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Probably 1 of tha last questions…how do i remove links on images? (folio section,Latest news). How do i insert blog page? On demo of accio i have seen that priorities the numbers count(like a counter), is it possible do in in my site? Thanks again for your quick replies

last ting: how do i make links in well known brands open in a self page?

Hello, is there anybody out there?

hello alessiogalfo.

If you need help please post ticket on our support system:


Do you have wordpress theme also for this same design?

Just bought the theme because it looks sensational. However, I have imported the demo database and wordpress then says it needs to update the db files which overwrites my user data so I can’t log back in. Help?

Sorry – just read the supporting documentation again and found the bit i need.

Hello multimedians,

What you need help? You can post a ticket on our support system: our supporter will answer help you.


Hi, I have purchased the Accio theme and get error sending email: No body message arrives. And where I translate contact form fields?


Forget, I have found all answer in your forum support. :D

thanks you!

Is it possible to customise the clours of the template?

Thank you Raffaele

guys your contact from dont work in demo , from mobile phone its not responding


KHeeder Purchased

I bought the template expecting I get what is on display, but nothing worked (Joomla).

I tried the but it did not work. Looking at the header of the start page it shows, the page does not have a header, the layout in not rendered. No Javascript no header no css sections.

I went to support and opened a ticket 3 and a bit days ago. I received a response asking for ftp access and a admin user. Provided both and now nothing. The days go by..

As I did not get an answer one more try to get a product template which I bought instead of nothing workable.

It is not working in Joomla in the recommended installation.

In Europe consumers have rights, even if the supplier is based somewhere else.

Maybe I am just a bit to European but we expect to get something as described when we buy something.

Hi i buyed the ticket for araound a week and i open aticket in you support ticket area and doens`t get any answer until jet. Could you please ahve a look on it? You can find it if you search for the ticket with the username Aleso.

Thanks and best regrads

Hi! I send you a message because I’m having some problems with the registration at you template site support - I couldn’t finished the registration because I haven’t recieved the email with the password, that I needing so much… Thank you. Luis