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I use the SEO Ultimate plugin. For some reason the plugin doesn’t recognise the URL’s contained within button short codes. As a result I cannot mask URL’s.

Is there any workaround to this?

SEO Ultimate seems to understand other URL’s.. just not the ones contained within the button short code with this theme.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Mhmm that’s interesting Irdeto; we’ll look into it to see what’s going on.

Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to make the header widget larger (extend farther horizontally than halfway across the page). I tried to create a new widget area, as it says in the documentation, but it doesn’t work—it doesn’t give me any way to set conditions, just a blank page. Maybe I’m missing something?

Thanks, Bevin

Let me explain better. The widget areas are generated (like this custom one here: ) after you add one here: You can set what pages/templates they show up on when you’re creating the area.

The sidebar is not part of the blog index template by default. You would have to add the sidebar classes to the index.php and single.php files if you wanted a sidebar like on the default/left/right template files. You can use those files as a reference for what classes you need.

Cheers, Rich

Ok—re. the widget areas, that’s the process I’ve been following, over and over, but it never gives me any options to set pages for them to appear on (and would it give me an option for where on the page I want them to appear?) I see a column that says “condition(s)” once the widget area is created, but I can’t access it.

You’re not seeing this right here: ? (With different pages of course)

If not, send us some login creds and I’ll drop in and see whats up – could possibly be a plugin conflict. support(at)themebeans(dot)com


What’s the simplest way to set a full-width header image behind the navigation bar, instead of a site name logo or icon or solid color? What file do I need to access or setting do I need to change?

Hey Killclick, you can add an image via CSS to the #header ID. Could either tie in BackStretch CSS or add these styles to the #header:

-webkit-background-size: cover; -moz-background-size: cover; -o-background-size: cover; background-size: cover;

ps: That’s how we did it with the 404 Page.

I’ve been trying to upload a logotype but it doesnt work. Its a .png image 200X113 px. Shouldn’t be a problem but it is. Can you help me?

That’s odd indeed. Mind sending me some login creds and I’ll drop in and see whats up? support(at)themebeans(dot)com


I posted this on Themebeans support just a few minutes ago, and found an old ticket with the same issue that had not been answered, so I’m republishing here because it is an important bug—i’m missing some serious functionality of the theme.

Hi, I can’t get a sidebar to show up on any style template. It’s a new install of wordpress and of acute.

I’m trying to get it to show up on the blog, but there doesn’t even appear to be an area for it. I’ve tried both templates for the blog page, neither works. I’ve tried editing widget areas, I’ve tried a bunch of stuff. I’m very familiar with wordpress and have set up more than 10 sites with wordpress based themes.

Please advise!


Hey Killclick – as mentioned on the forums a couple of times, the sidebar is not included in the templates by default. There is the left/right templates for displaying page template content. To add these to the blog index page and single posts, it would require a little dev time to basically fuse the sidebar classes/columns from the left or right sidebar templates – to the index.php or single.php files.

Hi—Thanks so much for getting back to me. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and I have to say, the response of “you’ll need to do some development” is really both unexpected and..well..crappy.

If I had known that the sidebar shown on the demo’s archives page and contact page was not available to be used on the blog, I never would have bought this theme. It is a huge impediment.

I think you should release a supportive child theme that automatically adds the appropriate template options to support a sidebar, corresponding menu, and widget areas.

Sorry you feel that is “crappy” first off – the demo does not suggest or employ the sidebar capabilities on either the blog index page (blogroll) or the individual blog posts. I’m not sure we’re 100% on the same page here so let me try to explain some more.

1. There is a left & right sidebar template (screenshot: ) where you can use for pages.

2. The sliding panel is opted in globally, on every page/post via the Theme Options Panel. (screenshot:

3. You do not need any additional development in order to use the sidebar templates for pages like these (just a couple):

- -

4. If you want a sidebar (like on those pages) on the posts, you will need to add the sidebar in. On pages like these:

- -

Does that clear it up? It’s not too much work to add a default sidebar for those posts, but it has not been requested enough for a possible development/update in that matter.

Rich, Bean Support Team

I’m considering seriously to buy this them but the last message by killclick makes me hesitate as a sidebar is included in the demo and not in the theme itself… That’s a bit odd.

Further explanations would be appreciated.


No problem! Cheers!

I’m charmed. Do you plan to keep your template updated for long ?The only downside is that i’ve passed so many hours configuring my present template that changing for another one breaks my heart. But i guess that’s part of life. :)

Yup, we plan on maintaining all our themes for quite some time – keeping them up to par with WordPress functionality.


Can you give me instructions on setting up a slideshow like the one shown in the theme? The instructions aren’t very clear, and I think that this feature would be very beneficial to my needs.

Thanks, and good work on an excellent theme.

Yep, that’s what I did and checked before I messaged. It’s like the changes I made got saved but can’t be deleted

I will re-upload the CSS files. Thanks for your help, I’m done for the night :)

Make sure the browser is not caching the CSS – that’s most likely what is happening (98% chance lol).

On a side note, it’s getting rather late here in NYC (0300), please email me at support@themebeans(dot)com and I’ll catch up in the morning.

Cheers! Rich

Hi, I sent a request a couple days ago about disabling the Announcement bar; any updates?

Glad you got it :)

I got through with my previous request, edited the CSS to not display the button to close :)

Nice! Another thing you could do is remove the button altogether if you’d prefer. Cheers!

Hey all! Big news here! We’ve released a solution to Twitter’s v1.1 API update (which has rendered most Twitter widgets useless – including our own). Check out our newest plugin – Bean Tweets.

ThemeBeans Bean Tweets Plugin

There’s a few more steps you have to take (per API requirement) but here’s a little guide I wrote to help you out: Click here to read it

Email us at support(at) if you run into troubles! Cheers!

PS: On a side note, our website just launched. :)

Hi There,

I cannot find the licence key according to your instructions for your support forum. Any guidance?

Hey, go ahead an email us at support(at) :)

More good news folks. With this latest theme update, we’ve added compatibility with our Bean Shortcodes Plugin (free).

ThemeBeans Shortcodes Plugin

On another note, we just released our newest WordPress Theme, Spruce. A delightful Journal / Portfolio theme. Check it out if you have a sec!

Cheers all, Rich

Heya guys,

Love the template. I am using it for a company I own as a temporary blog while we are creating a new website. Just a question: You have this funky search bar in your header and I have been trying to find it, but no luck so far. Could you help me out?

Oh and what about translations? Do you guys have a PO file to translate or something like that?

Awaiting your response!

Thanks alot,


Sure, for the search field, you simply need to add the Search widget into the Header widget are (Screenshots: & )

Damn, totally overlooked the fact that there even was a header section for widgets. My bad!

It happens :)

I bought the plugin and i simply love it. How ever, some Users wonderd why the text is centered when in mobile layout. I checked the line where the code is, but where can i edit mobile.css? i cant find this file :(

Haha glad you found it McSunday. If you have any futhur questions, send them to support(at) and we’ll help you out :)


nvm, im retarded. I actually found it in assets/css/. I should look up the whole files before asking questions :)

It happens to the best of us :)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know we released another WordPress Plugin (free): the Bean Instagram Plugin – with full Acute compatibility.

ThemeBeans Instagram WordPress Plugin

Email us at support(at) if you run into troubles! Cheers!

Is is possible to move the navigation beneath the logo in mobile view from the themes menu?

It’s possible with a little template editing (to remove the hide-for-small class) from that menu. By default your navigation elements are added to the header (triggered by a tap/click on the top bar icon).

I have created a static front page and for some reason it doesn’t want to display the title of the page in the grey area at the top.

When I firebug it I see that the h1 tag is grayed out. Do you know what function does that or why it happens?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there! Do you mind posting a URL (or contacting support with it):

Bean Support Center

Sure. I’ll contact support. Thanks :)

More news from the Bean Team! Now you can display your portfolio with Acute! Check it out the demo – it’s nice.

ThemeBeans Portfolio Plugin

As always, contact the Bean Support Team if you need any help. Cheers folks!


I think there is a bug in the “pop-up shortcode”.

On my device (iPhone safari & chrome), it doesn’t display the content properly and cuts off the text.