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Good job!GLWS :)


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Clean & Nice Work! GLWS :)


Thanks mate :)

Hello, I like this theme but can I display table rows line-by-line when they the appear on small resolutions like this example: ? (Try to resize or use your mobile to see how it looks and table rows are displayed in separate lines)

Please share your detail only on that is private support system your info will secured.

Thank You

ITS NOY MY DETAILS. Its a public demo of a php software. Are you bored to help me? Don’t mind its ok I will buy another admin template.

Currently this template is not supporting line-by-line table view for mobiles. You can contact our support team at to customize this template for you.

Thank You

Im having hard time getting response from the author on the difficulties that I have been experiencing… eeks!

Hello. Anyone around to help? It’s really testing my patience. I have given all the information that you need to fix the bugs in the template and I don’t seem to hearing at all from anyone who published this template. Unbelievable.

Sorry for your patients, our team is working on your issues you have provided a zip directory. Will update you in this ticket when it will be done.


Simple and nice;

How to use modal dialog in table ?

It only work perfectly when used after wrapper end. But can’t be used in table .

slow and worst support.