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I like it _

Great job man! :) GL with sales

Nice one Wath did you use to generates the charts ? just images ?

I used the jquery plugin “Visualize” from the Filament group.

Hey hat about the pagination?

Pagination is not included yet. I plan to deploy that very soon in an update.

Nice work.

Can you add an option for LIQUID rather than fixed width?

Thanks. :)

There already is an option to make it liquid! It’s in the documentation.

Is there a way to have the top tabs actually link to a URL ? Currently, clicking the tabs, just changes to that tab and loads the submenu. It would be much more usable if clicking a tab actually loaded the href assigned (those that still want nothing to load could use a ”#” for the href) and then made that tab active with the applicable submenu as it does now.

Thanks for purchasing my theme!

The initial idea was to have those tabs work on .hover(). But since it wasn’t really userfriendly that way I changed that to a .click().

Currently you can’t link to a page directly from a tab. I’ll work on a patch and upload an update in the next three days.

Excellent. Thanks! And great work on the theme.

Outside of the tabs issue, the only modification we see for this to be the “ultimate” theme for us would be an integrated a jQuery tabular data plugin so that columns were sortable (many of which would likely address the pagination issue as well, at least for tabular data).

Thanks again!

On that tabular data aspect, the DataTables plugins looks mighty fine: Seems to blend nicely with the look of AdminCP already. Of course, that is just one we came across; if there’s one better…

Wow! That plugin looks really nice indeed!

I’ll definitely look into this and see if I can implement it. I feel it would really add to my template. Thanks. :)

How do we add multiple modal boxes to a single page? We’re trying to set up some “pop-up” information for each entry in a table, but we can only get the modals to work when all of them come up together. It appears the modal capability was designed for a single instance on a page.

It is indeed true that the modal popup was intended for single use on a page only. For something like a messagebox. I’ll put this on the agenda for my next update.

Just awesome. Can’t wait to get my own copy!

Hi, This theme looks really great. Nice and smooth, not fussy, but classy looking and easy on the eye. Well done.

If the message boxes could be implemented (with the ability to display varying sizes and optional buttons) that would really work for a system that I’m working on. – Am i asking too much??? Lol!

Also one question for you – if the page is shorter than the screen, does the white box at the bottom of the page stay (dock?) to the bottom of the window or does it rise up the window? If it could be made to dock then that would be a definite buy for us!

Well done again – excellent!

Thanks for your compliments!

The theme hasn’t been online for long and my idea was to see what the feedback was and adjust accordingly. I now have several things on my agenda to deploy in my next update.

I haven’t actually tested it, but I assume the “dock” doesn’t stay at the bottom. I’ll fix that. The modal box will be improved as well.

Hi Interfico, love the theme. I just wanted to second the ability to click on a tab and load the href’d page instead of loading a submenu. It’s just one less click and a bit more intuitive when a submenu isn’t necessary. Otherwise great work, and I really look forward to the update soon!

Thanks hardwickj! I’m working on that functionality right now.

Also, I think it might be wise to seperate the “title bar” portion of the header out of the header (You have it specified as the “h2” element). The header is typically fairly static, and is often applied to pages using templating engines (were using SiteMesh, for example). The title bar however will change from page to page depending on what you are viewing. Since this currently has to be defined within the header, we can’t specify our header portion within a template, otherwise that titlebar will be the same across all pages that use the template (effectively our entire site). This kills our code reuse and adds a significant amount of code to every single page. It also makes it much more time consuming to make a change to the header because now we would have to go through every single page to make that change instead of just one single template.

The alternative is to just not use the #header h2 but with the current styling, if no h2 is specified then the spacing is all wrong. The alternative-alternative is to alter your header graphic so as to not show the white-space and then define a normal h2 element within the body container.

Also…. :)

Sorry for the pestering! It’s a great theme, just needs a few more small tweaks to be perfect!

Not at all! I am really grateful for your feedback and will most certainly make good use of it.

Especially your mention about the

-tag is important. This will be changed.

I just uploaded a new update which features the following:

  • The footer is always fixed at the bottom now
  • The main navigation doesn’t require a submenu anymore
  • There can be multiple instances of the modal box on one page

Also, the h2-tag is now in the content-div instead of the header-div.

Hi, That’s great – you’ve just made another sale! :)

Cheers Rich

One thing you may wish to think about (and its only a thought!) is to add the information and error blocks to the login page, so they appear the same size as the login box – while I can do that myself for what I’m doing others may not be able to….

... Just a thought!

I’ve written it down on my to-do list!

Thanks for all of the updates. Just keeps getting better and better.

We found what may be a bug. It appears the code you have for the forms (specifically to show labels in the fields) is preventing the forms from displaying prepopulated data. This makes it unusable for any forms that we want to prepopulate data from a database for the enduser to update. If we set a “value” on a test field, it doesn’t show, and tagging a select option as “selected” doesn’t show it as default either.

I’m thinking a good old fashioned field name followed by field type is more suitable for an admin template. Of course, the ability to align the field names either right or left would be even better (we prefer forms aligned right on the field names and left on the field types).

I see. I’m looking into it. The script overwrites the value attribute with the label. I’ll find a different solution.

PS: Wohoo just got my new badge!

This theme is great (a small bug: the chart breaks the design in FF under ubuntu).

It would be great to have also some styled pagination in the template…

Thanks! The upcoming update features a very elaborate new table which includes (working!) pagination, among other things.

Sadly, I do not have the ability to test Ubuntu. Could you mail me a screenshot? I’ll see what I can do.