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User can skip datepicker and type a date in wrong format but can still pass. Any way to solve it? Thanks.

the wizard form’s “Next step” button is not even working in your demo on IE. Is there a solution? Thanks. It says that the valid() method is not supported.

How does one bypass all the unnecessary php you have forced us to use?

Use the HTML version!

Hello any instruction for wordpress or how can i use it in my wordpress site is available?


Hello, Does it support bootstrap 3 ?

Do you already have a fix for the longer Uniform select control? The option still white when it is full-width.

Hello everybody :) When I use Adminica’s checkboxes and radio buttons I can change its value by clicking on the whole line. My question is: Can I switch behaviour to change selection by clicking only on label and element (not the whole line)?

Yes – changing the labels to display: inline-block should do the trick.

Grate Job!!;

Thanks GrafAS!

The last updated was over a year, you are plannig make new updates, some pages das not work, and is necessary set compatiblity mode to work.


Hi Megabr,

Please post from the account you purchased with to receive support or file a ticket at

I view the live template and viewed it in a mobile vertical layout and the menu navigation doesn’t look great and there are two nav bars that are displaying. It’s confusing.

I’m wondering if I purchase the template then how does one use the traditional Bootstrap toggle navigation rather than the “traditional” drop-down menu?

The FlatLab has this toggle menu which is kind of the standard when it comes to mobile layouts.

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Where is the documentation? link in included file does not work


Ikonify Purchased


I have contacted your support more than a week ago asking where to find a link to the documentation without an answer as of yet. As others have mentioned earlier, the link provided in the files does not work.

Is there is no documentation or support for this product anymore?