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hkrischke Purchased

Site Logo …. What Size must the logo have? or can i disable the site logo?

There’re no size restrictions, if you upload an image it will be shown in it’s original size and header will be resized automatically.


iwsayers Purchased

love this theme – is there a way to have the user redirected to a specific page once they register for the site ? instead of going to the profile page ? Thanks


iwsayers Purchased

Seen it THANKS – Fantastic support and a great theme. You folks are amazing.


shelyago Purchased

Hello! By some reason I cannot login to your support forum, so I’ll ask here – can I add an image to the Lesson sidebar? I add it as [section title="Mind map"][image url=""]Mind map[/image][/section] but it only shows a broken picture sign. The URL is working, because it opens full size on click, but I’d like to see it in the sidebar, if this is possible.

Thanks in advance,


Hi, please try using this shortcode instead:

[section title="Mind map"][image url="image link here if required"][/image][/section]

It works! Thanks a lot!

So we thought the theme had a real slider, which it doesn’t. How difficult is it to remove whatever that short code mess is and replace it with a real slider: LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

I can add the short code for the real slider, but where do I remove the code for the slider mess the theme came with?

Hi, if you purchased Academy using another account please write using the buyer account instead.

If you mean the home page slider it’s possible to replace it by replacing all code in academy/module-slider.php file. Inline slider used for embedding sliders into the page content can be added using “[slider]” shortcode, you can use third-party slider shortcodes without replacing it.

Hello, Thank you – You are a life saver. And sorry about the account switch. My client purchased the theme, I’m setting it up.

How can I use normal CSS for the background? The background image ends up being extremely heavy on pageload times. I want to use just a css gradient.