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I am having the same problem with the Portfolio Categories. I have made several attempts to reach the developer. I also have some other funky stuff happening with my text styling. And my slider no longer works.

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No Support! Caution, do not buy!

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Themeforest…..take this template down!!!! I purchased it and it’s nothing but problems. I’ve had several programmers try to fix but no luck.

Has anyone had any luck adding Portfolio categories? I’m still getting the cheatin’ response as well. Question: are you who are getting such a response also building your website on your local machine or on a remote server? I’m testing it locally.

Hey, sorry to be posting again so soon, but I have an answer for the people who find they can’t create Portfolio Categories.

The problem is that Portfolio Categories is considered a custom taxonomy, similar to post tags, but slightly different.The problem is that WP3 .1 changed the URL format of custom taxonomies to make them more distinct from post tags so there would be less confusion. Since the designer hasn’t updated his code to accommodate this alteration in WP3 .1, it defaults to an error page.

The best thing to do is downgrade your site to 3.0.5. go to here:


download it, and replace everything in your site except the config file & the content directory, and then after it prompts you to update your database you should be able to add portfolio categories again.

I can not see the images on the 3D cursor, what should I do?

Please check for white spaces (or anything else that should be there as dashes, etc..) Prior to the php tag. If you still can not see the images which appear to send a message. Be sure to include a link to your website for a better response (admin access would be even better)! Thanks.

but i do not know what is the php tag i did not see on file. please help me. ciao Gianluca gianlucalorenzi@mac.com the web page is: www.cortinahotelsonline.com


Our slider was working when we first installed this theme, but now seems to be broken and none of the potential solutions listed in these comments seems to work.

Specifically, I’ve verified that the images are the right size and uploaded into the correct (wp-content/uploads) directory. I’ve also edited the piecemakerXML.php file with fresh code from the original in the .zip file. Neither of these solutions has helped, and it doesn’t matter which slider variation I choose. Two of them don’t display any images at all, and one (Glide Slider) only shows one image, regardless of how many I specify.

Additionally, multiple word page names overlap every time, despite having disabled the Cufon font replacement, as suggested.

Please advise. Our site is: Flawless Hauling

I have not been able to get services or portfolio items to allow me to create them…just says “cheatin huh?” Please help


Does anyone know if, after downgrading to 3.0.5, and adding categories, you can update and it’ll continue working (if you never need to add more categories of course).

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I am having huge problems with this theme but it does not look like any is getting support. Would someone please tell me how to change the speed of the slider. Thanks.

Really loving the look and feel of this template..

Before I purchase, I’m wondering if the piecemaker slider has an automatic jquery fallback for non-flash supported devices?


This theme looks amazing but I don’t want to walk into what I’m already dealing with. The comments are bothering me. Is this theme well supported?


There’s no support by the author!

Know issues: - Homepage don’t work on WP 3 .2.1 - Homepade slider working weird - Contact form without validation (not working)

I had to do a lot of PHP programming to make everything work.

This is my 1st attempt at using wordpress so I apologize if I am missing something so obvious, but I am trying to duplicate The Services Page on the demo site and I cannot figure out how to do it.

First, I can’t seem to figure out how to add it into my main menu except with a custom menu. I had figured or assumed that I would see the Services Category or any one of of the Service pages that I created would appear somewhere in my main menu admin options but there is nothing.

I have a Services Category in the Service Type and 3 pages in the Services section. The 3 Service pages all have “check marked” to Services Category in the Service Types dialogue box.

I posted a ticket on http://bcproducties.ticksy.com but I have not gotten any response as of yet and that was over a couple days ago and counting.

Appreciate any info.

Is there an update coming for Wordpress 3.2.1???? Does not work with IE, items do not show up.

Oh and for everyone else the LAST update was in JULY to version 1.2… just downloaded the update TODAY to check and make sure.

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Hi everybody, In order to make this template ie compatible (problem of cufon font not displaying under ie), you need to update your cufon-yui.js in the accentuate/style/js folder…

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Hi, The grey background image “Downloading first image” in the 3D carousel can be changed by downloading the piecemakerNoShadow.fla source (type google…) and modifying it… Sorry for my bad english…

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to change the fla … replace the main AS code in the actions layer by :

stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;

// Pull in the Flashvars var allFlashVars:Object = LoaderInfo(this.root.loaderInfo).parameters;

// Set the required variables for piecemaker piecemaker.xmlSource = String(allFlashVars.xmlSource); piecemaker.cssSource = String(allFlashVars.cssSource); piecemaker.imageSource = String(allFlashVars.imageSource); piecemaker.dispatchEvent(new Event(“properties”));

modify your prelaoder clip as you want… In the exemple above, i took a screencapture of the background image of my site and putted in the fla. to hide the white defaut background flash color (possible to set the swf “transparent” in the source page code which point the swf… The example which works for my client…


Yeah ! ;)