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Dear Brent, Do I get a support if I buy this theme, still waiting for your reply on my last comment!


Any reply!!! Any support???

merhaba arkada?lar. dekorasyon malzemesi sitem için wordpress blog sayfas? açmak istiyorum. hangi tasar?m? tavsiye edersiniz?

hello friends. I want to open for my wordpress blog page for “decoration material”. Which design do you recommend?

For EVERYONE having problem with 3D slider and thumbnails: go to wp-content then edit file .htaccess and at the very begining add code listed below:

<files timthumb.php=””>

allow from all


<files piecemakerXML.php=””>

allow from all


remove the enters

Merhaba arkada?lar web sitem http://www.cantasuar.com için word press blo?u olu?turmak istiyorum. Çanta sat??? yapan bir site sizce nas?l bir tema kullanabilirim?

Hello friends my website for http://www.cantasuar.com want to create a Word Press blog. How do you think a site that sells handbags can use a theme?

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Hi, I have a question. When I write an article on the blog and I’m going to view the article in isolation, the post title is Displayed in uppercase and not with the default font. In addition, some items have very long titles and therefore are not displayed correctly. How can I fix this problem? I state that I do not know anything about php or css. To better explain enclose page address. Best Regards http://www.rorophoto.it/mostra-fotografica-sopra-laltopiano-solo-il-paradiso/
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Anyone know how to use/activate the dropdown menu?

ROBERTO82, try to open style.css and delete line 87

line-height: 18px;

Hope this works.

Please add responsive feature to the next update!

Excellnt Work :D I like it !! Good Luck with sales

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Is there a way to show a static image in plqace of the 3d slider if the user agent fails Flash detection ? Any help ?

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hello, how to get this effect in the foot as it is in DEMO? I want to display 2-3 last entries in the footer (left), along with pictures, and far displayed the same title. Home to inspect http://labtech.hosting2213022.az.pl/

lapkom7 Purchased

if anyone here at all help?

lapkom7 Purchased

Hello, I have a problem with Polish characters in the font on the main page, please help. Polish characters are not even read by the font.

Can you give examples of home design blog about. ev dekoru Thank you in advance

I cannot find the blogroll widget. Where/how can I access this?

Is this theme mobile friendly? Will the slider work on an iphone?

Where is the DEMO CONTENT for this theme?

I need a commerce wordpress theme but very speed opened and google seo friends.

for example : www.nikahmarketi.com

can I receive a dummy content file? as that was not included in your theme file

Hi! I have a big problem with 3dslider. After loading the files to wp-content/uploads and adding the appropriate url in the wp panel, nothing happens. changing styles slider to the other two and still nothing.

I also have a problem with the other options offered by theme (mainpage etc.). fill the appropriate fields according to the instructions and nothing appears :/

please help quickly :/