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how i can change the length of mobile version

change the width?

Hi pal, we upgrade Adams to bootstrap 3.0 and make it Retina, all responsive issues had solved as well .. You can now preview the new Adams v5.0 features and test it in mobile devices 100% width of the screen.


Rahap Purchased

When will be optimized theme? Theme requires a lot of server resources! Especially the administrator panel! When can we expect a new faster version of the template?

Hi bro, What server resources means??, If you have any ideas our team may work on it ASAP.

Thanks for your interesting, Good Luck :)


Rahap Purchased

Here is a report on the server overload. Memory 512, a frequency of 2000, VPS. Only one wordpress with your template caching enabled.

Mar 25 11:44:00 ovzhost91 kernel: [7899926.640332] Out of memory in UB 13333960: OOM killed process 565837 (httpd) score 0 vm:559920kB, rss:253572kB, swap:0kB Mar 25 11:52:04 ovzhost91 kernel: [7900410.547996] Out of memory in UB 13333960: OOM killed process 592522 (httpd) score 0 vm:548380kB, rss:248392kB, swap:0kB

Hi pal, we upgrade Adams to bootstrap 3.0 and make it Retina, all responsive issues had solved as well .. You can now preview the new Adams v5.0 features.

as well as we reduce requests by 70% and Adams since v5.0 become 3x faster than before ..

Many thanks Rahap for your feedback.

Hello dear i have problem with Widgets advertisemen. Ther is not showing Image URL and Website Link URL place. I have Deactivate all of may Plugins but its not help, just for info. Please help me to fix this problem. Thank you so mach.

Hi bro, please send your website URL. thnx

I have 3 advertisment at Lefth side but i cont chenge it or meke a new one hear are the screan shot from the widgets Thank you

it’s weird, please send an admin account data using Themeforest’s Mail Form and i’ll try to help you.

We can upgrade to wordpress 4.1.2? or gives problems?

Yes, it’s fully compatible the preview website working with 4.1.2. Good Luck

Hello, I upload your sample data fule (xml.) but there is no Homepage ? or should I create one and how ? Thank you

Hi bro, of course you need to build your own homepage from (Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings) then start adding some home blocks from (Homepage Builder) box and name it as you want.

P.S. XML file has posts, pages, and comments.

Hope it’s help, Good Luck :)

will be supported BuddyPress and WooCommerce?


Rahap Purchased

Please try the site with plugin installed – Many comments from the perspective of Google.

Can you please add the ability to add an advertisement space on the main page of the theme above the first blog, under the menu bar, but only in the center block. As per the image here:

I also back what Rahap says about check the Google Pagespeed for this theme. A few points to pick up that would help speed up the page speed for us.

Any info on my question above? Also, are you able to add additional Social Media fields on the Users info. Instagram and Flickr please. Thanks!

We’ll try to do it but it may take time.

i wanna add Themes to my website

Hi, i’m interested in the theme.. just a couple of questions:

In the preview i see that the Ads banner on the top does not show in a smartphone, can this be activated?

Is it possible to have multiple ads in the same banner? with independent web link?

i know i can put a .gif but i won’t be able to separate the link for each ad.

thank you

Hi, Of course Ads banner doesn’t appear in smartphones because its size is v. big.

You can choose the banner to show image with a web link or Ads code like Google Adsense.

Thanks for your interesting in Adams, Good Luck :)


I wonder if you have any plan to update the Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3, please?

I like your this theme but this theme is not perfect on mobile, so I wonder if you have any plan to optimize the theme for mobile, please?

Thanks in advance,

Hi pal, we upgrade Adams to bootstrap 3.0 and make it Retina, all responsive issues had solved as well .. You can now preview the new Adams v5.0 features.

Hi just upgraded to new version of theme and still having same issue with facebook social widget not displaying the counter. No numbers showing at all. I setup a new facebook app and followed all the processes and added correct details but stil lsame issue as before.. What am i doing wrong?? I have already raised a ticked about this in support…

Also i have tried it in chrome and also looks the same.

Ok, Please make an admin account and send it using Mail Form and i’ll try to help you. Thanks

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for inconvenience, Actually the Facebook update its API again after we update theme. However we upload a new update for theme and it’ll be available in couple hours (depends on Envato).

Thanks for your patience, Good Luck :)


Mayadat Purchased


I also have the problem of not showing the website correctly on Mobiles, Please Check :, Please let me know what is the solution.

Thank u

Ooh, apologies .. There’s an issue in RTL version we’ll fix it in the next update.

You can fix it .. Follow these steps.
  1. Go to Appearance > Theme Options
  2. Open Styling Options tab from the left pane
  3. Scroll down to [ Custom CSS Styling (Designers ONLY) ] box
  4. In the [ Global CSS ] text type the following text
    body { overflow-x: hidden; }
  5. Save Settings and clear your website cache if you using a cache plugin
  6. Hope it’s help ..

    Thanks for your feedback .. appreciate your patience.

how can i use it with my Egyptian News please help me dear and give me way how can i purchae it

Hi, i’m interested in your template. I would like to know, is the template available in Italian? Thanks.

please can you send me the file .po and .mo also other templates to see if I can translate it. my e-mail and Thank you

OK pal, I’ll record a video tutorial for you to learn you how to translate it?

Thanks for your patience.

Okey ,thanks

Your theme still has issues when updating in the script headers. Causes the header image to disappear. I’ve had to go back several times to 4.30.

The header image disappears causing a script in your header to go bad when updating to a new version. I had to revert back to 4.30 version.

OK, send your advetisement code from profile page and i’ll test it in my own

Hi pal, we add an option in v5.2 to let you choose show/hide advertisements in mobile devices.

Hi i am having an issue with a blank white screen whenever i try to save my main menu after upgrading to the latest version. It gives me a blank white screen after I click on save, but the changes made are not saved.

latest update has caused slight issue with news ticker and logo has become very very small.

also noticed if i change to large slider and disable ticker then slider goes offpage to right.

Actually we’re using a WordPress function to get width and height for your images to improve your website speed and WordPress core using this function as well, But in your case all website images return 45 pixel width and 45 pixel height which mean the WordPress itself might cause some errors.

After i saw the obsolete plugins you use i’m pretty sure that the issues you met from your plugins conflict ‘cause the last update for some plugins is 11 month ago and WordPress itself say don’t install a plugin unless you sure it’s compatible with its latest version.

I tried to turn off Breaking News and turn on New Large Slider and it’s working fine no issues with that.

Go to [Tools > Regen. Thumbnails] and start [Regenerate All Thumbnails] for new sizes to make new slider looks good.