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@rolexreplica :

as previously written :

Hi Kriesi, I wanted to know if when I’m in a product fact sheet, like http://www.kriesi.at/themes/abundance/shop/levis-jeans/ Is it possible to add options directly on the so-called product, options like size, colors… impacting the price ? Moreover, can I add a newsletter subscription form and a “send to a friend” button ? Thanks

1) Do you think those questions are not related to the theme ? Is newsletter a gadget for selling for example ?

2) Isn’t it usual to ask before buying ? Isn’t it called…let me remember… presales questions ?


Hello @RogerHamel

sorry but for first I before have answer about the questions of @sai2, like him want change all, ( in a string of him question him write I need only for …..like that Krieasi is him private developer , like Kriesi need to do option only for a customer ) , second about the questions pre-sale that you report above , for the newsletter all know that is possible , with a specific plugin ( includid with theme is easy to know is not includid , but need to read before the description of developer , if you don’t read of course you don’t know and ask )

And if I have understand well english other question that ask if is possible add to product size is easy , just go to page of plugin that kriesi have used, that all pre sale questions about this is already answer !

I don’t have any motivations for take care Kriesi, is not my brother, is not from my country is not my friend , I want that is clear , I am only a man ( webmaster ) from 7 Years ago, that never have see so good work for wordpress like a Kriesi !!! Second the support , in the first time also I have tinks is not fast like without , but when I have read well documentation , support forum and videos and descriptions , all I need is ingludid ! is so difficult need to help with kriesi theme ! And think I am not developer and also I don’t know code html , java ect … I thinks that so many customer is more better that me , but ask so much autside theme questions….

I write one more time, if someone want change all of one theme of so many options why buy ?

I don’t see that other e-commerce can change all like at the questions some one ask !!! some time if not ever is so difficult used option for what the theme born think to change …...

Sorry may be I am like a people ask to much when answer , is not good , but burn inside me when I read comment not good about Kriesi , that is one of the best BEST developer …...and one of the Best have Support !

The comments here not born for support and also for pre-sale questions when is so outside theme , and also not born for write like me ! Also I mistake ! but reply one more time who love and know well all support and themes of Kriesi fill not good when read some comments , Not think that Kriesi like that I write so much time …..in him comments theme !


Hi !

Thanks for your enlightments.

Like you, I think Kriesi is very gifted for developing awesome WP themes. But that was not the point.

The only things were :

1. Can I add option WITHIN the product fact sheet (sorry, but I’m a webmaster too and I think it’s that important)

2. Again, the matter is not about changing themes, not at all. The matter is can I customize some parts of the theme so that this awesome theme could match my specific needs. Let me tell you a short story. Last year my company purchased roughly 250 themes online, most of theme WP themes. We never had the theme 100 % perfect with customers expectations. Sure they all were good basis but we have to add or remove this or that so as to match customer request. Some customers don’t want facebook or twitter or being contacted by mail or … or…

3. Again, presales questions, as stupid as they can see, don’t shock me that much. How do I know which newsletter subscription form plugin will work with Kriesi theme ? How do I know we can do this or that with product options before buying supposed I wanted to ask questions before placing my order ?

Here we are ! That’s all what I do mean. And you can be sure I really appreciate Kriesi work. But I also think anyone has to answers more or less stupid questions before selling whatever his talent can be. They call it marketing…

Best regards,

hey @rolexreplica

I agree whit you when you write is good developer , you already try the theme and you can know …. but when @RogerHamel write about the support pre-sales, sorry I don’t agree whit you but whit @RogerHamel !

I the first day the theme go out here, I have ask question and fast Kriesi answer and i have see that ever him aswer fast only the 2/3 days of new relase and after start to not asnwer , and this in all his theme ! I have check the date and time easy also you can see alone.

And for this motivations ( i need to ask more pre-sale questions ) that don’t have ask , because I have see that don’t possible receive answer !!! write for what ?

Yes I agree whit you when you write that Kriesi have support forum, but you know well, that is only for who already have buy the theme and cannot register whitout license of purchase ! where I go to ask pre-sales questions ? only here , but him don’t answer never !! a customer what need to do ?

Maybe some one sure make questions outside theme like you write , but read well, so many questions pre-sales him don’t answer , normal questions !

About this write RogerHamel , that the theme don’t have support pre-sales and not after , we don’t know, cannot speack about this we don’t have already buy , we like buy , but if not body answer !!!

Is it possible to display more than 9 products in the shop and also have more than 3 columns with smaller thumbnails?

Two questions.

- I get “Undefiend” in the popup shoppingbag box that appear when I put a product in the bag. Why is that and how do I fix it?

- In the product view, I get a text link to another image below the main image that not exist, how do I take away that one?

one word: WOW !

Just bought this theme and cannot believe how amazing it is!

You set a new standard for e-commerce, man!

Stoked i purchased it and highly recommend it.

joni1601 Purchased

Do you have any tip for me to add a delete account on my account page?

great theme

best, Joacim

HI There. Your theme was recommended to me by a theme forrest user. I would like an ecommerce theme that I can sell photography on. Weddings and portraits, that kind of thing. The only requirement I have is that when a user logs in to the theme they are taken to a page that contains only the images that I have taken for that particular client. Say I had 5 clients, all wanting to buy their own images. Does your theme, once the user has logged in, allow users to see all the images, or can you adjust it so they only see specific images. Currently when my users login to my old theme they see every images and all of the other clients images. I wanted the clients images to be hidden from people that dont need to see them.

Hope this makes sense.

Also is there a test login for your demo so I can see what happens when you login. Thanks


by default the theme doesnt support this functionality, sorry. You can download the plugin to see whats possible and what not:


I guess it would be possible to create the functionality you want but this will probably need a programmer who works a few days on the task, so if you dont want to do it yourself you wold need to hire one…

Hi.. Cool theme..

Pre-sale questions.. 1. Can I put more image 2. Does this support other currency.. I mean “display” currency 3. Do I need to buy anything (plugin or extension) or (it include with this purchase)

Thats all..


1.) yes

2.) yes, euro dollar pound just to name a few

3.) no the theme uses the woocommerce plugin which is free to download on http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/woocommerce/

Support requests

Hey Everyone! If you have purchased the theme and need help please use the Forum at http://www.kriesi.at/support

My support staff will take care of your probelms If you have any presales questions feel free to drop me a mail via my contact form Cheers! Kriesi


Does this theme support WP E -Commerce plugin as well?

Thank you in advance.


can I set a colour selcet in the shop items? Does woocommerce create bills and confirmation of the orders by it self like opencart?

Greets, Daniel

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This theme is simply awesome. I have worked with tonnes of free and premium themes over the years, and this has to be up there as one of the best. Have had to figure one or two things out myself (which didn’t seem to be documented anywhere) but not yet hit any blockers in achieving my clients exact spec. Great work! :bigsmile:

I will be showcasing a couple of sites made with it over the coming weeks here http://stafferton.co.uk

How do we get the featured image, displayed when viewing a product category, to not be cropped to 200×200px?

We need ours to be 200 x proportional height (nothing cut off the image) instead they are being displayed as image size 300px x 300px, displayed at 200px x 200px

Any help appreciated.


Is it possible to deactivate the blog feature?


joehomps Purchased

The pull down menu is not in alphabetical order. How can I change it?



HI, this is a pre-sale questions. I really like your theme, except my client does not like the mega-menu, can it be disabled? Also I am planing to use the eCommerce only later, can it be not there and added later? I am pretty sure you will say yes to those 2 questions but before buying I prefer to be sure. I can code in php, html and css but I would prefer if it is quick and easy to do. Thank you very much for your answer, Francoise

Finn Purchased

fguyaux, Thought I’d let you know (I own the theme) the answer is yes to both your questions.

Tigrou22, Yes you can deactivate the blog.

joehomps, you set this up under Apperance > Menus

sharedearth, I believe there is a setting under theme options where you can set your size. I’m not logged into the site right now so I can’t tell you exactly.

Hope that helps,


Thank you finn, much appreciated. Francoise