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maltup Purchased

I tested it. It’s a great theme but I’ve many problems in activity page of BuddyPress. :(


Hi bro, Actually the Adams theme doesn’t compatible or tested with BuddyPress, take a look at the Compatible With list on the right list.

—Our theme Mag4u is fully comaptible with bbPress and BuddyPress plugins.

Sorry for this issue, and if we have a time we’ll fix it immediately, Thanks for feedback, Good Luck :)


Hi bro, We didn’t test it, Thanks for your interesting Good Luck :)

lucassm Purchased

Hi, your theme is awesome. I love it.

I was wondering… do you have any recommendations to optimize the theme so the page loads are faster for the users and use less memory of the server?. The only thing that i would like to change is the quantity of memory that the theme consumes of the server though some tweaking or some way possible…

I use, nginx, mysql, varnish, etc. the server has 3.7 of ram. If you could give any advice on how to configure the theme or nginx or something you think of for the best performance possible i would be grateful!.

Again, the theme is awesome, beautiful. Thank you!

I can’t see how to put anything in the third column, is there an option to put this on? I have references to ‘inactive sidebar’ is this the third column – how do I make this active? – otherwise I really like this template, thanks.


i found it, it is listed as narrow column

re: the “Posts Of The Day” is says… “There is no posts published today (15/9/2014).” The correct grammar would be :There are how do I change the default text? – you should also change this for the next update.


Thanks for your feedback bro, We’ll fix this issue in the next update. Good Luck :)

Hello, try to delete as uppercase letters in each word of the slider ?

The second issue – after updating the post – commenting function is switched off.

Sorry for the language , I’m from Polish :)

I can’t transform the them into RTL like in the preview at them forest. Please help with that.


Hi bro, You should install an RTL WordPress version first. eg: Arabic Version

Hope it’s help, Good Luck :)

Hi Adams Magazine theme,

I am impressed to buy your theme but before that i need to clarify followings from you,

1. I’m looking forward to include atleast 15 news articles on middle colomn of home page. is it possible to add? or do you have any suggestions?



I installed your theme a while ago in my rtl website: www.nissa2.com I came back to my admin today (after a few weeks) and I wanted to add a sub category. In the apparence/menu, I used to see my 2 level menu visualy, now all items are to the right, when I try to say, “this item is a sub category of…” then I press the save button, it doesn’t save it. Also some items were a sub category and are now a category in the menu I am unable to make any changes, nothing saves. Can you help me please? (I can give you the access codes in private)


I would appreciate an answer, thank you


Please help me, we absolutely need to remove the dates on the post. Please let me know how I can remove it.


Why can’t we can an answer? You use to answer fast, now I see no replies lately, please help

The advertisement areas at the top and the bottom have stopped working. is this part of the new release?


Hey, so it looks like it only does not appear in Google Chrome. visit www.thetoychronicle.com and see for yourself. works in IE, Safari and Firefox. please advise. thanks!


It appears perfectly, plz check this URL Ad Issue


hi weird I don’t see it. I have refreshed my cache too.

Hi, I noticed a small issue on my website today that used to work before. If you look at this page for example: http://tavussa.com/photos-insolites/photo-divers/photos-insolites-de-connards/ Look at the related posts, they should have a color on them with the “over” effect, but it’s not there anymore for any pages. Please help.


My problem is still there, can you help me?


help please


Hi, I am writing again because my bug is still there and after 3 months I still don’t have a solution, it is the same way it all of my post: http://tavussa.com/videos/les-gags-un-enfant-magicien-qui-transforme-un-policier-en-lapin/ The related articles don’t have the over effect. It is not because of the adds, because I tried removing them and the bug was still there… please help!

hello bro, my tweet icon on social post share is missing how to fix it?

Hi, we would like to add our Website Main Logo as a larger centered logo at the top. Would this feature be something that can be added? We would remove the ad banner to the right and only have one large logo.

Let me know this could be added.

thanks, Gary.


Nice Theme

but the pic of social box not showing

my site http://maanaradio.com/


Hi bro, try to activate another theme then re-activate Adams because there’s an error in icons picture’s url link.

Current: http://maanaradio.com/wp-content/themes/images/serpentsoft-sprite.png

Should: http://maanaradio.com/wp-content/themes/adams/images/serpentsoft-sprite.png

Hope it’s help, waiting for reply. Good Luck :)

Hi, I have a problem with our arabic website. When I copy some of the links it says, page not found. For example if you go at http://www.nissa2.com. The 3rd item menu from the left. You click on it, you will see the page. If you copy the link of the page and paste it to another windows, it sys Page not found. Are the links not being created properly. It works for other page, but I would said that for 1/4 of the page we get this error message.

Please helps, thanks


Hi Helen, I opened all links in (Tabs Widget) and (Pictures in Box Widget) and i found no issues, perhaps cache of your website try to Clear Cache (if you use cache plugin), or it may be a permalink issue …

1. Go to (Settings > Permalinks > select Default > Save ).

2. Repeat the step and select (Post name) > save. (again).

Hope it’s help, waiting for your reply. Good Luck :)

if we set the permalinks to default it works, but it is imporant for seo to have the links in arabic not a page number (not http://www.nissa2.com/?cat=610 but http://www.nissa2.com/%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AD%D8%A7%D9%85%D9%84/)

what we have is permalinks custom / category / postname / Also concerning tabs widget etc.. I was talking about doing a simple copy in past for one broswer window to another. thanks


any idea how to help me please?

hi i like your theme.. Theme pre-purchase questions? i test IE10, display format some problem. https://www.dropbox.com/s/iij0jwvhr148c41/%EC%8A%A4%ED%81%AC%EB%A6%B0%EC%83%B7%202015-01-23%2016.48.14.png?dl=0 if me buy theme, after Fixed it? possible? thanks

Hi bro, it should works with IE10 try to close the purchase bar and refresh the page.

Open this link http://labs.serpentsoft.com/adams-wp/en/

thanks for your interesting, Good Luck :)

oscarb Purchased

I already post this question in support page but I have had no answer: http://labs.serpentsoft.com/support/forums/topic/my-utc-timezone-doesnt-match-utc-from-most-viewed-news/

My UTC Timezone in WordPress and server are correct: -6 México, so my posts show the right time. But 6 hours before midnight (6PM), the widget “Most viewed news” dissapears because it doesn’t find any news from the next day (tomorrow). So I think it’s because the plugin is using an incorrect UTC time that doesn’t match Mexico’s or of my WordPress instalation and server (both correct).

Where and how can I fix this?



Hi bro, We’re using the time and date function belongs to WordPress so if your UTC-time in (Settings > General page) is correct and no posts are viewed that’s an issue in WordPress itself, Actually it’s very weird problem i didn’t see it before but i’ll try to find out the reason and the solution.

Your settings are correct but i can’t help you because i don’t know the reason for this issue it should work in any country (Very weird).

Sorry bro Good Luck :)

Artizt Purchased


I have a problem.

So many warnings on some pages (many requests) PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘height’ in /var/www/vhosts/creautor.ru/www/wp-content/themes/adams/image.php on line 35

and after timeout – 500error.

page ex. http://creautor.ru/%D0%BF%D0%BE%D1%80%D1%82%D1%84%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%BE/10-2/

what could be the problem?

Artizt Purchased

page with error: http://creautor.ru/subbota-v-zooparke/ (click on any pic)


Hi bro, Check your server. all pages appear properly