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Only one thing to say: Wow!


Thanx, I’m glad you liked it!

Looks fantastic!

One question – can you have a full width page, ie. without the side menu? And can you have flexible width easily? :)


Hello dotnetpro,

Side menu can be easily removed without any trouble.

Flexible fluid – stretched to page width (fluid)?

Send me an email and I shall explain you the grid system in details.

nice work!


Thank you g:funk!

This just plain rocks! can’t wait for my next project to use


Thank you – please, let me know when your project is ready. :)


You did really good job.

Only one question I need to ask that, if it is possible to fix png problem and other issues and validation in IE6 browser , As this is admin panel, clients can use this from any browsers.

So, is there any solution for fix that issues in IE6 browser ?

Please let me know if it is possible.

Thanks, Vishal Shah


Hello shahvishal_4u,

I am more than aware of people still using IE6 . I can try to validate the code and fix the visual issues but I cannot promise anything. IE6 gave me headaches from the start so I decided not to support it. As I mentioned before – I shall try to improve the support for IE6 and build into the next major version of the template.

Thank you for your understanding – hope this will not stop you from using “Administry” :(



yes, you are right! is there not anything that we can put some png fix in this template and we can make it work in IE6 . because in old fashion pc there may be older version of IE. IE6 really creates problem and headaches for programmers also, but as you know to make good products and to make good selling of it we need to take care of this things from starting.

Let me know if you can add something in this template.

Thanks for your reply.

awesome work mate..


Thank you mabuc!

Nice work. Good to see authors prepared to drop IE6 support – kind of seems silly when you have HTM5 and CSS3 features huh!!

Good luck with sales.


Yes, it is a balance between implementing new features of HTML5 w/ CSS3 and supporting archaic browsers in order to make everybody happy. Hard choice, though.


Finally something new instead of all of the rehash that has been showing up. Only thing i see missing is the File control, which I know is a headache.


Yes, file control/input is missing but is scheduled for the next update. I have to support the HTML5 input <input type="file" /> and a standard (flash?) input field.

Thank you for your comment and suggestion!

This is stunning!

Very good theme, and good choice to drop internet explorer, to be honest with you, people who use I.E (6 [or even above!]) really miss out on the new technologies we have at our arsenal, I think we need to remove IE 6 support altogether, I know SOME people still use it, but its time to upgrade, I don’t think MS even support it (or a lot of sites don’t), we need to move to newer languages, its like expecting a gamebody color to play nintendo DS games, you just need to upgrade to have that potential and experience.

Good theme, good choice not supporting internet explorer 6, and very good luck with your sales!


Thank you Thecodingdude!

IE6 is really an obsolete browser – maybe the only way to make people change/upgrade their browsers is to ignore them or at least stop supporting them. May sound cruel but many big companies no longer support it, just to name few: Google :) http://idroppedie6.com/

We still have to cope with IE7 /8/9 and their lack of support for CSS3 … but that is another story…

Smokin Hot file mate! Outstanding work!


Thank you drmedia1!

drmedia1 Purchased

Had to have this! Fabulous work.

searn Purchased


a realy cool stuff, dynamic and flexibility, a lot of futures for a developer really nice! :)


really nice work mate…

Very nice template, I’m going to use it for sure in my next poject. One remark, I like it better when info boxes hide onclick. But that’s probably personal :-)

Great work!


Suggestions are always welcome! :)

I keep coming back to this! Absolutely incredible job, this is a MUST HAVE !


Thank you Jason! :)

By far the best admin template created in a long while.

Well done.

Would be nice to be able to see the other color variations and will be buying shorty for my next project.

Hello, Very good work ! I’m curently using it for 3 new projets I think this template we’ll soon be our official admin template, after trying tons of others..

Just one thing for it to be perfect. For the pagination links, menu links, ... Don’t forget the self links case. For example, if we’re on page 2, the page 2 on the pager should not be a link. It should just be a span. If you plan upgrading Administry, don’t forget to include this into the css ;-)


Hello jwconsulting!

Your suggestion is accepted. Administry update to v1.1 is already in the Envato waiting queue… stay tuned :)

The download link once purchased appears to be corrupt?


Hello sgrosvenor!

I just checked the link – it works for me. Maybe you should contact Envato support if you have troubles downloading it. If no solution is found I can send it to you via email upon email request through Envato contact form on my profile page.

Thank you for your understading.

Hi everyone!

Just to let you know that an update to Administry has been released!

Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback!