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Hi, I have a problem with the display template to Firefox 18.0.2 (OSX).


hye snikwah.. thanks for the info.. and i’m working on this bug…

OK and I can not find Alerts (Notice, Error etc.). Where do I find it?

this template only provide default bootstrap alert & notification. Thanks

Hello is this a Wordpress template? Can I use this template for a Rails App?

hye carlosortizur.. admindo is not wordpress template, but you can build one. Im not sure about rails, but if rails support html + css, i think you can use it.. I know nothing about rails.. sorry :(

Thanks pampersdry, rails is ( Ruby On Rails) a very popular web framework. And it is great for me that your template is not a wordpress template.

Hi, is there somewhere a documantation? For example I want to set the layout and the menue type by standard everytime to a defined type.

Thanks for help.

hye henningd.. thanks for the purchase.. the documentation file is in the ‘doc’ folder. You can send me an email detailing about exactly what you want and i’ll assist you. thanks :)

Thanks for this amazing template. I am about to buy it. I’ve some suggestions for you to make it better.

First is the login screen, it’s way too big for me, I only need the credentials form and a submit button.

Second is the left menu bar. It’d be great if there is an options to align it on the right for RTL websites (arabic lang. for instance). And also an on/off display switch would be nice.

I think I have to add these features myself once I buy it. I could even share it if it’s an open-source project.

Thanks for the great work again.

hye laplacesdemon.. thanks for your interest.. i’ll include your suggestion on the next version release.. thanks again :)

Hi, Thanks for great theme :)

I have a little problem. In the login page, i tried to delete register-area div, and make the login-area div’s width = 100%. But it still shows width %49. I dont know much CSS & HTML, but i thought that i must change default.css like this:

login-content .login-area {

display: block; width: 100%; vertical-align: top; padding: 5px 15px 15px 15px; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; }

But when the page rendered, it still shows %49.. What am i doing wrong ? Thanks for help

hello dreamade… thanks for the purchase. to solve your problem, open default.responsive.css and look for the code block #login-content .login-area, #login-content .register-area change display: inline-block; to display: block;

look at line 20 ~ 25

Hello again, thanks for your fast reply. I have changed the lines like below:

/* ========== LOGIN PAGE ========== */
#login-content {
    padding: 9% 0px;
#login-content .login-area,
#login-content .register-area  {
    display: block;

but still there is a blank area at right, for register-area. I also deleted that register area div

hye dreamade… the width of the login area must be 100%... change the code in default.css or apply the style directly to the div
login-content .login-area {
width: 100%;
<div class="login-area" style="width:100%;">

I really like this template. It’s too bad it doesn’t work on IE7.

hye lancefisher.. Thanks for your interest.. This template is design for modern browser only. But you can always enable chrome frame if you’re using ie7 & ie8… :)

I really like this, great job – can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

hello number1teafan.. thanks for your warm compliment.. cheers :)

I am on v 1.2 at the moment and made some changes to the code. What do I have to consider when I update the template? Do you have a changelog where I can see exactly what you changed, in detail, I mean?

hye zaehlpixel… sorry for the confusion. A minor change have been done in this two file only, ‘default.css’ and ‘default.responsive.css’. Mostly about ie9 bug and appearance. Note that in version 1.3 i have added Fixed Menu & Header and 2 type of menu

Thanks! You also changed the form wizard? There are no more “Steps” with Button to “next Step” – why?

nope. no change on plugin either the css or js :).... note that the wizard plugin generate it own html markup. Do not copy the generated code. Just head up to ‘form-wizard.html’ and copy the html code from there and include the wizard plugin file(JS and CSS).

some update or add? :)

Hye hobelix.. yes.. please stay tune :)... thanks for the purchase

Thinking of purchasing but wanted to know a couple of things first.

1) For the dynamic table view, i notice the header for the “Show XX Entries” is misplaced. Can that be easily fixed?

2) If you plan on updating this, any new features or just bug fixes?

thank for the screenshoot… :).. that is a default layout/section for datatable
Left : datatable loading indicator
Center : datatable filter
Right : datatable search
it’s normal and not misplaced or misaligned :)

But it can be modified yes? I would like to left align that element if you will. Besides that, everything looks good and im going to make a purchase.

yes sure… it can be realign :)

Layout’s CSS does not work if the sidebar is longer than the page. Try to use a short main-content with just a paragraph, and you’ll see some odd behavior – in both boxed and fixed versions :-(

Additionally there is a CSS bug with the wrapper.fixed #sidebar in the fixed version, have a look at the box-shadow which is broken.

especially the first one is a really nasty one. Did you test the layout only with those long content pages before releasing or is my browser the only one displaying the bug

hye workingbits.. thanks for your purchase make sure that you start the main content like the below code
<!-- Start Main Content Container -->
  <div class="row-fluid">
    <div class="span12">
      <!-- Your Content -->
<!-- End Main Content Container -->

do email me for further support :)

Regret making a purchase from said author. Doesn’t offer much support after you make a purchase. I ended up using a different admin template, which is ashame because I really liked this design.

In the end, I’m happy though because I’ve gotten a ton of support from the author of the other template I purchased.

hye sdotsen… thank you for your purchase… and sorry for your disappointment.. cannot help much if your problem is beyond my knowledge.

some update or add? :confused:

hye hobelixx… thanks for your purchase… what features do you want to see in this template :).. any suggestion would be great… thanks again

The theme doesn’t have a footer?

hye Modchips.. thanks for your purchase.. yup this template does not have a footer. but you can create a simple one. just put the below code just after closing the ‘main content’ div

<div class="row-fluid">
    <div class="span12">Copyright 2013</div>

Thanks !

There is a problem with the <badge> in the menu. Why is it?

thanks.. i’ll look into it :)

hye xexmple… an update is in processing queue.. thanks and have a nice day :)

After trying many templates, this is finally the one we will use. It’s a masterpiece.

Just a note: in fancy menu, the the max height of sub-menu (white part) is limited to the max height of the main menu (black part).

Hugs from Brazil :)

glad you like it :).. many thanks

Hi, pampersdry. I think that i found a bug. I’m having some troubles when the theme is used in the fixed mode.

still working on it along side with other update :)

Any news?

Hye Modchips… i’ve already release the fix… but i’ll check again…

Thanks for the info :)

The Cell Phone not show “main menu” on the left!If it does not, the system will not operate properly, How can show it? Thank you!

Hye JokeZhang… could you provide some screenshoot?


My Cell Phone is IPhone4s?The screen is 640px*960px

Hello JokeZhang… how can iPhone4 have 640px*960px screen??? if you have some screenshoot you can email me via my profile page


Hi, I have bought this template but using other account. I have problem when using mobile phone. I cannot click Log out Button. It disappear when I try to click it. Can you help? Here the screenshot.