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Try editing the piecemakerXML.php file direct from your computer or FTP , and look for a white space or weird characters before the opening php tag.

I couldn’t see any whitespace in the Wordpress Editor, but when I edited through my FTP I had weird characters (“”) right before the opening php tag. After I deleted those, it worked fine.


Hey, somone asked this question as well – looking through the code to find a way to adjust the speed of the Nivo slider – does anyone have any advice on this, or did they figure out a way?

I hope the developer is okay!

I ran with this template because it was so nice, but I hope this doesn’t kill me now that it’s out of development. Someone should buy the code from him and continue to develop it…

My Nivo slider has an issue. Its fine in most browsers, but in IE its hosed. There are no images at all and the slider control is all the way at the top left. I don’t know what the issue is. I’ve tried massaging the code.

Any advice? The other 2 sliders work just fine, but we need Nivo badly as the cleint hates the other 2.



Look for this in the nivo slider javascript file:

animSpeed:500, //Slide transition speed

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Hi I’ve just bought your theme however it keeps saying “try again” every time I try to upload it.

Which version of Word Press is it compatible with and do I need to remove anything out of the zip folder.



To j8yba, who wrote: “I couldn’t see any whitespace in the Wordpress Editor, but when I edited through my FTP I had weird characters (“”) right before the opening php tag. After I deleted those, it worked fine.”

I opened the php in Dreamweaver CS5 and Coda…with both of them I haven’t found those characters…and my 3D sliders still doesn’t work…

Any other idea of why it doesn’t show up?

thanks for any tip…

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SLIDER not working.

Go to the last tab (Accentuate), mainpage category, at the end of the page, remove tik from the Automatically resize image to fit the page and BOOM working slider

SLIDER time settings

at the appearance/editor modify the “piecemakerXML.php”

go at the end of code and:

- 7 keeps the freeze picture more (adjust number) - 1.0 quicker twist (adjust number makes it slower to end) - 0.2 increasing the value makes the movement from on segment to the next SLOWER .

have a test and enjoy…

geoxone Purchased

A little problem. Everything working great with the theme, step by step instructions follow until create portfolio. Every time i click on create portfolio category, it answer me with s box “Cheatin’ uh?”. I can not figure what to do. All i want is to create the portfolio look as your preview example and i am done. please any help.

mail: geox_one@hotmail.com

if you n regards

eed any further info just tell me.

its probably a 3.1 error. Custom Post Types cannot be capitalized or it will create issues with wordpress 3.1

I bought the theme, looks great, but when I install in wordpress with the .zip file i receive “Are you sure you want to do this?” with a “please try again” link.

When I manually install, it’s seems like the CSS isn’t loading and I have just blue links on a white page.

I have installed many wordpress themes and I am installing from the correct .zip file in the accentuate > themes folder.

If anyone has found solution, I would greatly appreciate.

Thanks, Dustin deehill125@yahoo.com

JUNK !!! dont buy it!!

Ive installed a bunch of wp sites so I’m not a noob. Wont install properly. Ive tried several versions of wp, on several different severs and its still a broken theme.



Fix if getting install error

After pulling my hair how for about three days, I think I have found a fix. After I manually installed the accentuate theme folder to my wp-content/themes directory on my FTP , I noticed the permissions on my default “twentyten” wordpress theme was 755 and the accentuate was 700. You need to change the permissions to 755 or what is reflected with the default wordpress theme on your server.

Once I changed it was fixed.


what worked for me was:

in wordpress go to Appearance>Editor and scroll down until you get to “piecemakerXMP.php” .

Take out the space or any weird characters and save.

I was trying to update in dreamweaver and re-upload, but the space wasn’t showing up.

Hope this helps.

how do i add a submenu under one of the menu headings?

please ignore my post, i found the answer by trial and error.

Hi, I am new to this and am probably completely overlooking something, but when I go to edit my homepage I can’t get the 3d slider to work, can’t find where to edit footer, etc.) Also, when I add pages the navigation for them doesn’t show up? Please help! my site is: http://coloradounified.com/

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The service and support ist very very bad!!

I posted over a month ago…he made no reply!!

Just an FYI , the home page is broken under IE9 unless you run the browser in compatibility mode.

e: make that every page :(

I have emailed the author of this theme for assistance with some broken elements of the theme, and I have not received any response. Need help, please… site is not fully functional.

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When I go to create a Portfolio Category it says Cheatin’ uh? anyone know why?