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Nice work my friend, I like it :)

Nice, looks like wordpress one :)

Easy on the eye, no pointless bells and whistles which only serve to distract.. Like it!

Thanks for kind words guys.

@kiziel, This is funny, I’m designing a theme with help of images in my head put there by my subconscious, and then you’re telling me where the heck my sub-c picked up these images :P. But yes, now as I’m looking at it, I can see some elements similar to old WP panel.

Just bought your template; very nice i must admit ! You did a really good job !

But it seems that it doesn’t display ‘well’ on ie7; for example rounded boxes don’t work.

Can you fix it ?

That would be ‘really’ appreciated.


Unfortunately IE7 does not support these specific CSS attributes used to create rounder elements, sorry.

I bought this CSS template because its design was great. I like it a lot. By the way, is there any chance you would center-align this template because it’s left-justified in its original condition. I would do appreciate it if you would take care of this. Thanks in advance.

Sure! Just contact me and prepare these $2000 USD for proper licence and I’m sure we can come to agreement :). <<

Is the Web Service included?


Find within main CSS file #container, and add margin: 0px auto; and it will be centered.

Is the Web Service included?

Muhaha, nope :P

Do you have to leave the URL to your website? Plan to use a design like this to build an application and looking for a layout that I can give a link in the about us page but not on every page of the application.


No, you are not obligated to keep the URL , but it would be really, really nice if you would place a link to this item page (even with your referral link if you like) in the footer, or at least somewhere on the public website of yours. But it’s not mandatory, it’s just a good will of Envato customer :). If you really have to, you can remove all backlinks as you have full right to do this.

I am new to this…how do you apply skins to existing admin pages?

Thanks, Will

I am new to this…how do you apply skins to existing admin pages?

Thanks, Will

Hi, Is there a PSD of the logo?

I’m afraid Acid App also belong to these themes that were created before HDD crashed and all files were lost, sorry :(

What’s the purpose of the ‘return’ div?

You can put something like “go back to home page” there if you want :)

Very nice theme, Are you planning to make it based on HTML5 & CSS3 ?

Unfortunately no, I code/program no longer.