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Where can i download the demo-slider?


you can get import data here: Copy this code into “Import sliders” field and click “Import”.

Hello guys,

I don’t find the setup for the blog-page. How does it work?




I’ve answered you on our support forum. Please, see the Documentation, section “Setting up the Blog”.


I bought the metroStyle theme from you guys some time ago and it still looks great in one of my websites.

Ace seems to have great potential but I still can see the demo. It´s always offline. Google Chrome gives a message: The time for the operation has been reached (or something like that) and the demo doesn´t load.

How can that be fixed? Could it be that I´m still using Windows XP? I don´t think so but you guys maybe know some issue.

Thanks in advance!


please, try this link to the demo: Does it work for you?


Whre can I change the “Read more”-Button on the Blog-Page to the German “Weiterlesen”?




you can translate this string using standard translation method which implemented in WordPress: using po/mo files. You can read moreabout it in WordPress documentation or many articles in internet. Also, you can use this plugin to make translation easier:


we are having a bit of a strange behaviour on our portfolio sections. When sorting the items, it seems there are two animations being called. Once the first sorting animation is done, a second animation directly fires. Any idea how to fix this?

Here is a link:

I answered you via email.

Thanks for helping. Works like a charm, now.

Dear customers, our team is out of the office till October 7th 2014. We will promptly respond to all support requests upon our return. Thanks for your consideration with this brief pause in service.

Hi are any WordPress 4 updates to this theme or any other plugins it uses?


the latest version of the theme (1.0.3) is compatible with WordPress 4.0

Thank you.

Im an owner of your metro theme. I purchased that about a year ago.I’m interested in purchasing this ACE WP theme, however there are 2 questions I must ask. Does the “Blog” page only have one style? Also, on the blog page, when someone clicks the “Read More” link. Is it possible to have the blog page itself as a full page with or without a side bar?


yes, blog page has only one style. As for the sidebar – there is an option to enable or disable sidebar on the blog page as well as on post pages.

I just purchased the theme. I’ve installed the Layer Slider and the Revolution slider. I’ve activated them as well. However, when I go to the sliders tab under Theme Options, It states “xxxSlider can be deactivated via plugins manager tool”. I have no other options.

Secondly, when I go to one of my pages and try to enable the slider for that page, I can see the two slider options in the drop down menu, however it does not let me select them. Any ideas? I’m on wordpress 4.0 by the way.

Nevermind, I didn’t see the two slider config links at the bottom of the left hand side-bar. I’ll figure it out from here :-)

Hi there,

how can I get the plugin updates for the revolution slider and the layer slider?

Thank you


we will include latest version of these sliders with the next theme update. If you want to get updates for these plugins immediately you should buy licenses for these plugins separately.

Hi there, I’ve a problem with the portfolio!

Please look here – all demo-portfolio items are installed:

But if I click on one of this portfolio-items, I get this:

Why? Please help!

Another question:

The portfolio is loading two-times. How can I change it?



two-times loading: it’s a collision with visual composer, to fix it, open file functions.php, line 342
wp_enqueue_script('isotope', TEMPLATE_DIR_URI.'/js/', array('jquery'), false, true);
change it to
wp_enqueue_script('om-isotope', TEMPLATE_DIR_URI.'/js/', array('jquery'), false, true);

as for the 404 page: try to navigate to “Settings – Permalinks” and just click “Save changes”.

If it doesn’t help, please, write us via contact form ( ) and provide us temporary access to WP-admin.

Hey mopc76,

thanks for your support!

If I change the permalinks to “Standard” – it works. If I change to “postname” the error appears again.

Hi – layer slider came bundled with this theme. How can I update. I asked the Layerslider author, and he said I should go through the theme author


new version of Layer Slider will be included with the next theme update. If you want to receive updates for this plugin from plugin`s author immediately after release you should buy a separate License.

I need your help! I’ve installed woocommerce, and the plugin works fine. But I only see 10 products per page – 12 products fill the whole site.

Please check here:

How can I change it?


I’ve found and changed it myself!


Great theme! Would it be possible to have one small sidebar at the left and one at the right? So instead of 2 at the left or 2 at the right it would be nice to have a widget left and a widget right and in the middle the broader text field or shop. (like bar:1/4 – middle: 2/4 – bar:1/4)



Hi Pieter,

unfortunately there is no option to have one sidebar at the left and one at the right.


I like to be able to change the color scheme if I use this theme, do you have a theme documentation that I could have a look at? I need to know what exactly can be changed in the settings. Thanks!


you can see the list of color options here:

Hi, is there a way to make it not responsive, i mean fixed width, because at larger screens it looks huge! smaller layout looks better.



it’s possible to remove a piece of code from CSS file and disable layout for wide screens.

Hello, sorry for my English . What I want to know is how is done to put a only one sidebar in categorys . thank you!


sorry for delay with answer. There is an option “Theme Options – Blog Options – Archive/Category Options – Pull sidebar/slider settings for Archive/Category pages from page”, which you can use to achieve it.

It was that! thank you!! :)