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Nice one and good to see another magento pro here at themeforest who offer his skills. Good luck with sales.

Kind regards

Love this theme! Bookmarked and you can count on a purchase by the weekend. Thanks!

The drop down menus are gorgeous!

good job man! keep them coming. bookmarked!

This is a fantastic theme. I can see ourselves using this as a starting point for Magento projects in the future. Really well thought out, cleanly designed for easy customisation and loads of great featurettes.

Is the slider on the homepage dynamic? It would be great if the slider images were pulled from specified categories and used their defined “category image”s, resized to fit the area.


@ jigowatt—My intent was to create a solid base for customizations without having to override much CSS . Just a reminder that each project requires an additional license (based on your sales you already understand that).

The large homepage slider is editable via Magento Admin > CMS Pages but is not automated to source content from categories. That’s a great idea though. I built it untethered to support many content types (banner images, img/text, Flash) and link destinations (category, product, blog entry).

The “New Products” slider is dynamic and automatically displays new products. It also removes them at the specified date. The “Featured Products” slider is a special category managed from the Magento Admin just like any other category.

Hi again… just have some pre-purchase questions:

1. How much documentation comes with the template? I am currently running my store on Magento and want to update my site to this template. Magento is a BEAST ! Is this template well documented?

2. Do you offer free upgrades/upgrade support for this theme? According to your demo, you re-did the code to make it more simple. Will your code be overridden once they upgrade?

2a. I am running on the community version. If/when they upgrade to v1.5 will you also update the theme to work with the new version?

3. Is this compatible with community extensions? I am using AheadWorks Blog, Checkout Newsletter, and some other ones I can’t remember off the top of my head…will they conflict?

4. Are the layouts for the content pages that you land on after clicking on “tour acumen” floating button standard for the template, or will your documentation show us how to get a similar layout?

Thanks for your responses!



@ chocopink—Every file that I changed has a Zend-standard DocBlock at the top to quickly identify if the code is original or modified. Significant changes have written descriptions at the top also (mostly for /app/code/core). In XML /PHTML files I duplicated any changed lines and commented out the original for quick reference and added annotations. For tiny changes, I simply added /* custom */ as a visual reminder.

I plan to update all themes for compatibility with the latest stable Community releases as they happen. Acumen is actually the fourth generation branch from another Magento project: > > > Acumen. Future branches will likely be free updates for 1.5, 1.6, etc. If a major rewrite is required (ex: for Magento 2.0) then a paid update may be released but that’s far in the future.

Theme files are never overwritten during upgrades and core files that I modified are stored in the local branch so they are safe too.

I can’t comment on extension compatibility – there are far too many. The only core method with dramatic changes is the catalog navigation menu. I would not expect any conflicts but with any integration some fiddling might be required.

The “tour” content is not included in the Acumen package, but examples of CMS pages utilizing the grid layout are. Feel free to inspect the tour pages with Firebug, or take a look at 960.gs to see how grids are constructed (with slight differences).

Hope that helps you along.

I just wanted to let you know…way to go! Most magento developers just restyle little bits but you’ve gone the extra mile here and the design is very current and modern…you didn’t make it look like just any other store. i hope you do well…the magento side is going to be slow for a bit I’m sure, but once the main magento public all know about themeforest you should be fine!

fantastic! theme

Can I just ask …can it still comply with the template changes and updates in the back end?


@ GCal—Can you be more specific what you mean by template changes and updates? Your question could be interpreted several ways related to Magento.

Hi! Brendan

Sorry! I was regarding to the Layout Update XML and layouts in the BO. When you say the code has been rewritten are you still able to perform the tasks in the BO, to remove certain blocks etcc…

Thanks very much


@ GCal—Yes, the Layout Update XML works in the Magento Admin just like normal. You can still add/remove blocks at will. This is part of the trick Acumen uses for improved JS/CSS caching.

The .phtml templates were entirely rewritten to enable consistent grid usage.

The XML templates were not rewritten (some were reorganized for clarity) and the original block names were not changed. New blocks created for Acumen have a prefix to tell them apart.

Thanks! very much …you sold me ;)

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sick theme!...question, i’m having problems getting the js cms static blocks to show in the browser…only the name of each block appears…i have each block enabled in the backend…any ideas?


@ uceceo—Usually it’s the XML Layout Updates not being set in CMS Pages. If you can’t fix it, direct message me with the store URL and Magento username/password so I can take a look.

I’ve installed the theme but now I can’t even get to my admin page. First time working with Magento so am I missing something? could I get you to take at look etc…



@ robybates — Sending you an email now.

So am I to make the changes to the theme files before uploading them? Cause when I installed them like the directions said the DB and the admin login are no longer available


i would like to buy this theme

but is there the psd included ?

bravo for your good works



@ remu38 — The initial design files are included in the package under ”/concept/pages/*” as Fireworks PNGs (which you can open and edit it Photoshop).

Great theme, nice job ;). Definitely bookmarked for later use.

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Great job, just downloading now. Worth it for the jquery and grid system integration alone. Thankyou!

very good job not like all the other stupid magento template. very nice custom work ;)

nate3445 Purchased

This is a great theme! I purchased this and am having a small problem. On the homepage the featured products box is below the new products box. On your sample live site they are displayed as inline boxes. I went through and populated each box with three items each so they cycle through and they’re still stacking. I haven’t changed any of the css. Am I missing something simple?

nate3445 Purchased

Well I feel dumb, I forgot to change design block to single column for the home page, my apologies. Great instructions (this is my first experience with Magento) and a great theme, looking forward to seeing additional themes you come up with.


@ nate3445 — Glad you got it working. Getting the custom pages in Acumen set up takes a little extra effort for newcomers to Magento, but it helps you learn your way around.

The first Acumen update will have PDF instructions with screenshots to make it clearer for everyone.

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Hello ! I just bought your magento theme, and set up my magento solution on my website, but I definitely don’t know how to set up the theme. I followed the instructions (at least, i thought i followed them), but the theme has a huge display problem. I don’t know how to contact us elsewhere than here, so i do hope that you’ll be able to help me. http://www.soupedelespace.fr/lasouperette/

Thanks a lot by advance, Sunny regards, Jean


@ jeanp — It looks like you forgot to upload the /skin folder, or did not set the skin source in Magento Admin > System > Config > General > Design.

You should be able to email me directly from my profile page, or by visiting my website http://gravitydept.com

jeanp Purchased

Thanks Brendan for the quick answer. Now i’m on the right way ;) Great job, good spirit !!