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The Accende WordPress Church Theme is a powerful theme developed especially for church and spiritual websites, but due to the large number of custom features, it can be used as well for Artist Portfolios and even Business Websites.

The design is clean and the colors are warm and calm, giving the Accende Church Theme a vintage look and feel.

Customizing your website is very easy, due to the extensive Administration panel, the custom Widgets, and as well due to the very detailed Documentation.

Please note: this theme requires at least Wordpress v 3.2+ and PHP 5.2. Please update your WordPress installation & PHP version before installing the theme.

Version 1.3.4 – 2013 08 02

This Theme is compatible with WordPress 3.6!

Upgrading to WordPress 3.6

Before you upgrade to WP 3.6, please download the new theme files and make sure to back up your old files, in case you`ve made custom changes.
In case you update to WP 3.6 and receive an error, please copy this file to your server and overwrite: /accende/lib/functions-theme.php – this is the only file modified so that the theme is compatible to WP 3.6!
Also, please consult the changelog.txt file to see other updated & changed files.

Theme Options Panel

We have created a complex but easy to use Theme Administration Panel. Here you can define dozens of settings, including thumbnail sizes, number of portfolio items, etc.

Theme Color Styles

We`ve included 5 color styles for you to choose from:

  • Night Blue ( the default color style – dark blue )
  • Wine Red ( dark red )
  • Moss Green ( dark green )
  • Coffee ( dark brown )
  • Lavender Blush ( grey )

Dashboard Custom Widget

We`ve created a custom Dashboard Widget with links to the documentation and several written and video online learning resources, so you can access everything right from your Dashboard. This also helps you give the client an invaluable source of documentation, which he will hopefully consult, before contacting you.

Custom Post Types

The Accende Church Theme relies on a series of Custom Post Types (CPTs), making it very easy and intuitive to create and manage your content.

Sermons: Creating and managing the Sermons is very easy. You can add the Sermon Media (YouTube and MP3 files), and the Sermon Details (Speaker name & homepage, Sermon Location, Time and Date)

Events: In case your Church organizes events, use this CPT to create them. You can set Event Details, such as: Date, Time, Location + Map, Number of Seats and Ticket Price.

Portfolio: Are the Church Members involved in artistic activities? Show them in the Art Portfolio, using the Portfolio Custom Post Type. The Portfolio is filterable (jQuery Isotope), and you can add a short comment to each Portfolio Item.

Team Members: Present the Members of the Church in a stylish way! Use the Team Members CPT to add the Member Name, Position, Photo, Homepage, Blog, Twitter Page, Email and Facebook link.

Testimonials: Display the Testimonials of the Church members. You can add their names and photo.

Custom Widgets

  • Homepage Boxes Widget: Dynamically add boxes to the homepage. You can set the title, image, URL and link text for each box.
  • Flickr Widget: Displays thumbnails from any Flickr account. You can set the Flickr ID, the number of images (3, 6 or 9) and customize the text on the “view our Flickr page” button.
  • Twitter Widget: Displays the latest tweets from any Twitter account. You can set the Twitter username, number of Tweets, loading text, and “view our Twitter” link”.
  • Contact Data Widget: Displays your contact data. You can insert the address, telephones, fax, emails, etc
  • Custom Post Type Widget: Displays your CPTs in the sidebar. You can choose which CPTs to display, display the Featured Image, set the size of the featured image and set the number of CPTs.
  • Google Map Widget: Displays a small map in your Sidebar. You can customize the map size, the map type(map or satellite), the zoom level, the “view larger map” text, as well as add the map URL.

Custom Sidebars

The Accende Theme has a couple of custom Sidebars, to allow you to customize the look and feel for the different sections of your website.

  • Primary Sidebar: This is the main sidebar of the theme, and it is visible in all the static pages.
  • Blog Sidebar: This Sidebar is created specially for the Blog section of the Website.
  • Left Column Sidebar: In case you are using a template with a left column, this is the sidebar you must use.
  • Homepage Boxes Sidebar: Displays the Homepage Boxes Widgets
  • Footer Boxes: Here you can customize your Website`s Footer area.

Custom Page Quotes

Quotes and Verses are an absolute must for any Church site.

You can set a global Quote from your Administration Panel, and override it with a custom quote on each Page, Custom Post and Article.

Page Templates

Several Page Templates are included, in case you need a different look for some pages.

  • Full Width Template
  • Left Sidebar Template
  • Redirect to Childpage Template
  • Portfolio Template
  • Sitemap Template
  • Various Custom Post Type Archive Templates (Blog, Sermons, Events, Team Members, Testimonials)

Custom Shortcodes

We`ve included lots and lots of Shortcodes:

  • Columns (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 2/3
  • YouTube Embed
  • Vimeo Embed
  • Google Video Embed
  • Google Maps Embed
  • Flickr Slideshow Embed
  • Flickr Photoset embed
  • Picasa Slideshow Embed
  • Embed PDF files with the Adobe PDF Viewer
  • Embed Docs with Google Document Viewer
  • Embed Page Snapshots
  • Embed Pie Charts (google charts)
  • jQuery Tabs
  • jQuery Accordion
  • jQuery Toggle

Here is the Shortcode Documentation

Clean and well documented PHP source code

So you want to customize the website even further? We have written a clean code and commented every section, so you can easily find and change the code.

We`ve had bad experiences with some purchased themes in the past, and editing the code proved to be a daunting task. So we made sure you don`t have a hard time working with the code.

PSD Files included

We`ve included dozens of PSD files, in case you want to customize this theme.

Translation Ready

This theme is fully translation ready. A German language translation is included.

All you need to do to translate the theme in your language is to create a .po file, using the PoEdit software ( )


We have written an extensive and detailed documentation, including a series of screenshots, to help you build your website with ease.

Demo XLS file

We have also included an XLS file with demo content, so you can populate the new site with a few clicks. Use it and delete the pages that you don`t need.

Resources & Thanks

We have used the following resources and would like to show our thanks and appreciation to the authors: