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pre-sales question: I’d like to have a mix of course thumbnails and blog posts on the front page – so part of the front page would be blog articles, and part would be a selection of courses.

that possible? (think huffington post or similar with a column of blog posts and a separate column of course thumbnails)




so I could have nx2 courses in the first column (n rows, 2 columns) and blog posts in the second – have I got it right?

thx much for the rapid response. J


Yes, you can show curse grid in the left column and posts in the right.


perfect. thanks for the fast and clear responses.

another question: I need to have a forum or some other area where customers can meet each other, chat and compare notes. can I do that in Academy? can I use one of the existing wordpress forum plugins with Academy?

thanks in advance.


Currently there’s no integration with forum plugins, but you can try using bbPress plugin for example.

hey there, look s like a great, can you tell me if users could upload their own courses as well ? if not, is it hard to set up such a thing (of course the admin should approve before it appears on site) ?



Thanks! Currently there’re no marketplace features, you can set “author” role for trusted users and they will be able to add courses through the WordPress dashboard.


Not purchased this plugin but looks good for what I need … Can I just check the following please?

1. Setup unlimited courses? 2. Courses can be paid for individually or access to all depending on their selection? Or select a few to buy … 3. Attach powerpoint file to each course and video along with description? 4. Allow preview page and full page for each course? So a taster version and a full version?

Many thanks



1. Yes.

2. If you mean selling the same course individually and as part of some plan – currently there’s no such option.

3. You can attach any files, or try to embed it to the lesson content using some plugin.

4. Single course page shows full description, but you can set some text that will be shown for the course students.


Thanks, is there anyway to have this as a plugin to integrate into my site?

Also can I disable features like star rating and showing other students on the course etc?


You can disable ratings and hide students. Currently there’s no standalone plugin, all features are built into the theme.

Hi – I love Academy so far, but I’m having a problem. I created a free course and everyone can see the lessons, reglardless if they’ve signed up.

I would like only registered users to see this free course. As it stands now, anyone can come read the content without registering for the course, so it severely limits registrations.

How can I fix this???


Hi, thanks. Please make sure that lessons are not marked as free (under the course content editor), only course. Free course requires registration for viewing it’s lessons.


So the course should be marked as Premium or Private?


Sorry for the late reply. If you’re not selling this course it should be marked as free, so it will require only registration.

Hello, i try to make this in german but some field i cannot find to change.

1. where the courses are, how ich can change text “courses” – the same with “news” 2. on the submit button where somebody can send a text to to me how i can rewrite the button Submit 3. when somebody want take a course the text “take this course” how i can edit it? 4. how i can change that when somebody want to take a course that he dont have to register to buy it? 5. when you click on a course how i cant change on the bottom: “lessons” “related course” and “description”

or is there something to automatically change it in german

thank you for your quick answer


Hi, you can translate Academy with this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/ Install it, then navigate to Tools/Localization/Academy section, translate words and click “Generate MO file” button to save changes.

SoyJimmy Purchased

I’m not able to log into the support forum. Can you please see what’s going on. Thanks.


Hi, you can send any questions in PM. Please try to login again, maybe there was some issue with my server.

Hi Do you know Some of Websites that make with this theme? I Just want to see how it really works~ Thanks


Hi, sure, if possible write me in PM and i’ll send this list.

Pre-sales questions:

1. Facebook and Google user login / registration? 2. Can users post courses? 3. Courses wishlist? 4. Courses user has attended (history) ? 5. Integration with Events Calendar? 6. Visibility: Private/Public? 7. Integration with MailChimp so client can easily contact users. 8. Automatic emailing to users upon registering, after a session asking for donations or feedback, etc. 9. Rating system for each host. 10. Rating system for each topic. 11. Reviews

Thanks a lot

themex Author


1. There’s a built-in Facebook registration.

2. Yes, but only through the WordPress dashboard, currently there’re no marketplace features.

3. There’s no such option.

4. You can check user courseson his profile page.

5. There’s no integration, but you can try using it in the course and lessons content.

6. You can add free, private and premium courses.

7. There’s no integration with Mailchimp, but there’re other features like email notifications when user completes some course, subscribes to a plan etc.

8. There’re afew notification options.

9. Ratings are possible for each course student.

10, 11. Currently there’re no such options.

Pre Sales Question- I have seen the functionality of the theme. However, i have a question, i want to build a website for an elementary school and i don’t need the students to attempt questions online but rather teachers having the ability to upload the assessment of the students and parents logging into the child account to see the evaluation of their child/ward. Will this be possible with this theme. I don’t need the parents or student to buy a course o anything, just to view the assessments of their wards. I would appreciate a quick response.

How do valid login for Facebook? You can help me. Thank you.

Hi, I want to hide the “Sign in” button from the menu and “My Profile” too, how can I do it? please give me a solution. thanks

Hi – For some reason I am unable to sign in to the demo and so can not view any of the sample lessons. I would really like to evaluate this theme before purchasing but if I can’t view the lessons I can not proceed. I tried to register as a new user and got an email asking me to please log in as the demo user but it is not working for me – I’m quite frustrated with this… help please?

Before I buy, I want to use this to manage our public software documentation. So can this be run without user authentication? Means showing the courses directly without any logging in or buying options – I just want to build a catalog of free “courses” for my users.

How can I see which students rated the course? One of my courses dropped from 5-stars to 4-stars and I need to know what that student didn’t like.

Thank you!