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Great work, lucaswxp. :)

Thanks =)

Its amazing. Good luck with the sales!

Thanks =)

Uhh, great work ! Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Nice Theme. I Like it :)

Great! What background options does this support now? Is there anything else besides the blue checkered background.

Best wishes

Hi gluegl.

There’s a total of 8 availables backgrounds pattern. You can see them all in the preview (use the background changer in the left to switch between them).


Very useful! Looks great!

Any plans to make it responsive?


Hi quaffapint.

No, not for a while.

Awesome ! I think I will try this one ! god job !

Thanks =)

Hi. I would like to give this a try but I want to know a couple of things first. I don’t know what the previous comment means about making it “responsive”

As someone who hasn’t worked with admin interfaces before, I need to know if your files are fully documented or if you provide any tutorial videos, and how your support works, in terms of forums and expected time to receive responses from you.

Great work!

Hi marius7.

It means that my layout wont change depending on what device your are using (for instance: iphone, ipad, etc).

The documentation covers the essential (entrance menu, columns, boxes, icons, etc) and the theme comes with several examples pages (17 pages). No video tutorial is provided, I don’t think it would be very usefull, since most part of your work can be done copying/pasting/editing what are in the examples. You can contact-me in the author page and conversations will be done through email (and if necessary, gtalk). Usually takes less than 24hrs to me to respond.

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask :)


doesn’t work on IE7 ?

Only IE8 +

cool animations entering :)

Thx =)

1 word , Excellent!

Thank you :)

I’m very interesting in this template and after spending much time looking at the others. I even have created a Photoshop version of the grid in order to help me figure out how I would have my programmer layout some things.

I do have some questions:

1. Where the optional breadcrumbs are, can that be a tabbed menu? (No need for a drop-down menu.)

1a. Is this easily possible?

2. Can the “Air Messages” be used as alerts? And, can they auto-close after a certain amount of time?

2. Can the background be changed easily, solid background?

2a. Can the color scheme be changed easily?

5. It seems that all the black boxes have expand/collapse, can I have a box that doesn’t expand/collapse?


Hi :) Thanks for taking interest.

1. It’s not possible. Bu you can implement it yourself if you want, it’s pretty easy if you know a little of jquery

2. Yes, you can use it as alerts and no, it won’t close after X amount of time.

2 (again =p). Yes, just replacing a single line of CSS (documentation covers it)

2a. No, a lot of modification will be needed.

5. Yes you can, simply by removing the HTML portion that refers to the expand/collapse action.


Thanks Lucas for the previous answers.

1. Are the air notifications a custom plugin of yours. (Trying to see if I might be able to get it so that a message can disappear after X seconds.)

2. I’d love to see a wizard added.

3. I’d love to see a price table added.

4. I’d love to see a accordions added.

  • Sorry my question numbering was off on the last message ..long story.) :)
  • This would not allow me to add to the previous conversation thread, so sorry for a new one. :)

Hi troy.

About the air notifications, they are basically html/css, except for the close action (the javascript code is in the main js file). About the other 3 questions: I’m not planning a update by now, so theses features will be missing for a while.

Regards o/

thanks, great work ;)


I downloaded your product—it’s great. I do, however, have one question: how can I adjust the width and height of the tab content?

Essentially, what I want to do is place a data table inside a tab, but I need to understand what controls the width and height of the tab content area so that I can ensure the data table fits nicely inside.

Right now when I place a data table inside a table, the white space inside the tab area does not grow to surround the data table as it would if it were regular text.

I checked the 960.css file but did not have a whole lot of luck. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!




It’s a little unclear to me what you want to do. Could you send me some more details (printscreens and code examples, for instance) through the contact form from my author page?

Hi, how can I edit datatables settings? Like sorting settings etc..

Hi, contact me through the author page so I can send more info about it.


tks for your work !