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Really liking this, awesome work!

Congrats ,Nice template :)

Thank you for your kind comments!

Hello, Does this have a way to search the talent profiles submitted according to criteria, ex. city, height, hair color, age, etc. etc.



Hello Fodgather. All profiles are submitted to the administrator’s email. They are not saved on the host server. Mail clients usually have the search function included. If you want us to modify the way of submission please give us some details of the changes to be done via contact form.

I have purchased a template “Actority – Responsive Template for Casting Agency” and I need assistance to upload this at my registered domain. Please assist me if possible. Kind Regards.

I have purchased “Actority – Responsive Template for Casting Agency” and asked for help but no one has responded. neither the company and neither the author. I have few basic questions to make this website running. 1) How do I access admin panel 2) How to upload pictures and text 3) How to upload videos 4) How to upload widgets


Yesterday I bookmarked the WordPress version of this theme to buy for internal use. Now I cannot find it.


Can you please help me buying this?