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Sorry…won’t let me edit my comment. It’s only MY IE9 that it looks wonky on…no idea why, but it’s my issue, not the themes.

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hello quick question here, the quoted text on the homepage underneath the slideshow, how can I delete or change it?

Hey peerapong,

Want to update to your latest theme version (1.7), but don’t want to overwrite any changes I have made to files.

Can you please give me a list of the files that have changed in the update, so I can compare those individual files and add the fixes?

That would be a HUGE help.



Thanks for quick response.

Just one last clarification – I am updating from 1.6, not 1.6.1, so just updating the plugins folder, will that also include the fix for the footer found in 1.6.1, or is that found in another file?

Thanks again.


OK update Accent’s /plugins and /js folders.


Awesome, thanks for that :)

I have purchased and installed accent theme and menus are not working properly. If I select the upper menu, it puts them in a list and moves logo and main menu items down. How can I fix? www.alscarpetinc.com

*Nevermind, I found the answer. Name “Top Menu” Please put in documentation ;)

Another question…. Where do I put footer widgets. I only see “footer sidebar” in widgets. But, I want a three column footer widget area. I selected in admin, but in widget area the three columns do not show up?


cache was set to 777 and I set theme folder to 755. I set featured image again and created a new blog post and still no image? http://alscarpetinc.com/latest-news/


Please reduce your image file size. It’s too large and reach your server PHP limitation.

Hi Peerapong,

Installed Ultimate Twitter Profile plugin, in Widgets, selected this for the Page Sidebar. And it worked.

Today installed some plugins like All in One SEO , Bad Behavior, and Slimstat. The Page sidebar disappeared.

So I deactivated ALL PLUGINS .

Then activated only the Twitter plugin, and still it didn’t work. Removed the Twitter widget from the Page Sidebar, leaving only the standard Links widget in the Page Sidebar, deactivated all plugins again, and still, nothing shows up on the About page sidebar.

The blog template sidebar is working, the Twitter plugin shows up there when I put the Ultimate Twitter widget in the Blog Sidebar. So it is not a problem with the plugin or a conflict between the plugin and the theme – and it did work yesterday on the About page.

Outside of deactivating all plugins, which did not return the About page sidebar, I don’t know what else to do.

Please advise how to make the sidebar (and the widgets assigned to the Page sidebar) work, thanks.

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Hello, I have bought this template that i like very much, but i have a problem. I don’t like the shortcode maps you setup cause a lot of functionnality are missing for me in it, like directions. So i try to make working Maps Marker with it, but it seems that there is a conflict between the plugin and your theme, cause the plugin is working well with the default template. Do you have any idea to solve this problem ? Thanks


There are javascript conflict between theme’s script and plugin’s script.

Really sorry, I can’t support on all 3rd party plugins issue. Please try to read its documentation or contact plugin author.

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It is not really fair cause if the plugin work well with the default template, it means that the problem comes from YOUR plugin. The problem is that i had problem with different Google maps plugin and as i read somewhere it seems that it comes from your shortcode.

Peerapong, the page sidebar is not working. The blog sidebar is working, but not the page sidebar.

I have tried everything I can think of. Currently just have links widget in there, but nothing showing.

Urgent help reqeusted.


When you create a page. There is a sidebar metabox which you can select the sidebar for that page.

Hi, I’m trying to find the /languages folder but i can’t. Could you specify where is it? This folder does not exist in my theme and i need to tranlsate it to portuguese… thanks..

Thank you for the response. I have default template selected under page attributes, and cannot find anything which gives me a list of dropdown options for sidebar to use.

I have widgets within the Page Sidebar on the widgets page.

Where exactly can I specify more than that. Please give steps.

thank you.


You have to select page with sidebar template. Default page template is full width.

There is no such option.

There is default template, BLOG with sidebar (the blog is not a page, and I want different sidebar on the blog to the sidebar on a page – as indicated by the set up in widgets), contact page and portfolio. These are my page template options.

Where might I find the ‘page with sidebar’ template to select for this page?


Sorry I confuse with other theme.

I attached the option screenshot below

Sorry Peerapong, there is no image – says photo currently unavailable.

There really is no options outside of default template, contact, or blog. It is most frustrating as the widget page shows you can have different sidebars. Am I missing files or something?


I can, it is an error message that says photo unavailable.

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Hi Author,

I’ve got a problem with the featured image of the image slider. De image doesn’t show op in the slide at the homepage. Iam using the Jquiery slider style, but it only shows the black square. I’ve already used the checklist: http://support.themegoods.com/?knowledgebase=images-not-displaying

My website: http://www.vd-biggelaar.nl/


Please contact your webhost. The DOCUMENT _ROOT setting is incorrect on your server.


returns error message.

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Thx! There was not a problem with the server. U just took the latest version of TimThumb and just copy paste is from google code to the timthumb.php file.

My client is having a problem with the table codes when using a colour. About 50% of the browsers do not display the content_wrapper .table correctly. So no fancy color and rounded edges for tables. Any thoughts on how to fix this?


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hi is there any way to cancel the cufon fonts from all the titles Because it dosnt support arabic language otherwise how can i make the cufon fonts to read arabic plz i need help :(


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Hi Peerapong, I love this theme. I want to upgrade from version 1.6, and thought it be best to create a child theme (to make future upgrades easier), but I’m having trouble pinpointing which files I need to have in my child theme. I copied over the style.css (with changed/appropriate header info) and the css folder to my child theme directory, but when I activate it the formatting is lost. Obviously I’m missing something. I would appreciate any help on this. Thank you!

just bought Accent and am getting this message.. can anyone help? thanks

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


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I’ve had some fun with this theme. Took care of all my client’s wishes except two, so checking to see if you can help? 1) Can we turn off the links from the slider? 2) Is there a way to prevent the last photo from the slider dropping below it when the page is loaded? This is happening with the cache on or off (currently off). http://ohiocondolaw.com/wordpress/ Thanks.

Hi! My web is: www.http://ilia.cat/

I would like to edit the header, the text “info@ilia.cat | Tel. 671 426 980 + facebook logo + twitter logo”. What is the name of the document that I have to edit?

Thank you!


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The problem is that I’m the new webmaster for this web and I don’t have the username and password to access to themeforest.net

Now I have sent an email to my boss and I hope he still conserving the data.

It is not possible to get this information by other way?

Thank you.