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Really nice theme. Simple and Clean, I like it :)

Can you change the font size and etc on the admin panel?

Thanks! You mean the sliding panel?

Nope, that’s not what i meant. I was asking about your theme options. Anyway would you like to add next & previous post feature in the future updates? That would be Awesome :)

Ahh. That’s editable via CSS in the style.css stylesheet, not the theme options. As for the next/previous post – we actually do have them included already ( screenshot: ) just had the option turned off – via the Theme Options Panel – turned them on now ;)

Nice and clean! ;)

Appreciate it tagDiv!

Bought it! Any consideration for related posts feature?

Awesome Danny! It’s at the top of our update list ;)

If you’re interested, we can point you in the right direction in adding a simple related post function to the About the Author block, as included in our previous theme, Words. (screenshot:

Ok that’s pretty cool. How about the just an ordinary related posts?

With the typical featured image, title, a little meta? We’re looking at a push later this week. :)

Wish you the best with sales , congrats !

Thanks! :)

I LOVE your theme! It’s so nice and simple, it’s GREAT! ;)

Would you be willing to add a few more social media icons? Tumblr and Goodreads would be great for me…

Also the logo, can it be in html instead of an image? Then I can style it in CSS using a Google Font. Thanks!

Hey thanks HenkVanIngrid! Sure we can add those – are you referring to the Author block or the footer icons? We’re planning a v1.1 push this weekend and we can include those – and any others other people suggest.

For the logo, the image is upload-able through the Theme Options Panel so if you don’t upload an image, it will default to the site title – in a text format, with the #logo_text class (which you can use to assign a google font / style however you’d like).


Hi, here is a problem with the About the Author block: it shows not the correct link to the twitter profile, and the other social networks are not shown like in your demo.

And: I miss your famous share buttons in single posts. :)

Hey Rappel, not a problem – just make sure you’ve added your Twitter username in the WP Dashboard > Users > Profile > Twitter Field (screenshot: Just confirmed it on the live demo: (screenshot: – switched it on the demo too.

And we’ll probably be adding those share buttons in – in v1.1. Wanted to revamp them just a little. ;)

I’ve found it now – thanks again.

No problem – enjoy!

This is awesome, mate! Best I’ve seen in a long time

You’re awesome! :)

Fell in love at first sight. Great work bro, simple and minimalist. Just the way I like it. Good luck with Sales.

We appreciate it Sameer! :)

I wish you had a sortable portfolio section & able to choose how many portfolio elements per page.

Your theme is too beautiful to just be a blog! I would buy in a heartbeat.

Thanks 4054. We have a few things in the works that may suit your needs ;)

Very cool and clean… great work! :-)

Appreciate it Bianchi! :)

Awesome theme here! Just a few questions before purchase: Is there a way to have the sliding panel be open by default? And can you put things such as Recent Posts, Archives by Month, Recent Comments, etc. in the sliding panel? Lastly, is there an option to have a full-width header/banner image behind the page titles? Kind of like your Words theme. Thank you for your time!

Hey Seth, sure no problem – these are quite good questions that I’m sure will help others as well ;)

I cannot think of a way to show the panel open at page-load, though you could edit the CSS animation to move slower – which will bounce it in and back out at a more visible pace (also make it show up on all pages, instead of just the home page).

All widgets can be placed within the sliding panel, our custom widgets have been styled/designed to flow within it well (included the popular post widget). The default WordPress widgets can be placed in there as well.

Currently there is not a full-width header image option. Are you referring to the grayish part behind the page titles, if so a global image can be placed with a simple background-image attribute.


Nice theme. Already purchase and install it :)

Found some issues (or maybe im a dumb) : is it me or the Header and Footer Analytics textarea aren’t working (it display the full text instead of adding the <script> code) ? Logo isn’t working to, footer and header.

Hey Thosko, Did you add those via the theme options panel. They’re working on our end here. Send us a link to your page / login credentials and we’ll take a look for ya. :)

Hey we’re uploading a minor update to the theme right now, which took care of the bug here.

Just a small update, (the bug fix this is simple) but take a look at the changelog if you want to add in the adjustments yourself. Thanks for the help!

I absolutely love this theme. One question:

Is there a way where I can have the header ONLY show up on the homepage, not on any of the article pages?

Glad you like it teencastic :)

You could set CSS statements to display none for the header ID (with the .single-post class, or edit header / content-header.php to target only the single posts.

That sayin, it’s totally do-able. :)

What a great theme!!! I’M IN LOVE ;-)

I have a little question for you. Where i can download the font [WisdomScriptAI] ?

Cheer :-)

Glad you love it! Wisdom Script can be freely downloaded from Lost Type Co – which is a fantastic font source.

Oh, and we’d super appreciate it if you rated the theme here on ThemeForest. ;)


Thanks for the link!

I gave you 5 stars! Sorry, 10 was not available ;-)

Awh, you’re so kind! Much Appreciated!

[makes me smile]

Thanks! :)

Great Theme!!! Do you have to have the homepage as the blog? What you the stand alone pages look like? IE an about page, services page etc?

Glad you like it Brunzig. The homepage is currently set up for the recent posts to display – default WordPress setup. There are three default page templates, a right sidebar, left sidebar, and full width default view. You may place content (images, text, ext) to make these services, about us pages and more. May even use the Featured Area Shortcode Generator to build out a services page.

What about portfolio options? Can you display a design portfolio?

Hey Brunzig, there is not currently a portfolio post type built into Acute, though it’s something we have considered building a separate plugin for.

I really love this theme and thinking of buying it. I photo blogs and wonder if it is possible to change the size of images from the default setting of 760px by 357px to, for example, 760px by 550px?

Thank you!

Yup. It’s quite easy. Just 2-3 small steps to target sizes. I can help you get that in taken care of in no time. ;)

I love this theme! I have the same question as Thosko. I can not install the analytics script. The problem is the same. :(

Hey, we’re looking into this for you guys.

Thanks guys! :)

Hey we’re uploading a minor update to the theme right now, which took care of the bug here. Thanks for reporting it!

It’s a small update, (and the change to fix this is rather simple) but take a look at the changelog if you want to just add in the fixes yourself. Thanks for the help!

Can I edit a default button’s text? e.g. “Continue Reading”

Thanks a lot! The new release is great.

Now, I’m searching for the contact form’s “Submit” button. I think, it’s generated by the Bean Form Builder. Of course I can not find it in the content folder. Could you help me, please!

Sure, no problem. You can change the “Submit” text in:

/lib/admin/forms/form.php (line 277)