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Is there any way to reorder the slides in the slider without having to enter them all again in the correct order?

Also can the slider be reset so that when a new slide is added it shows up first rather that last?

See Slider: http://www.dawahposters.com/

Is there a way to minimize myriad_400.font.js load time. Or another cufon option to speed it up a bit?


abush31 Purchased

I downloaded the zip file and uploaded to my server. Error Message:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description Accentuate Stylesheet is missing.

Please advise how to correct.

HI, I have almost finished my whole site using this template using dreamweaver to amend it, just last week I upgraded to IE9 and the slider is not working and the headers don’t show when I allow active x. PLease can you tell me how I fix this as it’s a large site and don’t want to have to start from scratch as it’s taken me weeks. Thanks Ben

Can someone that had the issue with uploading images for the portfolio please tell me how that problem was resolved? Was it a TimThumb modification? Thanks!

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Hi BC,

Do you happen to have the sample DB as demonstrated?

Also, I want to customise the footer, as that of the header from Choc Theme. What are the codes (files), and image files that require modifications?

Please advise. Thank you in advance.

Cheers, Jason :-)

eljkmw Purchased

Another thing, I noticed that my Dashboard’s Screen Options has disappeared after activating this theme. I wasn’t so with WP 3 .0.3 defaulted TwentyTen theme.

Please advise how to resolve this issue soon.

Cheers, Jason


First of all, great theme.

I’m having trouble finding where to configure the Nivo Slider for the front page. Right now it goes through the slides way too fast and I’d like to change it to be 5 secs or so.

Where can I go to change this?



I assume the author is no longer available for support of this theme. Can someone thats experienced in wordpress help me turn on “Leave a REPLY ” comment boxes on my posts. They show no problem on the default Twenty Ten theme. Thanks

i have spent the afternoon looking for the blank space in the 3d slider php file, does anyone know how to fix this problem. I have all the files in the slider in the correct wp-content/uploads folder.

any help would be great!



It seems as if the developer of this theme is m.i.a. and not responding to support questions. that’s a real shame because I would have really liked to use this for my business site.

I’m tempted to still get it because i really like it but with all the little issues and no support, don’t know if it would just be more of a headache or not.

Is anyone using this with wordpress 3 NOT having issues?

So I’m interested in this theme and was looking through all the issues to see if it’s something worth dealing with because I really do like the design. On the previous page the developer states he is not continuing support on this site. He has referred everyone to this website for support… http://bcproducties.ticksy.com/. His post is listed as 2 months ago. I just submitted a ticket prior to this post so I cannot speak yet as to whether or not that support page is still being used by the developer. If I get anything back I will post here and let you know.

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I’m having the same issue as many people in that the 3D slider isn’t working.

My images are in the uploads and there are no white spaces in the piecemakerXML.php file.

My site is at http://zagato.websitewelcome.com/soldbybr/

Does anyone have advice to get it working?

thanks, David

So i think i figured it out,

you have to make sure your not just editing the php file in wordpress. I copied the file at http://pastie.org/1058206. Then i resaved that php file on my computer and then put that php file onto my server through a ftp.

see if that works for you.

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For anyone with the 3D SLIDER PROBLEM :

Try editing the piecemakerXML.php file direct from your computer or FTP , and look for a white space or weird characters before the opening php tag.

I couldn’t see any whitespace in the Wordpress Editor, but when I edited through my FTP I had weird characters (“”) right before the opening php tag. After I deleted those, it worked fine.

The webpage screen shots at the bottom… are these smart objects? Or does the customer have to make their own from scratch?

That’s the only concern I have before purchasing this beautiful theme : )

Don’t bother with this file. There are errors in the code, and the developer is completely MIA . I posted a ticket on the developers website a month and a half ago and nothing

I absolutely love the look of this theme but I too have tried to contact the developer every way that he has asked and I have received no responses. Anyone have any luck? My slider is working and I have no problems with most of the theme except for the fact that when I use the template with the sidebar, the Cufon font disappears. Anyone know how to fix this? Oh yeah, one more problem. When I put the images in my portfolio, it stretches the pix out before the hover effect is used. Can anyone help me fix this?


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What a freaking rip off !!! :mad:

I’ve purchased this theme nearly a month ago, asked for support, emailed the author personally, and feedback to Envato … all were but in vain !!!

This theme should be removed immediately, and I demand my money back in full … , please :confusedsad:

3D slider does not work…not even after I tried the tips written by willinpismo and cjparker…what else should I try???

By the way…from safari I opened the activity panel and downloaded the .swf and the php from here: http://bcproducties.com/accentuate/

...well it turns out that the php is an .xml and BCProducties is using the html version of the template….maybe no problems there?

good luck with you guys…it seems there are no answers from the author..