any of these types of plug-ins? I am using pay pal’s free (yet clunky) service for all payments, if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!


Hey! I guess there is currently not much difference in Jigoshop and WooCommerce, since they are using the same base code. However I think Woocommerces update cycle is a little faster so and the development team is bigger, therfor it might be possible that updates are faster available if anything doesnt work or any new features are requested. I have never really used wp e-commerce so I cant really tell if its a good choice.

hi Im having problems with the menu on my site, on the home page the menu shows as on the wp menu editor, but on the inner pages the mega menu collapses in to the menu, i.e. items dont drop down anymore, and normal items disappear, example home link which is my first item, disappears in the inner pages, can you help me with this thanks lucas


hey lucas!

mind sending me a link to your installation?

The installation is on www.obermedia.com.ar/mapamondo

on this page the mneu item home disappears http://www.obermedia.com.ar/mapamondo/campana for example but on this one it does not http://www.obermedia.com.ar/mapamondo/category/novedades

you think it can be the custom templates? thanks for your quick reply


ok ill try that and let you know, thanks again for your excellent theme and support!!


Found the problem, its caused by the Post Types Order plugin, amazing, I dont need it anyway so Its sorted


Glad we fixed that, have fun with the theme ;)

wow, the shop portion of the theme loads incredibly slow.. keeps freezing my browser when trying to add items to the shop…incredibly slow when adding items too. Don’t notice the slowness on adding pages and posts outside of woocommerce.. must be plugin related


Hm, might be that this is the case. I would recommend to let the woocomerce development theme know. the more people requesting performance updates the better ;)


Meanwhile I can heavily recommend using a caching plugin like wp super cahche. this would sort any slow loading that you are encountering and if you ever have traffic spikes will keep your site up and running ;)

What’s the main difference between this theme and propulsion besides style?

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Is it possible to remove the part under the comments which is:

“Vous pouvez utiliser ces balises et attributs HTML : <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””>

<del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong>" I have not found it in any php Thanks</strong></i></em></del>

Please view http://texasdiamondandjewelry.com/ we do not have our products showing on the home page anymore since the upgrade in woo. I saw here on the thread that you suggested resaving the products. I attempted to do that with no success. Please advise how to recover this wonderful feature.

By the way – Love the ease of the theme!

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Hello Kriesi,

I downloaded the updated theme and reinstalled with the WooComerce 1.4.4, not for what reason the images, as well as siders the footer does not appear when logged out of the administrative area, the site appears only the images correctly when I logged into admin panel … ..

I need help joja client is down … please help me


I am interested in the WooCommerce styles you have in this theme. Would it be possible to 1) buy this theme, 2) take the css and stuff and copy it to my theme where there WooCommcerce plugin is installed, and get the styles?

Hey Kriesi

I have a little problem. I want to change the font color of the widget text, the standard widget text is gray, but i want the text black. Where can I find the code to change it? Thank you

Hey Kriesi.

A few weeks ago, after I installed woocommerce (with Abundance) I received an Internal Server Error. Site is running php 5.2.17 on godaddy server. I read about increasing php memory limit to solve this, but I am maxed at 64 based on my hosting plan. So, I checked my error logs at it seemed to be a FastCGI setting that had to be changed. I changed it and the site worked.

Yesterday I made an edit on woocommerce settings page and received the error again. With woocommerce activated my site only shows header now, nothing else. When I switch theme to TwenyEleven, site works fine and so does woocommerce. I haven’t upgraded Abundance or woocommerce yet (saw some of issues mentioned in the forum).

It seems woocommerce and Abundance are conflicting. Please advise. Thanks. m

Hey kriesi, does this theme allow me to change the language and all what’s written on it like: “What’s new?” or “Latest Products” ? I guess I should dig in the code?