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maltup Purchased

I tested it. It’s a great theme but I’ve many problems in activity page of BuddyPress. :(


Hi bro, Actually the Adams theme doesn’t compatible or tested with BuddyPress, take a look at the Compatible With list on the right list.

—Our theme Mag4u is fully comaptible with bbPress and BuddyPress plugins.

Sorry for this issue, and if we have a time we’ll fix it immediately, Thanks for feedback, Good Luck :)


Hi bro, We didn’t test it, Thanks for your interesting Good Luck :)

lucassm Purchased

Hi, your theme is awesome. I love it.

I was wondering… do you have any recommendations to optimize the theme so the page loads are faster for the users and use less memory of the server?. The only thing that i would like to change is the quantity of memory that the theme consumes of the server though some tweaking or some way possible…

I use, nginx, mysql, varnish, etc. the server has 3.7 of ram. If you could give any advice on how to configure the theme or nginx or something you think of for the best performance possible i would be grateful!.

Again, the theme is awesome, beautiful. Thank you!

I can’t see how to put anything in the third column, is there an option to put this on? I have references to ‘inactive sidebar’ is this the third column – how do I make this active? – otherwise I really like this template, thanks.


i found it, it is listed as narrow column

re: the “Posts Of The Day” is says… “There is no posts published today (15/9/2014).” The correct grammar would be :There are how do I change the default text? – you should also change this for the next update.

Hello, try to delete as uppercase letters in each word of the slider ?

The second issue – after updating the post – commenting function is switched off.

Sorry for the language , I’m from Polish :)