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Great looking theme!

Is it possible to get a tour of the back end? can you provide a temp log in?


Great Theme!

Best e-commerce theme on the market!

I am currently developing for a client some of the behaviors are buggy.

The first two products I added worked great, as they were simple products. The third product is variable and is grabbing information from other products. (the excert and product info is wrong.) Also, i created attributes and terms and they are not showing.

Any suggestions?


the product that is not working is lagunitas IPA .

Also, i would like to use this just to send orders via email. All purchasing will be done in store. I removed all payment options, however it still asks for a form of payment. ?

Really though, this theme is amazing. I am so excited about this.

Thanks, Dan

I apologize for writing again, but how did you add the images in the mega menu?



Hi Kriesi, i am not realy an expert in wordpress templates, only build one site until now. I like a lot this Abundance template, but my daught is, can i install and use it without the e-commerce part? Can just use the simple template without the uploading the ecommerce plugin? Will it work ok this way? Sorry if the qustion is dummy, but iam not realy expert on wordpress.

Best Regards



maybe Kriesi will be angry with me, because answer your question: but Him sometime so busy ( is developer work so mach ), cannot answer fast all ! Yes you can use the theme also without e-commerce plugin ! work like at others themes.

I have one question before I buy this theme, can I add or change out a “slider” on the homepage. I really enjoy using image flow from the 8cells theme on Theme Forest. Can I integrate this into your theme if I already have all the necessary files? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a question before I purchase.

I need to remove the “add to cart” button and add a “request form” or “Contact Us at Phone Number”. We want to show the price but no purchasing for now. We do not want to sell from the site right now. We will turn it on at a later date.


There is 2 things very annoying

The Pretty Photo Lightbox is very buggy, i have to click 2-4 times BACK button to go back to the product page. I’m using the Firefox 8. Don’t try to fix it, just use a simple lightbox.

The Add to cart above the more details when you hover over the product thumbnail image is terrible. Customers are more stupid than you think, they can accidentally click it and pay, then request a refund. Simplicity …

BTW , The mega menu of shop is overhaul, maybe you should put it into the FAQ /Support etc. I just need to show the all latest products on front page, then Page 1 , 2 , 3. Easy navigate.

Mr.sai2 , what you want to do ? Kriesi teach ?

terrible the add to cart ? for first, Need to click to to add a product and not only pass the mouse in the image , don’t is automatic! second, yes I know the customers is stupid , but for other motivations so different that about this point, and if also for accidentally click on the add to cart , is not direct to pay, but to cart overview , and then nothing to refund !

Perhaps someone who reads me, you may ‘think that only recognize as a good developer Kriesi, no, I know that there are other good developer, but as Kriesi can do his job, perfect, nobody is capable.

I can put the quantity of products in the shop display?

Hi Kriesi,

I wanted to know if when I’m in a product fact sheet, like http://www.kriesi.at/themes/abundance/shop/levis-jeans/

Is it possible to add options directly on the so-called product, options like size, colors… impacting the price ?

Moreover, can I add a newsletter subscription form and a “send to a friend” button ?



Is it possible to change the font of the menus (for example to Tangerine) just like the other text fonts as in the demo?

Is it possible to change the backgrounds?

Thank you very much!

davidbv Purchased

Hello Kriesi,

I recently buy your theme, TODAY !!! hehe,

I have a question, how can i use only minimal-skyn.css and desactivate the styles in the panel?

Thanks and hugs

Hi Love, love your theme. I was using another theme to build a store and decided to switch to yours. I am so grateful I did. It’s stylish and professional and easy to use. I have managed to configure a lot today but I can’t seem to find the option to change the default price color from green to a specific color I am using on the site. Hoping you can point me in the right direction. Congratulations on this fabulous design! Cheers.

Before I decide to buy this theme, could you answer 1 question. That is will it possible to have a vat exempt option?

mcestone Purchased

Hello all,

I have been looking all day for an answer to this unsuccessfully. Has anybody been successful in adding new info tabs in the single product pages within woocommerce? The info in these tabs would have to be pulled from custom write panels on the “edit product” pages. The woocomerce files are much more complicated than I’m used to. Any help would be great.

This theme have no support at all… God bless you

Dear sai2 , the theme and all themes of Kriesi have so ggod support but not here for those who have already ‘bought the theme, but www.kriesi.at/support

and I thinks also that who don’t have buy, and asks questions not related to the thema or want change all of thema, is normal that don’t receive answer ! if the people want e-commerce this theme is already can change so many option but cannot change all , why buy a theme if need to change all ? don’t understand !!!

Also don’t understand if some one loking for a wordpress ecommerce what want more …...if some one think to fund better that this , tell me , because in 3 years never see aroud in the web inside the best marketplace …..sorry but its true 100% more …

Hello @mcestone is easy new tabs in the single pages of products , / hope to I have understand well what you want to do ! go to backend woocommerce and products single that already is add or new add , and after need to setup attributes for new tabs show in the single page near reviews and product description , I think you would like this . I can do , if this is , but my english is not good , write to support kriesi forum they answer fast and professional , and also in one of video tuttorial of Kriesi for this teme you can see live this add tabs